MCotM Christmas spectacular!

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not the holidays! The time of year where we have one of our Mac Chicks dressed up (or down) for Christmas!

aerin mrs. claus santa pictures
Looks like Mrs. Claus has been working out!

Yes, December’s Mac Chick of the Month Aerin was nice enough to give us the best gift of all, more pictures of her in a bikini with her Mac, including two new holiday desktop wallpapers. Enjoy! (Oh, and friend her up on MySpace!)

aerin mrs. claus santa pictures

aerin mrs. claus santa pictures

aerin mrs. claus santa pictures

aerin mrs. claus santa pictures

aerin mrs. claus santa pictures

aerin mrs. claus santa pictures

aerin mrs. claus santa pictures

Due to popular demand, we are proud to offer a MCotM desktop wallpaper to enhance the beauty of YOUR Mac.

Click to download.

Click to download.

58 Responses to “MCotM Christmas spectacular!”
  1. Rob says:

    OK now that is just not fair, we needed this a few weeks ago, but I will deal with it. NICEEEE!

  2. eNVy says:

    yes! that’s great 😀
    keep the x-mas spirit 😀

  3. Jonathan says:


    Although it would be more convincing if she knew how to turn it on!

  4. Rowlings says:

    @Jonathan –
    Oh, I think she knows how to turn it on! :)

  5. 4080 says:

    I guess Johnathan did not read her bio! Nice Christmas gift Dr. Thanks, late is always better and I am sure this one wont be regifted!

  6. Zendriver says:

    You’re ending this year’s gallery of MCotM beauties on a high note, Doc. Not that this blog isn’t enjoyable for you, but I’m betting discoveries of this caliber really make the task of running Macenstein worthwhile for you.

    I’m also betting that Aerin has hundreds of “friend” requests at her Myspace page by the end of today.

  7. MacDaddy says:

    Wow! this is the best Christmas present I’ve gotten this year! Beautiful!

  8. TheCos says:

    You know who she looks like? A hotter, younger version of Howard Stern’s wife, Beth-0. Especially in the top pic.

  9. Pete from OH says:

    Pretty sure she can turn ANYTHING on.

  10. Tony says:

    It just keeps getting better and better! She can turn me on any day!

  11. Johnny says:

    Nice Job, I was wondering where my Christmas gift went!

  12. Bill from LA says:

    I Love those back dimples. Thanks for the wallpaper it just might be XMAS all year for me

  13. Marty M says:

    no doubt Santa’s favorite helper…she is the true spirit of a merry christmas to all men!!! ho ho ho :)

  14. Johnny P says:

    My Mac Book never looked like that

  15. Sirpopealot says:

    Simply stunning. What a beautiful girl. This site just got A LOT better!

  16. Jay says:

    Just way way WAY to hott!! I wanted that for xmas

  17. Mike B says:

    Certainly keeps the ‘spirit’ alive!!!

  18. Jonathan says:

    I stand corrected.

    It appears she’s some kind of genius… a Mac Genuis if you will!

  19. Rich says:

    This deffinitely warms up state college! great shots!

  20. Love this set–just a gorgeous and sexy look–love the smile and the perfect body–just fantastic work….

  21. Tee says:

    ok next year I got dibs on shooting you for ur X_Mas pics..u look awesome

  22. odin says:


    There is no doubting that.

  23. Steve P. says:

    Well, all I can say is you saved the best for last!! Aerin is a smokin’ Santa’s little helper. How I wish I was that Mac:)

  24. Aerin says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful Comments, they really mean so much to me! You guys are great!

  25. John B. says:

    Love the images! A beautiful woman with a fantastic body, gorgeous face and a great smile!

  26. Burke aka REEFSEARCH says:

    Hot pics! You should do some hot surfer chick pics in Bali or Dominican Republic! Happy New Year!

  27. rms says:

    Can’t get better than that!

  28. n3media says:

    Oh my freakin’ gaga!! I’m all the way over here in Afghanistan and now I come across these AMAZING photos!! Thanks a lot!! I am gonna have the HARDEST time trying toget to sleep tonight!! Happy New Year!! My rocket goes off at midnight!! Great pics, A!!

  29. hands down, the sexiest model in FL!! She should be on the cover of a magazine and these shots are proof! Gorgeous, sexy, keepin it classy, absolutely amazing girl!! Well done MacEinstein!

  30. Tom H says:

    What an amazing Girl! Very Beautiful and photogenic! You made my day seeing these!

    Happy New Year and I hope to see more of you in the future!


  31. Bob says:

    Bikinis, smiles and computers.

    Santa’s helper just helped my day. :)

  32. Paul says:

    Nice work on the part of the photographer, then again with such a perfectly shaped, gorgeous smiley face Santa’s Helper such as this it made it a lot easier ; )

  33. J7Photo says:

    Great Pics as always :) … you look HOT and Amazing … Great Work.

  34. Paul Wesley says:

    Hey wow stunning shots and an absolute glamour for Santa’s Helper. No wonder Santa doesn’t have time to shave.

  35. Nelson Motta says:

    Perfect… The smile and look in the eye settles the brilliant mood of the photo…


  36. John David says:

    This puts a whole new meaning to a White Christmas!!! The sunny pool beats snow any day of the week!

  37. John David says:

    These pictures put a whole new meaning to the word Christmas!!

  38. Tim Morgan says:

    Makes me want to buy a Mac. :)

    Why did they make you wear a hat though? The shot make more sense as the college co-ed who takes her laptop sun bathing to work on a paper for class but the hat makes it look staged.

  39. Aerin says:

    Hey Tim, I have a secret, it was staged and I really do not work for Santa. I guess that guy wont be building rockets anytime soon!

  40. Tony Roberts says:

    Santa’s elves have changed over the years. Nice pics. your are a real HOTTIE!!

  41. Bob says:

    I wont wash my Macbookpro for a week

  42. No wonder Santa is always so jolly.

  43. Glen Foster says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the photos came out great. Keep up the great work. Maybe one day we will be able to work together.


  44. Meka Mulan says:

    Super hott!! Love the pink hat!

    Meka Mulan

  45. Wow wow……..i’m jewish and want to convert!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Jeff Rawk says:

    Wow, you are gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and of course beyond words! Come to Michigan:)

  47. kjsistiger says:

    If I knew who was checking the list, I would have been much better…darn it….the ones at the mall never look this good, or even close…
    what about a PC, or is it Mac only…LOL
    it is not global warming…it is you, who is melting the North pole!!!

  48. Aloha Aerin Happy New Year! I Seem Too Be Having Computer Problems Any Chance I Could Get Your Sexxxy Self To Stop By And Help Me Out!:)

  49. Martin says:

    Beautiful model. Great series of photos. Love the christmas outfit

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