Grab your dramamine: Time-lapse video of a Macworld cover creation is awesome

I’ve been a fan of time-lapse video ever since the Sesame Street days and that little cartoon guy on a cup would slide around the screen, so it’s no wonder I find product photographer Peter Belanger’s time-lapse video of a Macworld cover shoot, start to finish, so interesting. And I DO mean start to finish, as in including the elevator ride up to Macworld headquarters. Check it out.

Cover creation from Peter Belanger on Vimeo.

I was actually contemplating doing just the opposite with a “behind the scenes” Mac Chick of the Month shoot video, where I would take a 3 minute video of the shoot and slow it down to 4 hours.

[via David Bailey Blog]

7 Responses to “Grab your dramamine: Time-lapse video of a Macworld cover creation is awesome”
  1. Frogmella says:

    That’s an awful lot of fannying about for a pic of two iPods and some blurb.

  2. Min says:

    Speak of MCOTM, Doc!!!!! Where the hell is our MCOTM Aug??! I know I know, it’s not end of the Aug. but still, Where is the hell is our MCOTM?!!!!!1111111

    OH well, we still love you DoC~

  3. iShervin says:

    i love that magazine… I used to be a subscriber…
    but come on I could do that cover in 4 hours with all that pictures and editing… a little bit over rated…

  4. Matty says:

    Shoots like that annoy me. What an absolute waste of money IMO.

  5. Mathew Sims says:

    what’s the song playing?

  6. Matt Larson says:

    I never comment on these things, but being a photographer myself, I figured I would express my praise in place of these yokels before me.

    This is a good production! Watching the editing process of the ipods was amazing! Such talent! Good job guys!

  7. Mike says:

    Looks like they spent a lot of time to get the reflections or lighting right on the front right corner of the iPhone. Then they placed the barcode over the top of that corner on the cover. Too bad that detail work was lost in the end. Interesting video though.

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