The Time Capsule Jewelry Box: Hide your valuable jewelry inside your valuable electronics

Apple Time Capsule mod

Aside from the whole “engagement/wedding ring” thing, I think I have not bought the Bride of Macenstein any jewelry in the 70 or so years we’ve been married. Yes, she’s a lucky woman.

But despite her lack of baubles, I’m sure if she DID have any nice jewelry (or valuables of any kind), she would appreciate this velvet-lined Time Capsule jewelry box. It certainly would look nicer than that burlap-lined one I made out of a G4 tower that’s sitting on her dresser now.

Apple Time Capsule mod

And besides, what better way to hide your valuable jewelry than hiding it inside what appears to be valuable electronics. Double win!

Apple Time Capsule mod

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader psionic0001 for the tip!

[via Instructables]

4 Responses to “The Time Capsule Jewelry Box: Hide your valuable jewelry inside your valuable electronics”
  1. Gussy says:

    You could a much better job of the hinges, white ones would go a long way too. Also maybe a green Led or something to fool those robbers too.

  2. Al says:

    Before destroying the innards of that Time Capsule, it might be worth another call to Apple support. They have recently begun replacing out of warranty Time Capsules that exhibit the dreaded no power symptom. I was rejected at the Genius Bar a couple of months ago, but called again last week and today I received a brand spankin’ new one. Certain serial numbers are on the magic list of “eligible for replacement” and it was quick and easy.

  3. Sergio says:

    ay caramba

    que loco amigos


  4. Matty says:

    “Treehouse of Horror VI”
    This device is about to be sucked into the fabric of space-time

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