Tiger Woods Golf for iPhone sees noticeable sales spike

Well, they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and while Tiger Woods’ business manager, accountants, and wife might disagree, EA Sports might not. Take a look at the graph below (from appshopper) which charts the sales of Electronic Art’s Tiger Woods Golf for the iPhone over the last 30 days.

Tiger Woods sex scandal sales

As you can see, a fairly noticeable downward sales trend (due to a price increase) was abruptly halted and then reversed, starting a couple days ago as the really salacious details of his extramarital affairs started coming out (around when mistresses 231, 232, and 233 hit the talk show circuit).

Tiger Woods sex scandal sales

For a game that has been out since April 30th to see such a dramatic turn around without a price cut or new ad campaign can mean only one thing: If Tony Hawk wants the number one iPhone game, his wife better get ready to chase his SUV down the street with a skateboard in her hands.

Tiger Woods sex scandal sales

One Response to “Tiger Woods Golf for iPhone sees noticeable sales spike”
  1. Dan says:

    New sales are probably to people who are hoping to see some of the ‘action’ Tiger was apparently getting. I wonder if they updated the app as such…

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