How many orange slices does it take to charge an iPhone? About 2380

Nice to know if you’re ever in Florida with a drained iPhone and a box of metal skewers and a couple hundred feet of wire you will (eventually) be able to make a call.

I’m not sure why Mophie or some other iPhone battery pack maker didn’t think to use this as a commercial for their product, but it’s pretty cool. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Tim for the link!

4 Responses to “How many orange slices does it take to charge an iPhone? About 2380”
  1. rob says:

    That would make a great PSA…it should make people feel some guilt about the slaughter of innocent oranges just to power your iPhone.

  2. Dave-O says:

    If you’re in Florida, you’re screwed Doc. All their oranges froze.

  3. aga says:

    obviously there are better ways to get more ‘juice’ for your iphone. a baghdad batter, earth battery ( ), and then you can always call on John Hutchison and Nikola Tesla for help, or rig up some electrodes under the skin and pull some from your body. or, there’s always the super hero electric man ( ).

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