Have you humiliated me in “Words with Friends: yet? If so, tell the world!

Some people apparently thought I was being modest when I mentioned how badly I suck as Words With Friends in my review. In fact, Faithful Macenstein reader GrantWall was so excited about beating me, he twittered about it. I jokingly said there was probably a Facebook group he could join with over 3000 members by now who have all kicked my ass, and if there’s one thing we should all have learned by now, it’s “Never joke about starting a Facebook group”.

words with friends

So BAM, there it is, Grant’s “I owned Dr. Macenstein in Words with Friends” page. If you are a Words with Friends player, and have defeated me, as I estimate 87% of you have, then feel free to join up, and share pics and memories of your meaningless victories over an admitted idiot. And if you are in the 13% who I have beat, it might be time to pick up a book.

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