HDR video: Is this what the iPhone 6’s video camera will look like?

Apple’s move into HDR (High Dynamic Range) iPhone photography, and the influx of other (better) 3rd party HDR iPhone apps, has led to a renewed interest in HDR photography. HDR photos are cool to be sure, and the effect achieved by combining two photos, one over exposed one under, can be just as cool, if not cooler when applied to video. Check out this demo of HDR video made using two Canon 5D mark II’s.

3 Responses to “HDR video: Is this what the iPhone 6’s video camera will look like?”
  1. The Captain says:

    If it dose great but loving the video iPhone 4 is taking now! 🙂

  2. Matthew "mad102190" Davis says:

    I wish they showed a side by side comparison of what regular non-hdr video looked like. it just looked like super duper HD, but for all i know maybe the camera is amazing..

  3. Kevykev says:

    I’m thinking the iPhone would need 2 physical cameras on the back to do the same. Pics are done taking 3 snapshots and meshing them together. Video would be an entirely different beast.

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