Bed Intruder Singer is the new Billy Mays – Becomes iPhone App Pitchman

In a stroke of pure genius, has signed Antoine Dodson (AKA Bed Intruder Singer) to pitch their brand new augmented reality Sex Offender Tracker app. I’m a big fan of Been Verified’s Background Check App for the iPhone, and this one looks pretty slick. Of course, I could just be blinded by Antoine’s charisma.

My God, I would buy anything he’s selling.

As a parent I must admit I enjoy a morbid fascination in using my iPhone to look for sex offenders when we go on vacation or visit relatives. It’s always fun as you leave to mention, “oh by the way, there’s a child molester 1 block over and 1 block down from you. Bye!”. This Augmented reality take on the Sex predator locator looks like it could be a little misleading as Dodson sort of makes it look like you could track sex offenders in real time, where it really will just give you the latest registered address, but still, knowledge is power and as long as you don’t use it to stalk and harrass anyone, I say it’s a good thing.

5% of the sales of the $1.99 app (available for both iPhone) will go to Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), which works to promote issues related to the prevention of sexual assault, and hopefully at least 65% go to Antoine Dodson, because that man could sell ice to Eskimos.

5 Responses to “Bed Intruder Singer is the new Billy Mays – Becomes iPhone App Pitchman”
  1. Spinedoc says:

    Why so many flash articles on an apple site? I can’t see them on my iPhone or my iPad, kind of defeats the purpose of having an “Apple” site.

  2. Colin says:

    It’s a YouTube video, it works fine. Run along troll.

  3. Frank says:

    Limited time only 99 cents!!

  4. Rob says:

    @spinedoc…..No seriously…you’re dumb…

  5. Rob says:

    Oh yeah…

    Hide yo’ kids
    Hide yo’ wife

    for realsies

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