“Well, I fixed the cheap part”

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Andrew for the pic!

4 Responses to ““Well, I fixed the cheap part””
  1. George says:


  2. MacMan says:

    Hahahah, this is the funniest thing i heard in last several days, hohho

  3. phil says:

    Owned an Eeepc for a year and it really is the cheapest stupidest laptop ever. Atom is way underpowered. I’d even replace my old black MacBook with this thing in a heartbeat just cause of the graphics boost!

  4. St.Jimmy says:

    Although the humor is good, it’s not really correct.

    Apple still does not sell netbook-like laptops. Although the new MacBook Air comes close, the smallest, but still it is a full laptop. No Atom processor or sized down keyboard.

    Ow, and two or three times the price.

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