I would put this on the front of my Windows 7 phone

Those looking for a way to protect their iPhone’s from scratches without the bulk (or protection) of a case have long turned to stickers to fill the void. For the most part people like to go the Invisible Shield route, but more and more we’ve be seeing protective stickers with some really nice graphic prints on them ranging from consumer-friendly Iron Man to the more abstract. Well, check out cleverly stupid decal entitled “Default UI” by Top Decal.

That’s right. Applying this sticker will effectively put an image of the FRONT of your iPhone on the BACK of your iPhone, thus giving people the impression that you are one of those big Hollywood stars we always used to see holding the iPhone upside down in TV Shows and such (see here and here). You can pick one up here for $10.

via OSXDaily

One Response to “I would put this on the front of my Windows 7 phone”
  1. Garanimal says:

    It would thwart a hot blonde thief during her attempt to steal your iPhone and make long distance calls to her mother in Canada.. “your phone must be broken, it wont unlock”

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