Apple owes Steve Jobs 38 years in back salary – but can’t find him?

From the WTF department: Gawker reports that for reasons unknown (and we’re DYING to know them), Apple has turned over the job of delivering an “unpaid debt” of $37.91, owed to Steve Jobs, to the State of California’s Unclaimed Property program. Apparently they can’t locate him on their own?

Given Steve Jobs only makes $1 a year from Apple, that adds up to almost a lifetime’s worth of wages for the poor guy! Here’s hoping they track him down before he’s destitute.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Chuck for the tip!

7 Responses to “Apple owes Steve Jobs 38 years in back salary – but can’t find him?”
  1. Jay says:

    I’d almost think this is a fake considering that Apple is no longer known as Apple Computer Inc.

  2. This is way too funny.

  3. Ed says:

    This is not a fake. It’s real and verifiable:

    If you live in California, it’s fun to type in your own and everybody you know’s name to see if they are owed money too!

  4. Julius says:

    Now who’s up to the challenge of e-mailing Steve about it?!

  5. Rob says:

    @Rich…both of those Stevens are the wrong ones. They both have the wrong middle name…would have been funny if it was him.

  6. Khyron says:

    Tax evasions?

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