Plants Vs. Zombies Cosplay

How embarrassing! All three of these ladies showed up wearing the same outfit. (Those ARE ladies, right?)


11 Responses to “Plants Vs. Zombies Cosplay”
  1. awaw says:

    idiot costume. the plants vs zombie is the very bored game

  2. gom gom says:

    i like it

  3. edsolyn says:

    You call that “3-peater” HAHAHAA. 😀

  4. Tom says:

    There is something decidedly frightening about that getup. I can’t put my finger on it.

  5. joice says:

    hahaha nice plants vs it

  6. akemi uno says:

    i love dis game 😉 i always play PvZ till dawn 😀

  7. edward says:

    magaling ako mag laro ng plants v.s. zombie <3

  8. samantha shea says:

    its good but the threepeater is quite scary,
    and why does the stem of the middle plant bigger than the others?

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