Season Premiere of South Park targets iPhone location tracking with the Human Centipad

South Park Human Centipad

Wow those guys work fast. I have always been impressed with how quickly the guys at South Park can crank out a topical episode, but I HAVE to imagine this was a perfect storm of South Park already going to make their “Human Centipad” sketch, and then they somehow were able to tack on a 2 minute tracking piece. If not, they must have literally gotten their turn around time from script to air down to about 6 days.

If you missed the episode, I assume it will be rerun three times every night for the next week, as is Comedy Central’s way, but a clip of the Apple-themed stuff can be viewed here. Oh, and if you haven’t seen the original movie “Human Centipede“… um, yeah, it’s pretty much the same, just without the iPad. Highly recommended.

7 Responses to “Season Premiere of South Park targets iPhone location tracking with the Human Centipad”
  1. flightdude says:

    Yeah this was a pretty funny episode, there were several times that they had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe, and it’s been quite a while since they’ve been able to do that to me. I hope they are able to keep it up for the entire season.

    For those of you without access to Comedy Central, you can also stream the episode from, along with almost every other episode they have.

  2. ER says:

    Jesus Fucking Christ, you guys link to douchebag ‘Gawker’?

  3. mac Grenoble says:

    season 15 starts very strong …

    about, it is not available for FR user 🙁

    but there are lots of alternatives !

    thanks for sharing


  4. Mike says:

    South Park episodes are made in less than a week (according to interviews I’ve seen with them)

  5. BAHAHAHAH!!! This was my most favorite South Park episode ever!!!! I saw the beginning of horror movie they were making fun of, The Human Centipede. I only saw the beginning and then had to turn it off because I was deeply disturbed by that movie. I did not even see the rest of it. But I actually peed my panties a little watching that SP episode! Apple, Steve Jobs, HumancentiIpad!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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