Sony’s Crackle comes to the iPhone/iPad with less crappy content than you’d think

I loves me my Slingbox, I loves me my Netflix, and I kinda like the ESPN Watch app, but that doesn’t mean there’s not any room left in my heart for one more streaming video app, especially one that streams the fantastic Married with Children episode “Rock and Roll Girl” featuring a super slutty “Kelly” (above) that a young Dr. Macenstein would often think of on those long, cold, lonely nights.

So go out and download SONY’s free Crackle App, which has a not huge, but not entirely sucky assortment of on demand content. SONY claims they’ll be adding new content all the time, but of course, I think they are defining “new” as “different” as opposed to new meaning “current”, but still, it’s a free app and some of this old stuff actually hold up pretty well, with the exception of Starsky and Hutch, of course. A bit of warning, you DO have to sit through the commercial for Battlefield 3 just about every time you watch anything, but hey, there’s worse video game trailers to have burned into your skull. There’s an assortment of about 40 movies with big (if not current) names like Ghostbusters, The Da Vinci Code, Easy Rider and of course, the Milla Jovovich classic Ultraviolet, as well as a bunch of TV shows such as Seinfeld, News Radio, and The Tick (the live action one).

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  1. Frank says:

    It’s actually a pretty cool app. Downloaded it myself this morning and i have been watching everything from Ghostbusters to Money Train!!

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