The secret to Apple’s Billions: Cheaping out on stock photos

OS X lion Super Poulan

An Eagle-eyed Redditor noticed a rather striking similarity between the lion found on the “box” of Apple’s upcoming OS X Lion operating system and his Super Poulain, which appears to be some sort of French chocolate breakfast powder, shilled by a ridiculously scary super horse puppet.

We’ve already seen the tree in Apple’ iPhoto icon turn up before and the original Snow Leopard stock photo which featured a slightly bloodier leopard, so if you’re a stock photographer looking to cash in, it looks like Apple will soon be in the market for a stock photo of a Serval, assuming they continue their love affair with stock photography.

3 Responses to “The secret to Apple’s Billions: Cheaping out on stock photos”
  1. Jonro says:

    I’m looking forward to tasting both regular and chocolate flavored OS X Lion.

  2. Dropd says:


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