None of us can ever complain that a piece of software is too hard to learn again

Every once in a LOOOONG while, a story comes along that’s so inspirational it breaks through even MY crusty, cynical exterior. The video below tells just such a story. As someone who cannot imagine life without my Mac or iPhone, I wonder if even I would have the patience to go through what Chistopher Hills goes through in order to simply write an e-mail, let alone edit a video in Final Cut Pro! Check it out.

And if that video doesn’t tug at your heart strings and make you feel like a whiny, lazy POS, just take a look at Christopher’s latest video (below) which gives you an idea of what the rest of his life is like. This kid’s amazing.

3 Responses to “None of us can ever complain that a piece of software is too hard to learn again”
  1. Alf says:

    Well… There goes all of my excuses… Amazing.

  2. Mike Major says:

    WOW!! That kid is smart as a whip! Totally impressed by you Christopher. I am a teacher and I am going to share this with my kids. You show us that there is NOTHING that you can’t do if you want to do it and have the will to make it happen. I am amazed by you and proud of the person that you are making yourself!!

  3. Dimitri says:

    And then you have some university students taking ten years to finish a three years bachelor… Wasting their parents money drinking partying and not studying. This video has to be mandatory for every person to watch once in life.

    Well done christopher.

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