DragonVale: How to breed a Leap Year Dragon

DragonVale LEAP YEAR Dragon

DragonVale LEAP YEAR Dragon

LEAP YEAR DRAGON: (Seasonal Can only be bred in February of a Leap Year, thus far)
BUY-IT Price: 2,500 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Flower and Mud / Crystal and Blue Fire / Blazing and Swamp

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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Dragonvale LeapYear Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the Dragonvale LeapYear Dragon Egg

441 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Leap Year Dragon”
  1. Jacob says:

    It won’t work with level 10 scorch and level 10 seaweed????????

  2. Marie says:

    I got it with a sonic and a glacier dragon, unintentionally

  3. Kirovesh says:

    Bring em back event trying for a panlong with blazing and mud got a leap year first

  4. Eugene says:

    Was trying to get a guord dragon with pepper and root and got a leap year on my second try.

  5. Khalv says:

    Funny thing is that i have the default cave, and by attempting to breed a leathery dragon with firefly and mountain, i got the keap year egg.

  6. Random dude says:

    I got the leap year dragon while trying to breed the butterfly dragon. Was I lucky???

  7. xD says:

    I got it from Sandstorm and iceberg

  8. that chick says:

    I got it with an obsidian and an ash dragon, trying for a cotton dragon

  9. Safely2insane says:

    I got leap year on my first try with both snowflake dragons in the regular breeding cave.

  10. Natasha says:

    I ot a leap year dragon from an obsidian and ash first try, its january 16 2015

  11. Yassin says:

    I got leap year deagon with the combination of Leap Year and Amethyst on 7 March 2015

  12. Sunny says:

    Please help me how to get the rainbow dragon! I’ve tried so many times and none of the combos work. I have a Equinox dragon, a moon dragon, and a silver dragon but I want a rainbow dragon or a double dragon or a leap year dragon! Help!

  13. Sunny says:

    Help! I’ve tried SOOOOOOOO many Times to get a rainbow/double rainbow dragon but NOTHING works! Any suggestions?

    • Kurariza says:

      I got a rainbow by breeding my Antarian with a Bizurian. Also, this is the Leap Year Dragon page; go check out the Rainbow Dragon or Double Rainbow Dragon page to see the combinations that other people got it with.

  14. Sunny says:

    Maybe a blue moon dragon too and a sun dragon…. FOR GAWD SAKES! Just any rare dragon!

  15. Lovelyz says:

    OH MY GOD how did I get leap year???? It is not available in the store but I bred leap year and snowflake and got leap year….. And it is november now….

  16. coolkoala says:

    I did Pepper and rainbow and got it first try

  17. Finn says:

    Guys u know you can get it with ANY 4 elements,not just these combos?

  18. amlong14 says:

    Got it with Firefly and Mountain, both Level 13!

  19. Kami says:

    I bred nectar and wraith (lvl. 12) and got a leap year. I was trying for a Dream.

  20. Lily says:

    Huh. I think I just got Leap Year (using lvl 14 Blue Fire and Crystal), I was actually trying for Blue Moon, got a 14.5hr breed time, didn’t realise it was another possible outcome. Happy times.

  21. Reyincinna says:

    LOL got a leap year by breeding firefly and polarian xD

  22. Hi says:

    I got it with bizurian and polarian without even knowing!

  23. Me says:

    uh, im not sure but is it possible to breed a leap year dragon using a polarian and a antartican?(speling)

  24. Simon says:

    Antarian + Blue moon dragon = Leap Year 🙂

  25. Conner says:

    Ice and antarian dragon, I always get good dragons with this combo

  26. Esme says:

    I got it with coal and evergreen

  27. anon says:

    I breed two leap years and got an olympic. how does that work exactly?

  28. diana says:

    Got mine with snowflake (5th by name) and blue moon. but I got it in December instead of February and it’s not a leap year?

  29. Xander says:

    I got it with Luminous and Wraith

  30. Charity says:

    I got it with Scorch and Glacier Jan 18. Guess its not just February when you can get it.

  31. KingKool23 says:

    I got mine with a gift and Cole but it was in December and not leap year

  32. KingKool23 says:

    Well I need another one for a pedestal one

  33. ace says:

    four years ago….
    when i played this game…

    i bred leap year first try with lava and seaweed, so had many of my friends

    but its four years ago

    friend me plz: -[EnderAce]-

  34. Sia says:

    How to breed the DOUBLE leap year, anyone?

  35. Fabulous says:

    I got mine with level nine arcturian dragon and a level 10 polarian dragon on my first try in the cooperative breeding cave!

  36. aslennon says:

    blazing and swamp first try in epic breeding cave

  37. CamBC says:

    I just got a Leap Year dragon with a pollen dragon and a polarian dragon (at the cooperative breeding cave)

  38. Kimp101 says:

    I got it a dream and cyclops

  39. Rainbow Bunny 3000 says:

    I got it with Eridan and Polarian first try !!!!!!!!!!???????????!?!?!?!?!?

  40. Kayla says:

    It is currently June 1st, and I just got a leap year dragon from breeding a leap year with a rainbow.

  41. Johnny says:

    i got it breeding Seaweed and snow trying for pearl in the month of June…. Any answers for this??

  42. Meow says:

    I got it tonight epic surprise leap year and some type of orange and blue sun dragon I forgot the name of

  43. Someone says:

    I got it RANDOMLY in the coop island!!! I have NO idea how that happened! I think I got it with Comment LV 10 and a LV 4 Polarian

  44. Mufasa says:

    Sun(lvl.10) and light(lvl.14) have given me the leap year dragon both times I’ve bred them.

  45. Mufasa says:

    Sun(lvl.10) and light(lvl.14) have given me the leap year dragon both times I’ve bred them. Epic dreading island

  46. brooke says:

    i just put to polarian dragons together and got one, and it was two days ago. it doesn’t have to be in february of leap year

  47. DaDragonKollector says:

    Just got it with flower and quake while attempting to get garland dragon.

  48. Emily says:

    Comment (10) and polarion (4) also got me prism dragon

  49. kieran says:

    i got one from breeding sun and bronze olympos does that make any senceto you?!?!?
    cause that goes against anything you guys have been saying…

  50. John says:

    somehow i got it with a spectre and a leap year dragon pretty useless for u guys but u cant get spectre anymore and i got it from mystery egg gotta love pentournimalalalalaqal watever tournaments

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