DragonVale: How to breed a Moon Dragon

DragonVale MOON Dragon

DragonVale MOON Dragon

INCUBATION TIME: None specified, but I’ve gotten them for 48 Hours
BUY-IT Price: 2,000 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Crystal and Blue Fire / Crystal and Lichen / Blue Fire and Scorch / Storm and Scorch

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale MOON Dragon Egg

The 3rd Egg is the DragonVale MOON Dragon Egg

873 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Moon Dragon”
  1. Young dragon breed says:

    I just breeder lichen and crystal and got 60hrs
    Double rainbow,..really going for emerald tho
    Breeding island

  2. Karly says:

    How do u breed a moon dragon

  3. Margaret says:

    Crystal and lichen, gotten two this month trying to get the emerald.

  4. Forbidden says:

    I found that mistletoe and storm both level 13+ works

  5. Blah says:

    Org I got emerald with crystal and lichen first try was going for moon tho

  6. Blah says:

    If you guys don’t have moon u just do it from 7 pm to 7 am. That the only time u can get moon

  7. Ruby says:

    I have gotten moon dragon and sun dragon and even blue moon dragon, all with breeding storm and plant!
    Storm lv12 and plant lv15

    • Rex says:

      What order did you bread the dragons in

      • Ruby says:

        I would switch the order back and forth so either i guess. I got two if those in breeding cave and only sun dragon in island.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like I will be trying that combination! Plus, I was able to breed the sun dragon with the Motley (I think it was lvl 7), and the Lichen dragon, but I’m only sure about breeding the Motley dragon. I got it on the first try, but I wasn’t aiming for any dragon. Btw it took 48 hours to incubate and to breed (4 days total until it hatches). Hope this info. helped!


    • Hayden Gardner says:


  8. Bailie says:

    I breed the moon dragon with ever green and lightning.

  9. I breed the moon dragon with ever green and lightning. And also a sun dragon with as before. To get moon you have to breed from 7 pm to 7 am. Sun 7 am to 7 pm.

  10. Addison says:

    To breed a sun or moon dragon do you have to have the epic breeding island,or the regular cave?

  11. Tara says:

    I got the moon dragon when I was trying to get the frostfire dragon by breeding the firefly and cold dragon!!

  12. Jannine212 says:

    Does it matter what time zone you are in for trying to breed a Moon or Sun dragon?

  13. IsabelleErixon says:

    Hi, add me, name IsabelleErixon, i have a gemtree so I’m able to give you gems if you give me :)

  14. The tomboy says:

    Breed sun and blue moon both level ten got 48 (two days)

  15. Gabriel M says:

    My game center is Gabymed10 add me

  16. Maddie says:

    Add me on gamecenter madmaddie122668

  17. Someone says:

    I got it with storm and cold!

  18. Mgolden38 says:

    I just tried Snow+Lighting=Moon NEW COMBINATION discovered

  19. PEF says:

    Been trying for jet dragon for over a week with ash and frostfire, got moon instead. Wasn’t even bred after 7pm but around 2 in the afternoon. Go figure!

  20. sofia says:

    I got somwthing that’s 48 hours EPIC BREEDING ISLAND FIRST TRY ! WITH CRYSTAL AND LICHEN BOTHE LEVEL 11! It could be MOON RAINBOW OR SUN ! worth a try

  21. Bella says:

    I have a Moon Dragon egg incubating right now!!! So happy!! Bred Storm( lvl 10) and Hail ( lvl 10) second try!

  22. Ellen says:

    I got the sun and rainbow with ash dragon and frostfire dragon. Was aiming for the moon dragon but got these two instead. I bred the sun and rainbow in between 7am and 7pm. Got very lucky as i got the rainbow at first,i was like wait whaat? lol

  23. Yozzoo says:

    I bred a lvl 4 lightning and a lvl 5 snow and got a moon dragon….. I was trying to get a storm dragon…

  24. Turtle says:

    I was wondering I have 2 sun dragons so if I breed them together at night, I can’t get a sun cause it’s night so does this mean I must get a moon? Pls reply

  25. LoganAnn says:

    I need to replace my friends who don’t play anymore. Please add Bathearts if you would like to exchange gems with me.

  26. MC Chen says:

    I got the Moon dragon twice now. Storm and plant, both Level 12. I bred it around level 24/25. Afternoon, EST. Please read this, very helpful (I was trying to get the Bloom Dragon).

  27. Erin says:

    I bred a storm dragon and a plant dragon together both at level 10 and I got a moon dragon

  28. Emma says:

    I got the silver, platinum ,and gold and jade and ruby and emerald

  29. Chelsey says:

    Will someone add me on game center for co-op breeding. My username is ****!!! Pweez add me!!! I would like to get a lot of epic and rare dragons, and I don’t care what dragon just a cool one!! Thanks!

  30. Rainbow star says:

    I want this dragon SO BAD!!!! Im trying to get sun, moon, rainbow, and seasonal. Help me out here will ya? All my dragons are 10 and under.

  31. Cameron says:

    My game center Is. ****

  32. Haley says:

    Level 4 mountain x level 4 lightning

  33. allie says:

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  34. Rainbow star says:

    Nate is great says:
    June 15, 2015 at 2:41 am
    Hail and firefly is how i got both moon and sun

    First try?!!! Which way? Hail then firefly or firefly and hail?

  35. krisra says:

    I got a 24 hour breeding time breeding lichen and crystal so what am I getting?

  36. Bella says:

    Try sonic and ice berg

  37. Tim says:

    Was going for garland dragon using crystal and poison and got moon first try ????????

  38. Charlie says:

    I got a moon dragon by breeding dawn and dusk

  39. Banter Lord says:

    Hey guys I’m horrible plz help me I have tried many times for both the moon and the sun dragon but can’t get either of them. Plz help me!????

  40. SilverBlue217 says:

    I just got 48- hour breeding time with Mirror and Fire. It was 6:20 pm mountain time. Would it be the moon dragon??

  41. Cool_Cat says:

    Has anyone made it work with storm and scorch other then Dr. Mac?

  42. Cool_Cat says:

    Not that I don;t believe him, I am just curious.

  43. Cloaker says:

    *Breeds Crystal and Lichen*
    *Gets Sun*
    IM DONE.

  44. Kouga32 says:

    Just got one of these from a Regift dragon and a Quake dragon…..

  45. Emma says:

    I got it using an autumn dragon and a spring dragon in coopritive breeding

  46. Cierra says:

    I got a moon dragon with fire and tempest ? Good luck

  47. OHHHHHHHHHH… So that’s what I’m missing! I need to breed my storm and scorch dragon from 7:00AM to 7:00PM? Is that right?

  48. cool R says:

    I bred my teidian dragon ( lvl 10 ) with the great nogard’s polarian dragon ( lvl 4 ) and got a moon dragon…..

  49. Joshua says:

    I got moon dragon by breeding lightning dragon and ice dragon

  50. Dilla says:

    I got a moon by lightning and storm at 8:30 PM and got it on my first try. I was happy!! The breeding should be a day and a lot of hours and egg incubation is also a day and a lot of hours so it takes a while but it’s a beautiful dragon! ?

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