DragonVale: How to breed a Pearl Dragon

DragonVale PEARL Dragon

[EDIT: Looks like the “rare” Pearl Dragon egg seen below is actually the newly updated Pearl Dragon egg, so the original egg might actually turn out to be the “rare” one you can no longer get. Not sure why BackFlip Studios changed it midway through, but it looks like the Pearl Egg with the Pearl in it is the new egg]

BUY-IT Price: 1,475 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Snow and Seaweed (Seasonal – can only be bred in the Month of June)

Interesting Fact: The Pearl Dragon is the only dragon I have seen so far that has TWO different types of eggs (scroll down). The hatched Pearl Dragons appear identical, however, so I am not sure the reason behind the difference.

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale PEARL Dragon Egg

The 3rd Egg (pinkish white) is the original DragonVale PEARL Dragon Egg

DragonVale PEARL Dragon Alternate Rare Egg

The Pearl Dragon egg apparently comes in TWO varieties (Egg 4 is the alternate egg). The dragons seem the same though.

1,346 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Pearl Dragon”
  1. Boczq says:

    Tryin’ to get it with snow lvl10 and seaweed lvl10 on EBI and it still doesn’t work :/

    Add me: Bboyboczq “

  2. Ace says:

    Hi. I’m looking for someone to trade gems with everyday. Please add me…

  3. novi says:

    i get a pearl. i just find out that for gem dragon, the level doesn’t matter. i breed snow+seaweed both level 15 on ebi nonstop and get nothing but fail. give up and try another pair level 10 and get the pearl right away.

  4. Melina says:

    I Bred the snow and seaweed and got a rainbow dragon with the same amount of breeding time as a pearl……..????

  5. TruckerGloom says:

    Fourth try of Chrome/Scorch on Epic Island to get it for me

  6. Waffle_assassin8 says:

    I got it! Yes! :D

  7. bethanxxx says:

    did chrome and scorch on epic island and got a gold dragon instead

  8. Julianz says:

    Agh.. I breed snow and seaweed both lvl 10 and got double rainbow ffs!!!! I want pearl !!!!!!

  9. Aksou20 says:

    I can’t get a pearl with snow and seaweed. Is it normal? Does the combination still works?
    Do you have any advice?

  10. Supersally says:

    Add me on dragon vale will give gems –


  11. Matthew says:

    Got it on my first try

  12. Robert says:

    This is driving me crazy!
    I’ve been trying all month to get this dragon!

  13. Paul says:

    What a pathetic month to try and get pearl. I bread snow and seaweed all month pretty much in both breading haitats and never got it. What a joke backflip can be.

  14. /:)JC says:

    New player looking for friends to trade gems with.

    Please add me as a friend my Game Center ID is /:)JC

  15. Nancie says:

    Enter friend code in “redeem code” in social menu for 25 free gems! Code is 30018987

  16. Justin says:

    Add me: zulusix

    I do gem for gem

    I have to more spots

  17. John says:

    Got it first try using snow and sea weed lvl 11 at epic breeding island.

    • I'm a horrible speller sorry says:

      I’ve been doing this the whole time. Same level, dragon, island, Everything
      But it still doesn’t work. ????

    • I'm a horrible speller sorry says:

      I’ve been doing this the whole time. Same level, dragon, island, Everything
      But it still doesn’t work. ????

  18. Stef says:

    I had a somewhat bizarre experience playing this morning, but in a good way. First I put Mistletoe & Gift in my cave to try for a display egg of either or Reindeer during the mini winter bring em back event. I got a Rainbow instead! – which is cool, since I need a display egg for that, too. Then I hit Retry with Snow & Seaweed on my island, trying for Pearl, obviously – and got the Reindeer! Used some gems to skip the breeding time, hit Retry again and got my Pearl. All kinds of goodies abounding on Dragonvale today. :)

    Advice for anyone who tries all month for a gem dragon and still can’t get it: Don’t give up on leveling up your dragons – it really does help. Amethyst, Emerald, and Pearl seemed particularly tough to me – I got all three after leveling my breeding pairs up to Level 17 – that’s a lot of food, but it’s worth it. ALSO: Do NOT breed when your visitors are low. The more visitors you have, the better chance you have of getting rare dragons. I have noticed that immediately after collecting from all my habitats at once and gaining a massive amount of gold, my visitors plummet by about 50%. If this happens to you, wait a few minutes until the number of visitors climbs back up to near peak – for me, with 8 islands, that’s in the 130-150 range. Hope this helps somebody. :)

  19. The tomboy says:

    I bread snow and pepper and got snowy gold! :)

  20. V Lo says:

    Seaweed and snow worked for me, in two tries too!

  21. eugene says:

    i did both lvl 12 snow and seaweed on the breeding island and got five hours, hope nxt time will be better

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