DragonVale: How to breed an Emerald Dragon

DragonVale EMERALD Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1,500 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: (Seasonal – can only be bred in the Month of May ) Crystal and Lichen

DragonVale EMERALD Dragon Egg

The 1st egg is the DragonVale EMERALD Dragon Egg

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale EMERALD Dragon

1,145 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Emerald Dragon”
  1. Vlaz says:

    Need 3 friends for gem trade. Add me up GC: dhykhast

  2. Jamie says:

    Add me for gems! LambyEP

  3. Bobthepanda says:

    I got this finnaly 🙂

  4. Summer Hackett says:

    I can’t get this dragon!! Some body help me!!

  5. SappphireWings says:

    I got rainbow and moon with this combo. Oh and platinum all in three tries…

  6. Faith says:

    Only took me 100 attempts and17 days!!!
    I swear the combinations you get with crystal and lichen
    Is way to many!

  7. appleman2137 says:

    It normally takes me most if the month to get these. But I got this one in the first week and now I have 3. Maybe it’s because I was born in may, I don’t know. But hey I’m happy.

  8. Myniaya says:

    Help! any other combos beside crystal and lichen? Have 2 level 15 crystal and 2lichens and breed both every day and still nothing!

  9. Angie says:

    FINALLY getting the emerald dragon after trying all day, every day for 17 days! Bred crystal and lichen just past 1am eastern standard time. Don’t know if the time helped. Good luck!

  10. Cornelia says:

    Have three open slots for gem trade! Add me in Gamecentre: Cornelia-B

  11. julian says:

    ive been trying for this dragon for the last 18 days and no luck 🙁 im starting to question the crystal lichen combo,
    both dragons are level 15 in norm breed cave, yeas I should have really saved for the epic breed island, but too late no.w, I really want to get this before it goes

  12. Abbey says:

    RAGE!!!! Every time I try this Conbo I get the rainbow dragon!!!!!! I just got my seventh!!!

    • Courtney says:

      Rage and then some! Oooooh my gosh, I have trid every day two and three times a day for this insane dragon, can’ t get it either. On the other hand, I got a moon and two suns, I think two seasonal….so many dragons from the same combo. I plugged in crystal and lichen for my son a week ago to show him what to do and BAM! Sure enough, got him an emerald. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I want one soooo badly. Help. Anyone? I have uebi and ubcave too. Now I know why people jailbreak!!!! (I am a good girl, but it IS tempting). Open to any suggestions. Have a terrific day!

  13. Carrie says:

    I am a android user and need friends….. is face book the only way??

    • Jim_e says:

      Same here…have to place a dragon in dragon track to compete everyday~the only way to get gems~

    • Adriana says:

      I use this on my kindle fire so i don’t have a gamecenter either… i have two spots for gem trade, wanna friend?

  14. Bananagarr says:

    Anyone find the decorations are key to breeding gem dragons? it might be coincidence but i never get them before buying the relevent decoration. for emerald: Emerald Triquetra

    • Angie says:

      I read that just a few days after the emerald dragon became available, so I bought one right away. After that I bred crystal and lichen all day, every day and I didn’t get the emerald dragon until last night. To me it didn’t seem to increase my chances.

  15. Anna says:

    HOW DOES HE GET SO MANY GEMS? AND TREATS? AND GOLD!!! If anyone knows how, plz tell me

  16. Rudy says:

    Over 50 attempts, not a single success. I haven’t even gotten a rainbow, sun, or moon. Does the level matter here? Also need people for gem 4 gem and people who will actually do it not like the past few I added that I have gems a few times and noone gave back need 5 more pol – add my Game Center – Rodolfoayala

  17. Me says:

    Add me Jinx3188

  18. Nirettzy says:

    Finally got mine today. Must have finished breeding in my sleep. Woke up and boom green egg. Took about ten tries, a few mountain dragons, a bonus moon dragon and finally the emerald. Time to work on jade. Gl out there.

  19. Pam says:

    Just got a sun dragon and now I have a 20 hour one. Any ideas of what this is??

  20. Cam says:

    Add me cam898989

  21. Lacey says:

    Still no dragon :/

  22. Grimlock01 says:

    I just got 24 hours. What could it be! By the way if anyone wants another person for a gem trade add me- me grimlock no bozo

  23. Tripper says:

    I got a sun dragon with this combo. Twice… In a row…

  24. bey says:

    I just need my second and third emerald, why you so difficult to get, emerald? Grrrr -,-

    I always got 48 hours, that’s moon and sun dragon. It’s fine if i get 48 hours thats mean my first rainbow dragon, coz i don’t have it..

  25. SeetherATM says:

    22 days nonstop crystal/lichen breeding and NOTHING….

  26. City_o_champyinz says:

    This may be the hardest dragon to get for me and I have everyone but I’m trying to get the egg on the second go around.. Been breeding for two weeks now!

  27. Itsthatguy174 says:


    • Anna says:

      So that’s that the visitors are for. By the way, how much incubation time does it take for a emerald dragon?

    • Anna says:

      So that’s that the visitors are for. By the way, how much incubation time does it take for a emerald dragon?
      Add me Anna94904

  28. Bob says:

    Add me my Game Center is be nn y

  29. steph says:

    I have been trying crystal and lichen since the beginning and still nothing!!!!both level 15 and at the eb cave. Gotten 3 suns, 2 moons a ton of crystals, what am I doing wrong? Please help.

  30. Delfox says:

    kenjiebatusai@yahoo.com add me for gems trade . Thanks

  31. meperson says:

    Well this is a great combo for sun moon and rainbow but I can’t seem to get a emerald

  32. meperson says:

    Well this is a great combo for sun moon and rainbow but I can’t seem to get a emerald

    • Sheltie says:

      The only thing I get is ash and quake! Am I doing something wrong? They are both lvl 15 and if anyone can give free gems, my gameCentre name is ?????(-:Sheltie:-)????? the faces and sparkles are emoji.

  33. Drewdrewkok says:

    Hello players, please add me @ “drewdrewkok” for gem4gem trade everyday and only add if you are sincere about trading gem everyday. Thanks!!!

  34. Drewdrewkok says:

    Hello players, please add me @ “drewdrewkok” for gem4gem trade everyday and only add if you are sincere about trading gem everyday. Thanks!!!!

  35. Thrs says:

    I’ve tried almost all month lichen+crystal and i finally got one emerald egg two days ago. I also got a sun with this combo. Add me if you wanna trade gems: tharysse.
    Good luck breeding!

  36. Travis does dragonvale! says:

    Add me Game Center give me gems please need more!
    Game Center: Travisrules79

  37. brandon says:

    I’ve tried crystal and lichen… nothing but 2 rainbows and tons of crystal dragons…this is the 2nd year I’ve tried to get one…this sucks!

  38. Me says:

    Add me kc_36

  39. Kc says:

    Add me! kc_36

  40. Lacey says:

    Got it today before it goes tomoz !

  41. julian says:

    well I have been trying for this dragon since day one (2-5-13, coz I live in Australia I have to wait a day for America to start.) and right on this last night, I get a 48hr breeding time, i believe this to be the rainbow dragon. i cant believe i missed out on this dragon.
    maybe having my dragons named after what breed they are decreases the chance of rare dragons? (both are level 15)
    owell onto opel and jade dragons now.
    im on android so add me on fb? Julian Nicko Lally

  42. Lacey says:

    Yay I FINALLY got it on the final day !
    A month of trying finally pays off.
    In my opinion it’s the prettiest gemstone dragon.

  43. Dragon says:

    🙁 Bummer that this dragon is only breedable in May… 🙂 aw well itll be here soon enough!

  44. J.D. says:

    Hey everybody!
    I need some reliable gem traders and have 3 open spots
    I play every day and enjoy seeing cool islands
    Please add me on Game Center


    Might need a little help adding friends – never really could figure it out when I try to add someone else

  45. MoonCrew says:

    Help me!!! I have counted all the times that I have tried Crystal and Lichen, and it adds up to 379 tries!!!
    I REALLY want this dragon!!! The only dragons I have gotten are:
    If you have any other breeding suggestions, TELL MEH!!’

    Love from MoonyPro

    • ??? says:

      I bought the breeding hint and it said lichen and crystal instead of crystal and lichen so I don’t know if right or left matters or not, just trying to help 😉

  46. Curryz1027 says:

    Crystal and lichen level 14 each got it first try in regular

  47. Smokestar says:

    How do you trade gems? I’m so confused about everyone saying “add me” or “trade gems with me” or whatever

  48. ??? says:

    Tried this combo and was hoping for the emerald but I got a double rainbow dragon which is awesome! Either way I’m happy 🙂

  49. Margaret says:

    The odds are really low for this dragon. I looked on the dragoncalc and it’s only 13% change, so if you get it your lucky. Good luck with you breeding. (I have crystal lvl18 and lichen lvl 17, been breeding since start, no luck)

  50. Margaret says:

    My son just bred this dragon with crystal lvl 17 and lichen lvl 15.

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