List of DragonVale dragon incubation and Breeding Times

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So, every once in awhile you’ll set up two dragons to start breeding and get hit with a lengthy 20 or 24 hour breeding time, and you’ll want to know just what IS that dragon going to be when they’re done doing the nasty? Is it worth rushing it with gems? Well, here’s a quick list of the various breeding/incubation times for the various DragonVale dragons to help you out. Please note, these are the times for the STANDARD breeding caves, so if you have upgraded your Epic Breeding Island or Breeding Cave to speed up the breed times, multiply these times by 1.2 as those caves speed the breeding time up by 80%. (Although once you have an egg, these times WILL sync up with the incubation times if you cannot identify the egg you get). Some dragons share the same breeding times, so you’ll have to use your brain a bit and think about the elements you blended to know whether your 8-hour breed time is going to be a Blazing or a Ice dragon.

DragonVale dragon incubation and Breeding Times

15 seconds: Plant, Rift
30 Seconds: Ovalith
5 minutes: Earth
30 minutes: Cactus, Poison, Lightning
1 hour: Flower
2 hours: Fire, Air, Sandstorm
3 hours: Firefly, Scorch
4 hours: Water, Iron, Magnetic, Forest
5 hours: Brass, Chrome, Love, Reindeer, Seaweed, Storm, Wind
5.5 hours: Palladium
6 hours: Firework, Lichen, Mud, Quake, Rust, Ash, Pepper, Flash, Ruin
6.5 Hours: Sand
7 hours: Clover, Pollen, Lotus
7.5 Hours: Abyss
8 hours: Metal, Blazing, Fog, Ice, Iceberg, Sonic, Willow, Snow, Rain, Obsidian, Hail, Ember, Mistletoe, Acid
8.5 Hours: Thunder, Phantom
9 hours: Swamp, Bouquet, Meadow
9.5 hours: Salamander, Glare, Spark
10 hours: Bone, Evergreen, Lava, Mine, Sakura, Blizzard, Century, Glacier, Arbor
10.5: Miasma, Radiant
11 Hours: Shimmer
11.5 hours: Coral
11.9 Hours: Moonstruck
12 hours: Cold, Blue Fire, Butterfly, Frostfire, Moss, Malachite, Ironwood, Paper, Heat, Carnival
12 hours 25 minutes: Gift Dragon
12.5 Hours: Glass, Howl
13 hours: Bloom, River, Motley, Luminous
14 hours: Mountian, Steel, Tree, Smoke, Rose, Meteor, Wraith
14.5 hours: Leap Year
15 Hours: Bearded
15.5 hours: Ghost, Promethium
16 hours: Current, Dodo, Plasma
17 Hours : Celtic, Mirage
17.5 Hours: Crypt
18 hours: Quicksilver, Shadow
18.5 Hours: Ooze
19 Hours: Gamma
20 hours: Copper, Zombie
20 Hours 12 minutes: Apocalypse
21.5 Hours: Hypnotic
22 hours: Scoria (formerly SLAG dragon)
23.5 hours: Solstice
24 hours: Crystal, Forge, Equinox, Spring, Terradiem, Summer, Cotton, Autumn, Winter
26 Hours 24 min: Ouroboros
29 Hours 48 min: Liberty
28 hours: Amethyst
29.53 hours: Blue Moon
30 hours Pearl, Sapphire, Topaz, Diamond, Jet
30 hours 26 min: Jade, Amber
31 hours: Emerald, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Turquoise, Garnet
32 Hours: Snowy Bronze Olympus, Snowy Silver Olympus, Snowy Gold Olympus , Lapis
33 Hours: Cyclops, Aquamarine
35 hours: Bronze Olympus, Silver Olympus, Gold Olympus
36 hours: Panlong, Victory, Sprout
46 Hours: Bronze
47 hours: Silver
47.5 Hours: Electrum
48 hours: Rainbow, Gold, Sun, Moon (sun and moon times can occasionally vary), Seasonal, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse
49 hours: Platinum
50 hours: Dream
60 Hours: Double Rainbow

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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  1. Hennessy Hook says:

    Hey guys add me I’m Hennessy Hook! I have no friends and I’m on multiple times a day :D I will gem OFTEN also I know hoe to get the majority of the dragons :3 so I will always help n_n you’ll habe to add me on FB however :/ I has an android -.-

  2. Notdishwashersafe123 says:

    Happy to gem for gem. Gamecenter is Notdishwashersafe123. ;)

  3. shifter says:

    add me on android natasha banman

  4. Melvano says:

    OMG! i combined a snow dragon with a forge dragon… on Epic Breeding Island, it says i have an incubation time of 60 hours? what is it?

  5. DragonvaleHunter says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!! I breeded light and dark rift and got something with 48 hours!!!!

    • lcp0413 says:

      Me too…I tried to breed liight and dark and got something for 48 hours…cant wait.

    • Ruperoo says:

      Me too, bred 2x dark rift and got 48 hrs. Hope it isn’t another sun…
      Also got two spaces for daily gem swapping, if anyone is interested. GC nane is Ruperoo

  6. Abraham says:

    Gem4gem my gc is : Viper12345

  7. pancake says:

    I randomly bred a light dragon (lv 11) and a bloom dragon (lv 15)and got 48 hours!! Im so exciteed to see what i got.

  8. 14k says:

    i bred lightning and cold to get storm but i got hail when i tried it again it has a breeding time of 48hrs does ny body know what will i get???

  9. 14k says:

    add me on fb pruthvikanumalla to get gems 4 gems

  10. pancake says:

    Mud and blazing, lv 12 each, solar eclipse dragon:)

  11. Steven says:

    I breed blue fire ten crystal and that’s how I egg most of my rare dragons. I’ve gotten a moon blue moon silver and apocalypse drone those two dragons remember blue fire then crystal

    • Snowyleopard218 says:

      Oh my lucky two are Celtic and Leap year. I got a blue moon, ghost, apocalypse, quicksilver, rust, even though I didn’t have a metal dragon, a terradiem, and another Celtic!

  12. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    One minute, I was breed crime and scorch trying to get a ruby, next, I got something 48hrs. What have I got?!?!

  13. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    Sorry, I meant chrome.

  14. Notdishwashersafe123 says:

    13 hour with FIRE and STORM so can’t be any of the above choices. Any ideas as to what I got?

  15. Kitty_woooooo says:

    Am LOVING this awesome website!!! Easily the best DV site/guide out there :)
    The incubation times and breeding gyides are freakin superb!
    Keep up the good work you guys (n gals) totally rock ! ;-)

  16. melisa says:

    hey, im a dragonvale player. please add me in game center and ill add you back. gamecenter ID: Chibipchan

  17. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    Turns out i got a rainbow

  18. Becky says:

    I put in your Game Center code too Melisa.

  19. CodyHawkCaster says:

    Hey i put a lichen and crystal dragon together and i got a 14 hour timer. I can’t find any dragons on your 14 hour that have crystal and lichen dragon but I’ll post what it is after its done.

  20. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    I think u have a tree

  21. Ash says:

    Try breeding leap year and rainbow! Tons of rare dragons from that. I got electrum, bronze, another rainbow and surprisingly winter… I also got common dragons like ash and coral

    • Notdishwashersafe123 says:

      Leap year and double rainbow also works got a silver more leap years a cyclops a spring…. The list goes on and on Magic Combo!

  22. Audrey says:

    I’m breeding blazing and metal for 48 hours? I have no idea what it will be, if you want to see my park my GC is Musical Master (don’t judge I didn’t come up with)

  23. Lucy says:

    I put Sonic and Hail (both lvl 12) in Breeding Cave and got 48 hs … Any idea of what is going to come out?

  24. Notdishwashersafe123 says:

    @Macenstein I find it a bit confusing as to how you say to multiply breeding times for ungraded cave/EBS so here is what I do and you may want to post it. For an UPGRADED cave: divide YOUR time by 4 then MULTIPLY by 5. Here is the algebraic expression: a/4*5=b a=What your cave says b=What the website says

  25. AsianMolly says:

    Please friend me for gems! Not sure how to do it other than through Facebook or Game Center. My Game Center name is MTernyey.

  26. Notdishwashersafe123 says:

    WOOHOO an actual Olympus drag VS the snowy Olympus Good luck for your countries at the Olympics!

  27. Kumayl says:

    OMG I got 48 timer with Hail dragon on left and Promethium on right I ALREADY HAVE RAINBOW IF I GET ANOTHER ONE I CAN BREED THEM ILL GET DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!!!! I’ll let u know what it is! I’m so happy!! >_<. #_# !!!!

  28. Notdishwashersafe123 says:

    Bred river and iceberg in the EBC got 24hrs48mins that means 31 hrs normal but that’s not possible right now because the 31hr dragons aren’t out right now. What the heck is going on? (Hope its a aquamarine!)

  29. NovaLLee says:

    Something strange happened while I was trying to breed a River dragon. Some how I got a Motley. I think maybe the game glitched. Because I’ve only been trying for an Iceberg(which I just hatched) and a River. I’m wondering if something weird like this has happened to anyone else. I hatched it and it is a plant and fire dragon like its suppose to be. I’m pretty pleased to have second one.

  30. Mr ROFL 87 says:

    Hey… Trying to get sandstorm w/ crystal and air, got 13 hours… What could it be? Answers would be appreciated.

  31. brodie says:

    it is an aquamarine

    lol the funniest thing happened, i bred a rainbow and leap year today and got a 14.5 hours breeding time which is only leap year but it has expired ???????????????????????

    • Mr ROFL 87 says:

      I get the feeling that if a dragon that has expired is paired with one that hasn’t you can get another one of it. Have fun with what I reckon is a leap year
      Ps I know this is ages late
      Pops my game centre is Mr ROFL 87 add me I do gem for gem

  32. Dylan says:

    I did random dragons and in incububater it said ether 2 days or 3

  33. Grace says:

    I just bred thunder and earth both level 12 and got 1 day and 11 hours breeding time. I’m assuming it’s a gold, silver, or bronze Olympus?????

  34. Paul says:

    Hi, I’m level 55 and I just picked up a Dragonsai Tree and I’m looking for people to trade Gems with. Cheers.

  35. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    I bred Rust and Firefly on the EBI, Rust lvl 10 and Firefly lvl 11. I got something 48hrs, and surprisingly I DON’T want another Sun or moon, because I already have two of each! I was trying for Electrum, but now I have something totally different. Anyone have any idea what I have got? Please reply, and I will try to look at your opinion on what I have got. :) :)

  36. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    It turns out I have a gold. I just wanted a treasure type dragon and I got one. I’m still happy! :)

  37. Jumpysquirrel says:

    Plant and dark, 13.5 hours. What will it be?

  38. Jumpysquirrel says:

    Rainbow and double rainbow, both lvl 10, regular breeding cave. I’ve noticed that if you breed rare dragons together, they often make other, different rare dragons. :)

  39. Notdishwashersafe123 says:

    4 hrs electrum and gold. WTF?

  40. Notdishwashersafe123 says:

    4 hrs electrum and gold. WTF?

  41. Jude the dude says:

    I got 13 leap years by breeding glacier and thunder

  42. Jude the dude says:

    Breed bronse olimpus with snowy bronse olimpus

  43. rkb991 says:

    I bred a cold and a lava dragon together on the epic breeding island. The breeding time is 22 hours. What could it be?

  44. Jude the dude says:

    I got a seasonal by breeding forest a nod blazing in epic breeding island

  45. Lovelesseggplant says:

    I bred a Crystal and Lichen dragon at the regular cave, both are Level 12.
    I got a time of 22 hours…but I don’t see how Crystal and Lichen could form a scoria dragon since there is no metal in either lichen or crystal? What do I have?

  46. Wetcane says:

    Tried ages to get a sun using cold with storm and cold with firefly and got nothing on my epic breeding island after 20+ tries. I was doing research on how to get a sun and loads of people said breed lichen with crystal and first time around I got a 48hrs breed time! Can’t wait!! Any ideas on what it might be??

  47. Sheeshob says:

    Breeding rain and mountain to try and get sapphire and got 23 hours. Definitely not upgraded any ideas?

  48. Sheeshob says:

    I am breeding rain and mountain and just got 23 hours in the cave it is not upgraded what can it be?

  49. Snowyleopard218 says:

    That’s weird. I bred a mud and lava dragon, both on level 11 and got 23 hours. Not 23.5 hours, just 23. What is it? I can’t find it on the list…

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