List of DragonVale dragon incubation and Breeding Times

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So, every once in awhile you’ll set up two dragons to start breeding and get hit with a lengthy 20 or 24 hour breeding time, and you’ll want to know just what IS that dragon going to be when they’re done doing the nasty? Is it worth rushing it with gems? Well, here’s a quick list of the various breeding/incubation times for the various DragonVale dragons to help you out. Please note, these are the times for the STANDARD breeding caves, so if you have upgraded your Epic Breeding Island or Breeding Cave to speed up the breed times, multiply these times by 1.2 as those caves speed the breeding time up by 80%. (Although once you have an egg, these times WILL sync up with the incubation times if you cannot identify the egg you get). Some dragons share the same breeding times, so you’ll have to use your brain a bit and think about the elements you blended to know whether your 8-hour breed time is going to be a Blazing or a Ice dragon.

DragonVale dragon incubation and Breeding Times

15 seconds: Plant, Rift

30 Seconds: Ovalith, Dusk, Dawn

5 minutes: Earth
30 minutes: Cactus, Poison, Lightning

1 hour: Flower

2 hours: Fire, Air, Sandstorm, Wisp

3 hours: Firefly, Scorch, Spectre, Snowflake

4 hours: Water, Iron, Magnetic, Forest, Frostbite

5 hours: Brass, Chrome, Love, Reindeer, Seaweed, Storm, Wind, Nectar

5.5 hours: Palladium

6 hours: Firework, Lichen, Mud, Quake, Rust, Ash, Pepper, Flash, Ruin, Arcturian

6.5 Hours: Sand

7 hours: Clover, Pollen, Lotus, Thorn

7.5 Hours: Abyss

8 hours: Metal, Blazing, Fog, Ice, Iceberg, Sonic, Willow, Snow, Rain, Obsidian, Hail, Ember, Mistletoe, Acid, Tempest , Inferno, Midday, Bizurian

8.5 Hours: Thunder, Phantom

9 hours: Swamp, Bouquet, Meadow

9.5 hours: Salamander, Glare, Spark

10 hours: Bone, Evergreen, Lava, Mine, Sakura, Blizzard, Century, Glacier, Arbor

10.5: Miasma, Radiant

11 Hours: Shimmer, Delirium

11.5 hours: Coral

11.9 Hours: Moonstruck

12 hours: Cold, Blue Fire, Butterfly, Frostfire, Moss, Malachite, Ironwood, Paper, Heat, Carnival, Regift, Halo , Midnight, Nosferatu, Plains

12 hours 25 minutes: Gift Dragon, Ire, Lycan

12.5 Hours: Glass, Howl

13 hours: Bloom, River, Motley, Luminous

13.5 hours: Shield

14 hours: Mountian, Steel, Tree, Smoke, Rose, Meteor, Vortex, Wraith, Darkling, Mirror

14.5 hours: Leap Year

15 Hours: Bearded, OrTreat, Treat, Tidal, Sulfur

15.5 hours: Ghost, Promethium

16 hours: Current, Dodo, Plasma , Procyon, Andromedan, Antarian, Berry

17 Hours : Celtic, Mirage
17.5 Hours: Crypt

18 hours: Nebula, Quicksilver, Shadow, Serenity, Bramble, Harvest , Eridanian, Seed

18.5 Hours: Ooze

19 Hours: Gamma

20 hours: Copper, Teidian, Zombie, Bicentennial , Orchid

20 Hours 12 minutes: Apocalypse

21.5 Hours: Hypnotic

22 hours: Rayleian, Scoria (formerly SLAG dragon), Comet, Kite, Arctic

23 hours: Geode

23.5 hours: Solstice

24 hours: Celerulean, Crystal, Forge, Equinox, Spring, Terradiem, Summer, Cotton, Autumn, Winter, Surprise, Melancholy , Holly, Feast, Garland

25 hours: Verglace, Flicker

25 hours 30 min: Lodestone

26 Hours 24 min: Ouroboros

27 hours:Omen

28 hours: Amethyst

28 hours 30 min: Polarian

29 hours: Double Leap Year, Daydream

29 Hours 48 min: Liberty

29.53 hours: Blue Moon

30 hours Pearl, Sapphire, Topaz, Diamond, Jet, Pharaoh , Bismuth

30 hours 26 min: Jade, Amber, Quartz

30 hours 52 min: Gourd

31 hours: Emerald, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Turquoise, Garnet, Okenite, Neoteric, Mesolite

32 Hours: Snowy Bronze Olympus, Snowy Silver Olympus, Snowy Gold Olympus , Lapis, Sunstruck

33 Hours: Cyclops, Aquamarine

33 Hours, 20 Minutes: Duskwing, Chrysalis

34 hours: Hydra

35 hours:Azurite, Bronze Olympus, Silver Olympus, Gold Olympus, Tourmaline, Loot, Jasper

36 hours: Panlong, Victory, Sprout, Wavelyte, Delight, Barite , Pyrite, Sanguinite , Muse, Leathery

36 Hours, 29 Minutes: Nightmare

37 hours: Leaf

39 Hours, 27 Minutes: Ragnarok

41 Hours, 20 Minutes: Lacewing, SwallowTail

45 Hours: Sorarian

46 Hours: Bronze

47 hours: Silver

47.5 Hours: Electrum

48 hours: Rainbow, Gold, Sun, Moon (sun and moon times can occasionally vary), Seasonal, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Elysium , Prism

49 hours: Platinum

50 hours: Dream

50 hours, 40 Minutes: Marbletail

54 hours: Faire, Aurora

55 hours: Dazzling

60 Hours: Double Rainbow

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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403 Responses to “List of DragonVale dragon incubation and Breeding Times”
  1. Gaceloona says:

    I bred the gift and the polorian and I got aurora

  2. Zoe says:

    I have bread a dragon with an incubation of 56 hours, any ideas what it could be ?

  3. KazCup says:

    45hrs in cooperative, my lvl 11 Sorarian with a friend’s Snowy gold… Anyone have any idea what it might be?

  4. Da jaden says:

    I had mine for 23 hours and 30 min any ideas.

  5. Kira says:

    I bred my level 7 gold dragon with someone’s level 11 serenity dragon and got 1 day and 21 hours. Any ideas?

  6. Stephanie says:

    I bred a metal and cold and got a 47 hour and like 5 minute incubation time. What did I get?

  7. Haylie says:

    I bred a flower and mud and got an incubation time of 23 hrs… Any ideas?

  8. ??? says:

    i bred my lv 8 storm dragon with my friends lv 4 acturian dragon in the cooperative breeding cave. i got 32hrs. anyone have any ideas?

  9. Catherine Benzel says:

    I bred my Bronze dragon (level 4) with my friend’s Monlith 5 dragon (level 15) through cooperative breeding. Got breeding time 2 days and 12 hours, that is 60 hours. Is it a Double Rainbow?

  10. Maddie o says:

    39 hours…any ideas of what I got?

  11. Chase says:

    I bred a cheer and jolly dragon and the time was 2 days and 7 hrs I look on it list but didn’t find 2 days and 7 hrs
    What u think it is

  12. Glopspot says:

    I bred my level 10 marbletail dragon with my level ten ourobous dragon in the normal breeding cave and got something with 51 hours any ideas?

  13. Natalia says:

    Can you update it to include all dragons please? This is very useful.

  14. Michael Taylor says:

    I have been breeding a lichen and crystal dragon in hopes for the emerald dragon, but got 24 hours breeding time. What could be the result?

  15. Lana says:

    I bred a moon dragon with a panlong dragon and got 48 hours. Any idea what it is?

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