DragonVale BREEDING Guide

DragonVale BREEDING Guide

40 Responses to “DragonVale BREEDING Guide”
  1. Toomie01 says:

    Hello there, I have the Dragonsai gem tree and I am looking for six friends to exchange gems with on a daily basis from Dragonvale. I will send a gem for a gem but if I don’t get them back daily when I send them out daily, I will fill the slot with someone else, been duped too many times. 🙁 I will take the first six people who add me as a friend and send a gem. My tree refills later this evening and I will send them back! If you want to comment or reply to this post to see if you are the first six before sending a gem, that’s totally cool, I understand… My name is Toomie01

    • Dnbmbjl says:

      My name is DNBMBJL my brother wanted that name because it’s the first letter if all my brothers and sister

    • Unknown says:

      My gamecentre name is Pegasus of 2001 I will send gems everyday. Add me!

    • Ms. Thibodeaux says:

      Hi, I came across you post about trading gems. I only have two friends and I too have been gifting them gems and never received any in return. It is pretty sad considering that one of them as almost a million gems and the other has well over a million. Needless to say I stopped giving them gems and am now looking for HONEST FRIENDS to start trading with. If you have already found someone then good luck. Also you are asking for six friends but we are only allowed to gift 3 per day so 3 people are gonna loose out?

    • d4niii says:

      Hi my name is d4nii i would love to be your friend and trade gems on a daily basis. I’m only new to the game but i love it and i’ve been working hard on breeding and extending 🙂

    • brayden says:

      Man I will really give you gems I always give my friends gems

    • StriateRanger22 says:

      My Game Center is StriateRanger22 and I will exchange gems every day but I already used all my gems for today so starting tomorrow.

    • jay rivera says:

      I play on facebook how can I add you i gift gems every day

    • erl8292 says:

      Are you still looking for a gem pal?

    • jotun says:

      25286624 for free gems

    • Me123 says:

      Sup guys I have like almost every dragon and add me and I’ll give you free gems

      Game centre : coons r us

    • fifimagoo says:

      I am looking for friends odor gem trading. I play every other day to everyday and have the dragonsai tree. If you are addicted like I am and would like to trade gems my friend name is noprotein. Or send me your name and I will go to the Game Center and add your name. For serious geek players like myself only please!!

    • Nancy Gorske says:

      I would like friends. Just don’t know exactly to go about achieving that objective. Open for knowledge

  2. Poppy says:

    I just got a 35 hour breeding time. Are the Olympus dragons just for the time of the Olympics?

  3. Somebody says:

    No. The Olympus dragons, in a recent update, are permanent.

  4. Dnbmbjl says:

    My nick name is DNBMBJL AND SRRY IF MY NAME IS TO HARD TO REMEMBER I JUST PUTIN RANDOM LETTERS but I have 4 blue moon dragons 2 sun and moon dragons I don’t have a gifting tree but I can still give 3 gems a day.

  5. hello says:

    i have 13 Olympus 8 opal 13 sapphire 18 peridot 17 blue moon and much more

  6. Harch Not Real Name says:

    Hi my ingame name is libregirl if u send me a gem a day ill give u some too

  7. Rob says:

    Please friend me, I am cool with swapping gems….IKEEEELLYOU Is sn

  8. Susan says:

    Hey Mac, new Celtic dragon Flower 16 & Storm 15!! Don’t know how to attach picture to this, but the eggs real cool!!

  9. Judi says:

    Hey Susan, am fairly new to dragonvale could use a friend honest and willing to do gem4gem I play daily and do have gemstone tree.
    Invite for other honest sharing ppl too plz!
    GC ID: vieja1973 <3

  10. Judi says:

    Gem4gem friends only
    Game Center ID: vieja1973

  11. Kayaker1 says:

    Just logged on a couple of minutes ago and there was a red exclamation point on the goals book. I clicked on it and there was a goal to breed a [motley]] dragon. The brackets were included. When I clicked on the eggs to see if there was anew dragon my game crashed…tried to do it twice with crashes both times. Then I logged back on and it was no longer in the goals book. Did anyone else see this?

  12. How do you get a frost fire dragon and a blue fire dragon??

  13. Motherof5 says:

    Looking for Facebook friends for dragonvale.

  14. Ladylake66 says:

    Need 1 new friend … One of mine has quit playing the game …. I gem for gem daily … Only want someone who will do the same … Send me a request on game center to ladylake66 or message me and I will add you!!! Thanks and happy breeding!!!

  15. Looking for friends on Facebook to exchange gems daily.
    Lois Yoshimoto

  16. Ruth says:

    I only have one friend and could use five more. Add me if you want daily gems. I’ve never missed a day in nine months.

    • Rob Turrentine says:

      I need five friends to exchange gems. I have the tree and check at least twice a day. Add me and I will give you a gem every day. I promise. I’m at level 55 and am only missing a couple of dragons: Dream, Victory, and now Hydra so I’m obviously aware of what’s going on – just don’t know anybody else playing this.

      My daughter showed it to me but she quit at least a year ago.

      I keep thinking I should just drop this but every time I decide to do so they come up with something new and I tell myself I’ll do this last thing and drop it.

      Backflip have done have made a couple of things that really bummed me out.

      I always tried to get two of each new dragon so if I needed to I could breed the two and get another one. They implemented a change so that breeding two dragons of the same type would result in a random outcome. Lame.

      There have been several times when they have discounted the price of dragons and have refunded gems to some people, but not me in spite of my complaints. I’ve emailed Backflip but have never had anyone even bother to respond, even though I’ve spent somewhere between $200 and $300 on in-app purchases. I’m sure that’s just a drop in the bucket, but still.

      Same way with XP points. Every time I’ve maxed out at a level, I’m at 55 now, I’ve stopped getting XP points. When they raise the level I don’t get any credit for what I’ve done during “time out.”

      I’m most bummed out by the randomness. There should be some order and logic to what’s going on. There should be some way to develop a strategy to solve the solution to the next issue.

      I graduated from CU (only took me 7 years-International Business-1978) and I think anybody who can afford to run a company in Boulder should be able to come up with something a little more sophisticated than just a dice-rolling game. It takes a Masters Degree to get a job at McDonald’s in Boulder.

      When I graduated, which was something of a miracle, I was really lucky that my friend, Howie Freeman, helped me get a job at Boulder National Bank. I’m sorry, Howie, I still can’t remember if your last name is “Freeman” or “Freedman.” I’m still troubled by the fact that I mispronounced your last name during the big introduction ceremony before the monumental touch game between the French and Spanish floors

      Howie will remember the big touch football game on the field in Williams Village. I set up the Advent speakers the guy at the stereo sold me by playing that Moody-Blues song, which you can’t get on the internet thanks to our friendly, greedy record folks. Or because I can’t figure if out.

      Same end result.

      Still need gem sharers.



      (Backflip folk, if you’re back from the Dark Horse yet.)

  17. Rcburk says:

    I need help with getting gems I don’t even have one will someone add me?

  18. Ali says:

    Hey guys! The Dragonarium. Must say. I love it! I’ve been looking at it for a while now and one very small thing about it has been driving me crazy! Why aren’t the hybrids outlined in a color? I understand there are some special eggs in those hybrids. But still, can’t you outline the ones that don’t fall under any other category in white? I mean. You have diffrent dragons under diffrent thing in other category’s any way. Heck! Plant has 3 diffrent! Hybrid! Primary! And special! Come on guys! Just outline them in white! Pleeeeeease!!!!

  19. Twoheadedtroll says:

    Hello, do you happen to know if you purchase a theme-say like an entire cold island theme, do the cold dragons get to roam all over the island and it make money and you get to save on the number of habitats you have or do you still have to have individual habitats up on the cold island themed island? I was hoping the reason behind purchasing a them was to cater to a specific breed like hot or cold or plant but I’m not sure I would care for it so much if I still have to have all of those habitats?

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