Bruce Banner waits in line for the new iPad [spoiler alert: Hulk Smash]

Hulk at Apple Store

“Bruce Banner tries to purchase the newest iPad.”

Graham Annable is one our generation’s most wonderful, and bizarre minds. His wonderful, bug-eyed illustrations are the impetus behind the charmingly creepy Puzzle Agenticonfranchise for iOS (our review) and if you haven’t ever visited his Flickr, you’re missing out. This illustration in particular stood out for me, of Bruce Banner waiting in line for the new iPad (Or TRYING to, at least), as I have been to more than one iPhone launch and felt my nerd rage building to dangerous levels.

2 Responses to “Bruce Banner waits in line for the new iPad [spoiler alert: Hulk Smash]”
  1. Alf says:

    Saved my morning 😉

  2. Rob says:

    Still waiting on: Bruce Banner asks teenager to stop using their phone during the movie, Bruce Banner hates bad drivers, Bruce Banner tries to tell his kids to stop screaming.

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