DragonVale: How to breed a BRONZE OLYMPUS Dragon

DragonVale OLYMPIC BRONZE Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1,750 GEMS


(The key appears to be combos with Air, Earth and Lightning)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale OLYMPIC BRONZE Dragon Egg

The 1st egg is the DragonVale OLYMPIC BRONZE Dragon Egg

282 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a BRONZE OLYMPUS Dragon”
  1. Asiabray13 says:

    Got 2 Olympic with pollen and crystal !! Back to back… Crystal level 6 and pollen was a 10. Add me gem 4 gem. Tx!!

  2. Eric says:

    Tried willow & quake (both level 10) and got 35 hours incubating time. See what medal I get.

    • Shreadie says:

      Me too. Add me shreadie

      • Midnerelly says:

        Hey shreadie!! I added you as a friend on dragonvale, I received a gem from you and I am trying to give you a gem back but you’re not on my friend list…. I have gems available and I have a gem tree. Would you happen to be under a different name? Mine is midnerelly. :). Just want to return the gem…I stand by the rule gem for gem!

  3. imagine222 says:

    i got one with lava and sonic. i’m not sure which one it is yet though

  4. Dragon keeper 2000 says:

    Unown with 35 hrs got with blazing and crystal

  5. Clover says:

    Unknown with Lava & Sonic!!!! First try + first try of Air and quake! :) So excited!

  6. Dragonvale888 says:

    I got bronze Olympus first time just using a random set of dragons and I wasn’t actually trying to
    One of the dragons I breeder was a level 10 Quake. The other dragon I can’t remember but a it wasn’t willow

  7. JOROYJO says:

    JOROYJO add me will trade gem.

  8. Sarah says:

    There r tons of combos but which is the BEST one?

    • sebastian says:

      quake and willow got one 1st try

    • anet says:

      first try with sandstorm and firefly, i got a silver.
      and first try with lava and sonic, still breeding but it could be a gold.
      will aim for bronze with firework and iron *fingerscrossed*

      got the combos from comments. thanks! <3

      • Anet says:

        Aiming for bronze with these combos but
        Got scoria with firework and iron
        And sonic with air and quake

        Anyone got another combo for me to try? Thanks!

  9. jmm22RULES says:

    please add me on game center. I will do gem4gem but it might take a few days to send a gem back because I don’t have gifting tree, but am saving for it. Again, it might take up to a week to send back, but I will send. I keep a list of who I need to send back to.

    Game center id= jmm22RULES

  10. Steph koz says:

    Pls add me. Gem for gem

  11. Dogusboy says:

    Got silver and broze with air and quake trad gems with le add me dogusboy

  12. stantm says:

    blazing and crystal, second try, got 35 hrs. TRY IT

    • lisa says:

      dude, 35 hrs is a ruby or rainbow. trust me i have 3 rainbows and 4 ruby’s, all of the olympic dragons are 28, although mine are all upgraded;-)

      • Isis993366 says:

        No actually 35 hours on a non upgraded breeding area will get you an Olympic dragon. I got both gold and silver with the blazing, on left, and crystal, on right, both on the EBI. I’ve started breeding them both at night, maybe that’s the trick??

        DV is going to have to add another gem island pretty soon if they keep up with the gem dragons!!!!

  13. lisa says:

    try fireworks and quake got 1st try 2nd,3rd and 4th it really works. I have 2 gold 3 silver and 1 bronze. PLZ add as friend. USERNAME: Bobblehead1234. will trade gems

  14. Johnychaos says:

    Got 35hrs first try – blazing 10 & crystal 10

  15. DragonDude says:

    Just got two of them in a row hahahahahaha Willow/Quake in breeding cave and Blazing/Crystal on epic breeding island hahaha 35 hrs. For both

  16. Little Bol says:

    Cactus and Dodo gave a bronze. But breeding time was 28 hrs ,incubation time 35!

  17. DAMASTA$$61 says:

    Send me a friend request for gem for gem IGN: DAMASTA$$61

  18. Lil' Bman says:

    it works every time! I have a bronze Olympic in my Olympus habitat and one in my hatchery!

  19. Mibugnu says:

    In four tries I got all the Olympus dragons, with the combo of Lava-Left and Sonic-Right! Please add me, gem for gem, my username is MIBUGNU!

  20. Robby says:

    Do you have to use the breeding island or can you use the cave please reply

    • Fyergirl says:

      I have gotten 35 hours in both. Hatching first set tomorrow, then second set. Used combos the Doc suggested, took a couple of tries but it worked. I think I have a silver and gold hatching! So excited, good luck!

  21. Eric says:

    Tried level 10 lava (left) & sonic (right) but didn’t work.

  22. pipe says:

    i get it with a mud dragon in the left and the sonic dragon in the right

  23. Terin_lu says:

    Has anyone noticed if your level has any effect on breeding the harder to get breeds? And how long will the Olympic dragons be available? In weeks or days?

  24. A pink rabbit says:

    I’ve tried 12 times and have gotten crystals out the wazoo! Four quake, a sonic, two blazing and tons more!

  25. Cargospy@yahoo.com says:

    Please add me! I have the tree can give lots of gems!!!!


  26. Sarah says:

    Yes! Just got a bronze with blazing and crystal! Already jad a gold now hoping for silver!

  27. mercurialism says:

    trading gem for gem: mercurialism :)

  28. Jesepe17 says:

    Tried blazing and crystal and got rainbow or gold (48 hrs). Lolwut? Also, add me—–>Jesepe17

  29. JuNvenile says:

    Got an olympus with multiple tries using Blazing & Crystal (in that order), and then two more eggs with Moss & Sonic and Mountain & Sonic consecutively.. All lvl 10 dragons, cant wait for the hatch days!!! Pls add JuNvenile, gem for gem!!! I have 3 gems to give daily, will track gem givers and make sure gifts are returned :)

  30. Kobe says:

    I am breeding Willow and Quake and it said it will be done in 24hrs. Can it be the Bronze Olympus or just a Crystal? Please reply what. Thank you.

  31. Kool Hippo says:

    I did crystal and blazing and got bronze 2nd try

  32. Kool Hippo says:

    I did crystal and blazing and got bronze 2nd try oh and koby its just a crystal

  33. Kool Hippo says:

    I did crystal and blazing and got bronze 2nd try oh and koby its just a crystal and I got my Olympus without an upgraded breeding habitat

  34. Kool Hippo says:

    I did crystal and blazing and got bronze 2nd try oh and koby its just a crystal and I got my Olympus without an upgraded breeding habitat

  35. Fayette says:

    Tryed lava (left) and sonic (right) and got 35 hrs first try!!!! Thanks for all the comments:):):):)

  36. Maddie says:

    Tried quake and willow and accidentally bred a rainbow dragon xD soo happy

  37. Egus4673 says:

    Add me egus4673, I just got the bronze Olympus and gold dragon. oyus

  38. snoman4141 says:

    Ive read and it seems to work that u need 3 elements earth, air and lightning. So any 2 dragons that combine with those 3 elements like Sonic and earth, dodo and lightning etc… Add me i u send gem ill do same gc ID snoman4141

  39. McSitery46 says:

    I got it with air and quake, both level 10 in normal breeding cave, first try. Good luck everyone!

  40. C says:

    Far out… tried for ages and got TWO silver -_-

  41. Astrid says:

    First try willow and quake 35 hrs :)

  42. Becca says:

    Please add me to trade gems! My username is Becburt — I will send a gem for a gem :)

  43. Jeff says:

    Will these be around after the Olympics are over???
    Does anyone know?

    Add me for gems socialmediaswarm

  44. KeaTheTiny says:

    Well I finally got a second bronze with earth/sonic… After over 2 dozen recommended combos still no gold/silver :(

  45. Mrscadden says:

    Please add me, mrscadden, :-)

  46. Jersey Girl says:

    Finally got a 35 hour breed with Air & Quake in the regular breeding den! Thank you all for posting your successes! Also a huge thank you to Macenstein for this website!! I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  47. C says:

    Ughhh 3 gold, 2 silver and no bronze D; No matter what I breed I cant get a Bronze one!

  48. A-Z4C says:

    I tried air and crystal and got bronze first time! Hope this helps! Plz add me my name’s A-Z4C

  49. Juliancruz11 says:

    I added you jmm22RULES can you send me gems take a while for me to give you a gem because my mom doesn’t let me use her iPad that much sorry but when ever my mom allows me I all ways never forget to give my friends gems so ok I’m about to try quake and air but I’m still breeding a 24 hour dragon I did cactus and crystal don’t know what it is
    And thanks for the combos guys

  50. Lammaz says:

    Add me and everyday I’ll send gems back to first 3 friends who send me gems :)

    ID: Lammaz

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