DragonVale: How to breed a PERIDOT Dragon

DragonVale PERIDOT Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 1,475 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Cactus and Crystal

(Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Zodge for figuring this out for us!)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale PERIDOT Dragon egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale PERIDOT Dragon egg

982 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a PERIDOT Dragon”
  1. Lora says:

    I also have been breeding and wasting gems trying to get peridot but still no luck, getting pretty angry, it’s one thing to make it hard to get a dragon but when it’s almost impossible to get a dragon that’s only here for a month that’s not right. I like to get 4 of each dragon. 2adults, 1 baby and an egg pedastool. But with like 5 days left and I haven’t been able to get even one, I highly doubt its going to happen. I was lucky enough to get 3 emerald, 4 pearl and 3 ruby. But I think my luck is gone now.
    I wish dragonvale wouldn’t make it quite soo hard, especially for the time limited ones.

  2. Idgac14 says:


    So I’ve tried breeding this dragon for about…. Well since the stupid dragon came out. every time the same dragon was bred (cactus) well here’s a IMPORTAINT tip that worked for me….

    I DID do cactus and crystal in the BREEDING CAVE crystal in left cactus on right but I also heard your chances Go up about 20% if you do it at a certain time of the day so I changed my phone time to 6:40 AM and that’s VERY important if you do it right you will get a 31 hour breeding time it worked for me and I tried so many times

    Friend me: idgac14

    Hope thi helped it worked for me if u have anymore questions about dragonvale email me my backup email is xxjenna109xx@gmail.com

    I probs won’t answer till 8-28-12 I can’t accses my gmail till then

  3. Idgac14 says:


    I used gems to hatch as soon as I got them. Friend me on dragonvale my I’d is idgac14 and visit my park I accept any requests so u don’t gotta tell me ya user 😀

  4. Idgac14 says:


    I used gems to hatch as soon as I got them. Friend me on dragonvale my I’d is idgac14 and visit my park I accept any requests so u don’t gotta tell me ya user 😀

    I also didn’t breed it at that time I changed my time on my phone to 6:40 am so the game with think it’s 6:40 since I cud never wake up that early

  5. Kasi says:

    Success! It took 30+ tries but I finally bred a Peridot. Two days ago on the EBI at 1:30 pm. Level 10 Crystal on the left with Level 10 Cactus on the right. Both full sized. I had over 100 guests in my park at the time. I don’t know which if any of these were contributing factors but that’s what I did. Good luck, this one was tough

  6. Luiz says:

    Do we need of the epic bredding island to make dragons like panlong rainbow silver gold and others????

  7. Idgac14 says:

    @luiz no u don’t I bred my peridot in the breeding cave. The only difference between them is ones a cave and ones a island. It just a way to get dragonvale players ti spend there gems so you have to purchase more. But good thing is it gives you the ability to breed 2 dragons at one time

    Friend me if this helped my iD is idgac14

  8. RaDragon says:

    So, I finally am getting my 3rd Peridot! (I’m leaving it as an incubated egg on a pedestal… for decorating my island :))

    The odd thing about this was when I bred it, the time said 25hrs. I only found out it’s a Peridot after I began incubating the egg, by then, the incubation time was reported as 31hrs. Anyone else notice this bug?

    I used Crystal left (lvl 15, fountain of youth), right Cactus (lvl 15, fountain of youth) in Enchanted Breeding Cave; don’t remember the time of the day that I bred them, but I do remember having 180+ visitors.

    • Brendi says:

      I have been trying to get Peridot and it just won’t work. I’m at level 19, I have about 80 visitors and my cactus and crystal is at level 9. I do have the epic breeding cave and the fountain of youth. I have not used the fountain for any of my dragons. Can someone help me?

    • Monica says:

      I got the 25 hour incubation time so i hope its a peridot

    • Eric Loh says:

      Its not a bug. If you upgraded your breeding cave it saves you 20% oh breeding time. 80% of 31 hours is 24.8 hours which round up to 25 hours.

    • Get off says:

      It is 25hrs because it the advanced breeding cave that speeds up mating

  9. Idgac14 says:

    @ra did u use the upgraded breeding cave or the upgraded ebi? If so the cave when upgrades cuts 20% of ya breeding time. Oh and idk how much the breeding time is cut when it’s upgraded

    Friend me: idgac14

  10. RaDragon says:

    Yes, I did use upgraded breeding cave! So that’s what it’s for. LOL. I thought upgrading it just made it prettier. ^_^

  11. Idgac14 says:

    Lol it does speed it up AND make it prettier at the same time xD it’s a win win friend me on dragonvale im idgac14 😛 ps no prob

  12. Tao says:

    OMG the 6:40am thing worked FIRST try!!! Thanks a bunch I have been trying the whole month

  13. Siaris18 says:

    I have tried everything and still can’t get it!!!!!!!!! I have tried every tip I can find and have had both beeding cave/island going constantly — I don’t get it!!!!!!!! What am I missing?!? I’m lvl 26 80 avg visitors I’ve tried the 6:40am thing. Using multiple cactus and crystals and nada……????????????????????

  14. Kool Hippo says:

    I wish there was room for mor than 12 dragons on the gemstone island. So then you cud have multiple of one dragon!

  15. Connor says:

    After trying this whole month and only getting one today I put cactus and crystal in both my EBI and my breeding cave and I got a peridot in both. Knew the odds would eventually pan out. 😉

  16. Idgac14 says:

    @brendi read the other comment I posted it helped 2 ppl get the peridot. change the iPods or iPhones time to 6:40 AM ten try breeding. U don’t gotta wake up at six forty am just change the time on your device to it. It works rlly well I I learned that different dragons can only be red at certain times of the day I changed the times multiple times. Finally got it when I changed it to 6:40 AM. the real current time was like 3:16

    Friend me if this helped: idgac14

  17. Mikeca says:

    What time zone are you in for the 6.40 trick to work? I have tried several times but it’s not working for me. I’m in the uk

  18. Brendi says:

    @Eric Loh- My time zone is Central and it still did not work.

  19. Idgac14 says:

    I just did 6:40 am if u in a different time zone then chandge your time to what 6:40 would be in Massachusetts (me)

  20. Idgac14 says:



  21. Siaris18 says:

    Still no luck even with changing my phones time to 6:40 am 🙁 🙁 🙁

  22. Idgac14 says:


    What time zone are you in if your in a different time zone then change to what 6:40 am would be in my time (Massachusetts))”

  23. Idgac14 says:

    It is monica If used the upgraded breedibg cave it would be 25 hours it cuts the time by 20%

  24. Idgac14 says:


    Well what time zone are u

  25. Kelly says:

    I got mine on the first try on the LAST day.

  26. Eric Loh says:

    Hey guys, I think they are being kind on the last day. I got 31 hour breeding time with cactus & crystal in the breeding island.

  27. Molleh1596 says:

    Last day and still no luck 🙁 ive been trying all month cancelling all other breedings but still no peridot

  28. Jemma3587 says:

    Iv just put a cactus and a crystal in the breeding den and got a 25hr breeding time! Hope this is the peridot dragon :/

  29. PatienceH says:

    I actually got a peridot like my first try…..I was surprised because i can’t even get a stupid sun dragon and I’ve been trying for I don’t even know how long.

  30. Munchie6264 says:

    Send gem for gem at munchie6264

  31. Brandon says:

    Second try and I got one!

  32. Brandon says:

    I have tried 3 times and 2 times I got peridot dragons

  33. owen says:

    didnt work for me.

  34. dragonvale says:

    Just got it, they released it for a limited time yesterday 🙂

  35. Mjk says:

    It came back till Jan 7 don’t give up hope!!!!!!

  36. Maddison says:

    I tried crystal and cactus as it says and got 24 hours what is it ??

  37. brevicki says:

    Tried breeding this in both caves 100+ times back in August and couldn’t get it… Now they brought it back and I still can’t breed it (in epic habitat with both lvl 15). Both dragons had previously been in the “fountain of youth” – so I’m trying to breed ‘babies’ lvl 15.. I tried putting another one in the fountain and then breeding a day or so ago and that still didn’t work.

    Any advise would be great. At this point it’s so frustrating I want to punch someone.

    • Don K. says:

      Regarding gemstone dragons I have had better luck using Level 15 dragons in the regular cave and Level 10 dragons in the Epic Breeding Island. Also might help using two new dragons that were hatched by the 2 dragons that you had been using in the attempt for the Peridot Dragon. Usually when I bred 2 or more gemstone dragons in a particular month, each gemstone dragon had a different combo of the 2 required dragons. Hope this helps.

  38. Jessica says:

    I’m looking for a person to trade gems with… I have 2 people and need one more. My gamecenter ID is princessjessica 🙂 I’m on daily.

  39. The Master Breeder says:

    Quicksilver and Rainbow… Any combos?

  40. Ch3wy says:

    This dragon is killing me, I’ve tried breading this and nothing else, using the tips and things people have posted and still nothing…… I’m getting really frustrated……

  41. Paul says:

    Finally! Got it! First thing my wife said is “I hate you.” Lol been trying since the special comeback session started. Cut it close lol

  42. trebyrneh says:

    this should be Crystal on left and Cactus on right, it worked on me, the cactus left and crystal right doesnt work … trebyrneh – gamecenter account

  43. rebelangel:) says:

    Got the Peridot at the very last moment! Haha so happy :3

  44. Beenie1948 says:

    I need more friends. I lost several of my friends in the last update. I need cash and gem friends. Thanks

  45. Aimee says:

    Got mine second try with both lvl 15 on ebi

  46. Aimee says:

    add me on gamecenter, have gem tree and people i used to trade with stopped giving me gems. Will only give gems to those that give to me. gamecenter id: aimee0782

  47. Nutmeg 99 says:

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!! My birthday is in August, so I reeeeeeally want to get this dragon, you know, as a birthday reminder! What are all the tips to get this dragon? Do I need the Epic Breeding Island? Because I don’t have enough gems to do that. Do I need level fifteen dragons? I hope not, cuz I don’t know how to get those. Somebody PLEEEEEEASE tell me the best way to get the peridot dragon, because it’s my birthstone!!!!

  48. Beenie1948 says:

    Gem for gem friend. Beenie1948

  49. Slender12 says:

    ggrrr… i just need this dragon to focus on more important things! like very majestic butter. :3

  50. Julie Olden says:

    Got it on 6th try with catus & crystal lvl 16. On 25hrs after putting through fountain pf youth then upgraded breeding island. :)).

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