DragonVale PERIDOT Dragon egg

DragonVale PERIDOT Dragon egg

6 Responses to “DragonVale PERIDOT Dragon egg”
  1. Mibugnu says:

    Just got the peridot gragon on my second try with cactus and crystal! Please add me, gem for gem! My username is MIBUGNU!

    • Je4n_68 says:

      Just starting this game… very addictive! now at level 15. I bought gem tree with 6 gems but no one to give them to. Please consider swapping with me.

  2. K1ngpingu says:

    Hej doc remember that comment i send you that igot peridot on the first try and also GoldOlympus Well will anyone add me please just someone add me k1ngpingu PS good luck all dragonvale players try breed all dragons Good luck. add me so you can se My dragons remember i have peridot and all three olympus Bye

  3. Hello says:

    I just got peridot

  4. Annie says:

    Been trying to join your “gem program” Dr Macenstein, but can’t seem to get you.

  5. Pablo2222 says:

    Hi please start sending me gems you haven’t sent me gems yet

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