DragonVale: How to breed a SILVER OLYMPUS Dragon

DragonVale OLYMPIC SILVER Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2,000 GEMS


(The key appears to be combos with Air, Earth and Lightning)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale OLYMPIC SILVER Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale OLYMPIC SILVER Dragon Egg

252 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a SILVER OLYMPUS Dragon”
  1. Chiefw01 says:

    Cactus and sandstorm worked after trying every other combo! The nice thing is if you end up with cactus or sandstorm instead of olympus breeding times are short.

  2. Jelly says:

    I’m not sure what Olympus dragon I got but second try with blazing lvl 10 and crystal Lvl 10 in the epic breeding island I’ve got one of them hoping for gold

  3. Johnny_riley says:

    Hey Guys I’m looking for reliable gem for gem people add me johnny_riley you send me a gem I will send back

  4. Veilen says:

    I got silver Olympus by Butterfly l10 & Earth l10 1st Try.

  5. Jason says:

    Man I got gold and bronze more than I want but i cant get a damn silver

  6. Ameh96 says:

    Add me ameh96
    I have the kairos dragon! And I send gems daily

  7. Chiefw01 says:

    If you breed a Gold and a Bronze Olympus together will you only get bronze?

    • Vagelis says:

      No! It can be either of the two!

    • Fred says:

      You could have got silver but very slight chance.
      P.S If you didn’t know you could breed leap year and leap year to get leap year. Works with all dragons, even limited time!!

    • Lolo says:

      I actually found that if you breed bronze and gold rather than silver and gold, with bronze and gold you have more chance if a gold! But you can get bronze or gold from breeding that, no silver c: xx

  8. Matt says:

    Add me, gem for gem. Hockeyman81 I won’t let you down, promise ill give you me back. Add me on Game Center. I play everyday.

  9. hi says:

    first try blaving lvl 10 crystal lvl 9 or 10 not sure

  10. lomodoc says:

    Woohoo! Blazing and crystal worked! Well not sure yet but I got a 35 hour breeding time. It’s got to be one of the Olympus dragons. Thanks macenstein! :)

  11. lolo says:

    I got a silver Olympus while trying to breed a sandstorm!
    I used a lvl 7 quake (left) and lvl 9 air (right) on epic breeding island :)

  12. lomodoc says:

    Sandstorm and Quake is a really good combo. Better chances of getting an Olympus since there are fewer possibilities, and failed breeding times are short.

  13. 619 says:

    Hey doc I have a new suggestion air and crystal worked for me.
    Level 10 for both dragons air left crystal right.
    Got silver Olympus in regular ebi.
    Hope this helps doc!

  14. 218 says:

    I dunno how to get friends for DragonVale so add me? I play everyday so will always be gifting


  15. Mariana says:

    What’s the third egg? I’ve never seen it before.

    Add me, gem for gem, mnb1220. I play everyday! :)

  16. Sarah says:

    I keep getting bronze :(
    Not sure how to add anyone but if anyone would like to add me SARAHMASON85

  17. Person says:

    I breed willow and quake for. 1:11:9:16 breeding time what is it??

  18. Andi says:

    I just got a Silver Olympus with an Air and Quake. It was my first try with that combo and I was going for a Sandstorm, but this works, too!

    • Lalaland says:

      I bred sonic and slag/scoria twice and got broze Olympus first then gold Olympus…. Pretty nice

      • Jenni says:

        Slag? What dragon is that? I bred sonic and evergreen. I don’t know what dragon I got but it’s about 44 hours (a little bit more though) what did I get?

  19. anaja 15 says:

    add me !
    anaja 15
    please *-*

  20. richyrake says:

    I breezed cyclops and bronze olympus and got 35 hr what did I get

  21. richyrake says:

    Breeded not breezed

  22. George says:


  23. George says:

    what happens if you breed a blazing and crystal and have to wait 24 hours

  24. Joice says:

    I have been breeding willow + quake = brownse Olympic (twice) but can’t get silver

  25. Joice says:

    I got bronz Olympic fr willow + quake :( my 2nd bronze.. Jus cldnt get silver olympic

  26. Icekid says:

    mine was sonic and crystal, first try!

  27. Me crabs says:

    Add me: theguywithcrabs
    Do gem for gem :)

  28. LucasAM77 says:


    Add fo gems Fool!

  29. Joice says:

    I finally got my silver Olympic dragon after multiple try with these two combination:
    Willow + quake = 1 bronz Olympic+ 1 gold Olympic
    Blazing + crystal = 3 bronz Olympic + 1 gold Olympic + 1 silver Olympic

  30. Torv5 says:

    Hey guys. Please add me..heres my GC: Torv5

  31. Mia says:

    Hi! I do gem for gem and I play 3 hours daily! If you send me gems ill get gifting tree and send back to more of you!
    Gamecenter name is koruwari

  32. Dragon lover 2244 says:

    Got it with lvl 15 bloom and lvl 10 panlong in the EBI still incubating egg 21 hrs left

  33. Devin says:

    It worked it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much:-)

  34. Worm Vessel says:

    I bred silver Olympus dragon on normal breeding island with level 15 hail then level 15 teredium first try

  35. Naomi says:

    I bred firefly and sandstorm and got a gold Olympus first try

  36. PersonMcPersonMan says:

    Can you breed any of these 3 dragons at any time, like the rainbow or is it only near the Olympics? Because that would SUCK.

    Just got Jade, on my first try with plasma and salamander in the regular cave. Talk about luck!

    Add me, gem for gem, 3 slots left. I play almost daily. Game Center is Miles_Moo

  37. andrewt04 says:

    Tried combo 1 still don’t have Olympus(any) ???? this stinks I was using Chrome & Scorch trying to get Liberty (Air,Metal,Lightning) and then Rainbow. But keep getting random dragons ???? and when is the Opal Dragon out?

    • Leo says:

      In order to get Liberty…u must use Copper dragon with an air or any air hybrid dragon….i got it using Sonic and Copper. Opal dragon will be out on October 1st :)

  38. Andrew says:

    I got this with Liberty and Crystal (didn’t think Liberty would breed with anything, but it does!).

  39. Smile says:

    I’ve tried every combination quite a few times and all I’m getting is bronze Olympus and other dragons!! Are there any other combinations I can try??

  40. victo1 says:

    i got 36 hours dragon what is it?

  41. victo1 says:

    i got 36 hours dragon what is it? is it a legend?

  42. Marli says:

    I got a bronze Olympus dragon using a Rain and Crystal dragon, just in my regular breeding cave. Tried this combo again on my EBI and got a silver one as well :)

  43. Smile says:

    Got gold with cactus and sandstorm when I was trying to get silver!!!

  44. GoddessOfDestruction says:

    I’ve tried willow and quake both level 15 and only got 1 bronze Olympus. Been using blazing and crystal lately and got 5 Olympus dragons in a row. 2 bronze and 2 gold waiting to see what the 5th one is. Hoping for silver. Any other suggestions to get a silver Olympus?

  45. Ctd hi says:

    I have got all three and cyclops :)

  46. Gabryel Whyte says:

    Just got this dragon with Bone and Sonic

  47. Sam says:

    I got silver Olympus with lvl 10 solar eclipse and lvl 10 blue moon in EBI, first time I bred them.


    incoming inmatureness… OMG I GOT SILVER OLY DRAGON I GOT SILVER OLYMPUS!!! my first epic dragon ever im so exited… XD yayayay

  49. Anindya Chakrabarti says:

    Add me. Anindya Chakrabarti. Just got gifting tree. Need 6 friends to share gems with. I play everyday.

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