Fieldrunners 2 is almost here!

Fieldrunners 2 is almost here! After a couple false starts, Subatomic Studios has announced that Fieldrunners 2, the highly anticipated (by me) sequel to Fieldrunners should hit the App Store this Thursday, July 19th at a surprisingly reasonable Price: $2.99! Given how many new maps the game is shipping with, this promises to be one of the more “bang for my buck” game releases in awhile. Of course, it could also be the most disappointing, as I rate this just under Dark Knight Rises as far as my expectations go. But judging from the towers and new enemy AI “swarming” I am seeing in some of these new screenshots below, I am extremely optimistic.

Fieldrunners 2 screenshots

Fieldrunners 2 screenshots

Fieldrunners 2 screenshots

2 Responses to “Fieldrunners 2 is almost here!”
  1. TLoke2112 says:

    I suggest you give Kingdom Rush HD a shot Doc. If you like FR you may also really like KR.

  2. Matthew says:

    The screen caps look like they are from an HD version, which is not out yet.

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