Suggestions for winning DragonVale Races

DragonVale Races
DragonVale’s new Dragon Races are a great way to earn extra cash, food, XP, and even gems, not to mention just a great time waster if you’re looking to avoid what you SHOULD be doing. But sometimes it can be difficult matching up the right dragon for the right race. So here’s a list of Dragon suggestions for various races that I have found to deliver 1st place results multiple times. Of course, you will still need a little luck with competitors and decent finger-tapping skills to hit the boosts, but I can only do so much.

Blast Furnace: Forge, Brass

Cherry Road: Sakura, Paper

Dramoria: Steel

Electric Skies: Sonic, Butterfly

Marshlands: Seaweed, Swamp

Rime or Reason: Snow

Shimmering Faultline: Any Gem Dragon (Pearl, Emerald, Ruby, etc.) Rainbow, Gold, Moon, Leap Year

Ulster Meadows: Tree, Moss, Clover

Year of the Dragon Race: Panlong Dragon, Rainbow

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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280 Responses to “Suggestions for winning DragonVale Races”
  1. Mr.Scribbles says:

    Thank you hit I can no longer get sakura could you help out by recommending something else I can get?

  2. Madison says:

    Ulster Meadows – Moss
    Shimmering Faultline – Crystal

  3. Rob says:

    Doc, I think you need a DragonVale intervention. You should make an ebook of all these and sell it…make some money off your addiction.

    • Luis says:

      If you download the latest update it should work much more easier. The folks at Dragonvale heard our overwhelming complaints about this and have fixed the problem.

      So, all I can say now is, HAPPY BREEDING everyone!

      One Happy Breeder

  4. Darrell says:

    Wish my iPad 1 wouldn’t crash when I spin the wheel…

  5. Don K. says:

    Shimmering Fault Lines — Quake Dragon, Electric Skies — Air Dragon, Blast Furnace — Brass Dragon

    • Hatrick says:

      Faultline quake
      Electric skies firefly

    • Regan says:

      Electric skies- sonic
      Blast furnace- forge

    • djd ik says:

      Electric skies– just an electric dragon

      • blast furnace – scoria!

        • Robert says:

          Ulster meadows has plant and earth so use moss or tree or a limited dragon with those elements
          Electric skies- lightning and air use sonic
          Blast furnace- fire and metal use forge or brass
          Rime or reason- cold and air use snow
          Dramoria- cold and metal so use steel or mine
          Cherry road- earth and plant and fire so anything with those but Sakura has all of them
          Year of the dragon- fire earth air and water anything with those but panlong has all of them
          Marshlands- water and plant use seaweed or swamp
          Shimmering fault line- lightning and earth use quake or crystal

  6. JOROYJO says:

    Hi Doc! How to update my dragonvale? Dont have a drgagon race arena.

    • Rach says:

      You update dragonvale like you update all apps! Through itunes –> apps, update (bottom right). Alternatively go to itunes on your phone and update through that, although if it’s over a certain mb you need to be connected to wifi.

  7. Lliska says:

    I simply use my Pearl Dragon everytime and I haven’t lost a race since. It always comes up top, so I never have to search for it and it’s nice and easy! So if you have one, try it! 🙂 I was trying different dragons until I figured
    this out! Nice n easy xp!

    • Maddy says:

      That works with ruby, emerald, gold, sun, moon, rainbow, and leap year too. Also w/ Olympus dragons. Basically, anything under the ‘special’ menu in the market.

  8. Kat says:

    Shimmering Faultine is actually any combination of earth and lightning.

  9. Jose says:

    Any suggesties for THE olympusbdragons?

  10. Thomin8r says:

    I have won every race with the Leap Year Dragon.. On the couple of times I haven’t won we’re due to my own mistakes, either not paying attention at the start or miss-timing the boost lines.

  11. hawtcookiez says:

    Solstice worked well for me during the Year of the Dragon Race

  12. Thomin8r says:

    Won almost every race I’ve entered usingnabLeap Year Dagon. Only ones I have lost were when I wasn’t paying attention. 🙂

  13. kelly says:

    I use Scoria and It works well with th Dramoria race becuase it was found near the Mines of Dramoria

  14. Thomin8r says:

    Sakura also works well for Cherry Road.

  15. Zsadist says:

    What else can I use for the Year of the Dragon race? I don’t have the Panlong, Rainbow or Leap Year dragons yet.

  16. Mommybeemer says:

    When I have raced (most of the time winning). My money has gone down dramatically? I thought racing was supposed to make you money, not cause you to loose it?!

  17. vonawesome says:

    It’s not any specific dragon, but rather the element combinations, like dramoria works best with steel and the dragon which the track was named for, the mine dragon.

  18. cyber22 says:

    for shimmering faultline I thought it was crystal or quake?

  19. B-g-f says:

    Newbie here & I just won 1st place in Rime or Reason with a lvl 10 Cold; until now I only got 2nd place or lost. Thank you so much for your guide!

  20. Lammaz says:

    Add me and everyday I’ll send gems back to first 3 friends who send me gems 🙂

    ID: Lammaz

  21. Yaprakf says:

    Add me biyikli bebek yeah yeah

  22. Alex says:

    Hey guys-i used all the dragons you recommend for each track for like 20 times each and lots of other dragons and haven’t won singel race :((( any thoughts why? Thank you

    • Bgf says:

      I have found that u really need to compete all lvl 10’s for 1st place 2nd & 3rd place lvl 9 will do – anything less u really have to catch pot luck. As important is your rhythm for getting Perfect’s on the line. I have won with a dragon of the same family if I don’t have the specific dragon recommended. No gems yet though ????. Be patient & get that finger in sync!! LOL

  23. Raced out says:

    I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem not getting xp from the races? I’m winning just fine and often getting up in the 1 milllion xp when I spinn the wheel but my xp bar does not seem to be moving, I’m level 25 my other thought is that maybe the xp need to reach the next level is insanely high.

  24. Bgf says:

    I think the higher your level the less movement u see in the xp bar. I believe we are receiving the xp but since it will take more & more xp to move up in level the bar that remains the same size is broken down into greater intervals so the movement is less obvious.

  25. Jlwaisan says:

    Why can I only do the tutorial? There’s no option to do an actual race. Level 25.

    • Bgf says:

      To the rightbofbthe tutorial u should have a button with a pair of flags to select which dragon u want to race. So r u saying u don’t have that button?

  26. Ethel says:

    For Shimmering Faultline, try Quake or Crystal. I don’t have Sakura or Panlong, but Flower and Lava are okay second-best choices for Cherry Lane (I win about two out of three games), and my Sun and Moon have been able to do well at Year of the Dragon.

  27. Franco says:

    If you race with a gemstone dragon, you will alwats won, of course if you get some perfects…

  28. Franco says:

    If you race with a gemstone dragon, you will alwats win, of course if you get some perfects…

  29. Kate says:

    Thank you! Won first every time with your guide!
    Also a little tip about boosts: When trying to get a “perfect” on the boosts, tap it right as the boost line (the one on the race track itself) is positioned in the exact middle of your iPhone screen (not sure if it works the same on iPad bc I usually play on my phone).

  30. Reneevolution7 says:

    I always get 1st place in shimmering fault line with a level 10 Quake dragon… FYI

  31. Froststar says:

    Did you know that if you race with a gem dragon you will race agence other gem dragons? I’ve only tried with a pirort and rainbow, but I’m sure it works with any other gem dragon.

  32. Erik says:

    Dramoria – mine
    Shimmering faultline – quake
    Blast furnace – sun
    Rime or reason – rainbow

  33. Suzanne says:

    I finally have a dragon to win all races! Some are the recommended ones from this site, but some I find to work better.
    All my dragons are a 10 and all win by large margins.
    Blast Furnace: I use my metal. This is the only one I have to be careful with.
    Cherry road: Paper Dragon destroys competition. Before I had this dragon, I also won nearly all the time with moss dragon.
    Dramoria: Steel
    Electric skies: sonic is best.
    Marshlands and Ulster Meadows: Moss on both and I always win.
    Rime or reason: Snow
    Shimmering Faultline: Crystal dragon does way better for me than any listed including gem dragons.
    Also Quake dragon does respectable.
    Year of the Dragon: I don’t have the ones listed, but paper dragon wins everytime for me. I could win most of the time with Flower dragon.
    Hope these help.

  34. Corderup says:

    Wow i tried moss dragon in ulster meadows i always wiiiiiiiinyay

  35. bob says:

    Lava is the best on cherry road. I always win by a longshot!

  36. Owen Garcia says:

    Add me jgar27 I have a jail broken iPhone and can send as many gems as you want if you send me some

  37. Pockog says:

    Hey Doc,
    I have found that Paper Dragons work just as well as Sakura Dragons on Cherry Road, and every time I enter a Clay or Crystal Dragon for Shimmering Faultline, I always get first.
    Just wanted to let you know.

  38. Garrett says:

    If you have any legendary dragons (Sun, moon, rainbow, gemstone dragons, leap year, etc.) you will win 98% of the time. Because when you race with them the type of track dose not matter. Because they don’t technically they don’t have an element. And the game will place you with other legendary dragons. So they all go slow but yours will go faster because your in controll.

    • Jon says:

      I agree to you Garrett.. I always use the epic and gemstone dragons and I win the race most of the time. But should we select a dragon according to the track element or using any dragon is okay to get the required winnings to have a Kairos dragon?

  39. Wimpy says:

    For Shimmering Faultline, wouldn’t a Crystal Dragon work best? There’s electric and earth in that race…

  40. Jlfakir says:

    Ah! I finally got 2 gems playing this! It took me over 50 tries

  41. A. R. Powell says:

    Hey Doc,

    I have a couple race suggestions that worked for me.

    Cherry Road: Paper
    Shimmering Faultline: Crystal

    I hated SF with a passion, and even with your advice I fails more than succeeded. Please don’t take offense; your help has won me many races on other tracks. Well it was after I raced Electric Skies that I realized the SF track had electric crystals on it. I already remembered the earth section. I came across my Crystal dragon as I was choosing, and decided to give it a chance.

  42. Jaz says:

    Thanks for the winning list, Doc. Since I do not have Clover, I use Peridot in the Ulster Meadows. 🙂

    • Froststar says:

      Just a helpful hint, Moss or Tree work well for Ulster Meadows, and I like using Prtidot for Shimmering Faulltline. It’s just what I do, I’m sure your way works too.

  43. Rob Turrentine says:

    I’d send you gems (don’t know anyone who plays this now-my daughter got tired of it) but I’m not sure how to go about it. Your site has been very useful. I’m at level 35 and the only dragon I haven’t gotten is Equinox.



  44. brian says:

    this new dragon is very frustrating. i have been racing for the last 2 days now i have gotten 6 of the 7 pieces. the price well is making me mad if it crashes and resets my game one more time i think i might brake my phone(i know its not my phone it the app but still got to throw something) I put an Aa in front of the dragoons so there at the top of the list so i don’t have to scroll to find them

    lol after about 10 mins of racing i start spacing off and loosing the races and paper rocks on cherry road

  45. Tjm814 says:

    Yup. Six ahead on the wheel is the prize. And often the final 7th piece is not on the wheel. The bonus spin has no pieces. So it’s set by the server side to dole out winners over time. Just what it is. I mostly play now to entertain my 2 year old. It’s a cute game but the removal of chance makes it less appealing. If it was a statistically truly random wheel then the game would be a bit more meaningful. Love the race track however. At least that is somewhat deterministic with a small bit of player skill involved. I still like the game in spite of, and I still recommend it. The ghost and bone dragons are cool.

  46. Griffin012 says:

    Why do people need a guide for this like really the dragons you use to win are obvious and there really isn’t any skill involved in tapping the screen at the right time.

  47. Sandra says:

    Add me 19Sandee73 xoxo love DragonVale with a passion!

  48. Henry says:

    mine dragon also works for dramoria

  49. LEM013 says:

    I’ve been playing literally hundreds of races and winning them all but can’t get th last piece, 300 gem one- it never appears on the wheel or if it oes it won’t stop there. Do you have to get all perfect power ups to activate?

  50. Jodi says:

    Everytime I win a race and try to spin the wheel it crashes. does anyone else have this problem?

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