DragonVale: How to breed a Sapphire Dragon

BUY-IT Price: ?? GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Rain and Mountain

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Sapphire Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Sapphire Dragon Egg

1,034 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Sapphire Dragon”
  1. Ag says:

    Still can’t get it. When is the last time to send to the breeding cave for a chance at sapphire?

    • Kahua21 says:

      You have til the end of this month. As long as you start the breeding before the deadline you can breed the dragon. I have started the breeding of several limited time dragons right before the deadline and hatched them after the deadline. I got my 3rd Equinox that way. I’m not sure, but it seems to me that there is a better chance of breeding these dragons near the deadline.

  2. Eric Loh says:

    I begin to suspect the mountain & rain combination don’t work anymore. Been trying for days.

  3. Spoiled Pink says:

    Can’t believe it! I just got my fourth Saphire dragon! I got my third and forth today with Lvl 10 mountain and rain, rain and mountain. Could not get any equanox but got lucky with Saphire. Good luck!

  4. Mike Paul says:

    Got it like 2nd try ad have been trying for another but can’t get one. Almost tried 50 more times

  5. allie says:

    i think i finally got it with equinox and blue moon…. it took a while though

    • merriejayne says:

      you got an equinox

    • Maddy says:

      I’ve gotten TWO Blue Moons already trying for a leap year. Oh well, at least I got to put one on display. I’m just glad the Sakura dragons back, I didn’t get one on time and I was having some trouble with the Cherry Road race… Also, I got my second sun dragon today. DISPLAYED!!! seriously though, why do you always get everything but what you want? I got a Bone while trying for a Sakura… And I have like three bone dragons. Geez, Dragonvale… Same thing with firework dragons a few months ago… I’m ranting, arent I?

      • zoe6556 says:

        i know i had tye same thing!!!! i tried to get a ruby,but instead of a rainbow that i didnt have, i got a 3rd gold!!! so fustrating!!!

        • Maddy says:

          Long after I’d given up on leap year, I GOT ONE!!! I was trying for a 2nd panlong and got the leap year breeding time and almost peed myself… I used blazing and mud, both level 10. I’ve also gotten two ruby dragons trying for an equinox.

  6. ynanton says:

    He’s not lying I got one too using blue moon and equinox

  7. Mibugnu says:

    My friend hasn’t got the sapphire and really wants it so add him please and send him gems! His username is NixVena, add me too, mine is MIBUGNU. Thnx for the support guys!

  8. amaranta says:

    do u already know october’s dragon?

  9. +0ph4+ says:

    Add me for gem trading!
    Username: +0ph4+

  10. Ruby258 says:

    I can’t get it help me it’s last day

  11. Erin says:

    Oh my gosh after a thousand rain, mud and mountain dragons I finally got the 30 hour breeding time on the last day! Cutting it close but I couldn’t be any more happy yay!

  12. Me says:

    Equinox and blue moon worked for me!!!!!!!!!! just now got 30h!!!!!!
    I’ve been trying the hole month and nothing with rain and mountain

  13. Seppeh says:

    Is it still available??

  14. Sunnikins says:

    Been trying the whole month but luck 🙁 add me @sunnikins to trade gems!

  15. brian says:

    i got the 30hr time last night. lol i get my first one with only a few hours in the month left. it was hard with having 4 limited dragons in one month. i got 2 blue moons, 1 paper, 0 equinox, and 1 sapphire.

  16. Losilonis says:

    Tried all month to no avail… Still love this game, maybe I can get the Oct dragon… Add me: Losilonis

  17. Kaleigh says:

    I got this dragon the very LAST day! With only hours to spare!

  18. Bacas1 says:

    Just went to market, opal egg is there now!!

  19. kroekg says:

    I tried to get rain and failed 🙁 I got fog and tried and didnt get it so i think its blue moon and equinox as well as mountain and rain because i tried mountain and fog but got an 8 hour time wich was another fog. i did it again and got a mountain Been trying all month and didnt so im going to get this months for sure 🙂

  20. Monique says:

    I want friends and how does THE gem. Exanche works my game center mjsih thats my name If that does not work MJSIH

  21. Ninja says:

    add me on gamecenter:

    gem for gem

  22. Gabi says:

    Hey add me on your GameCenter @ -MasterJedi-
    I’m very good about reciprocating gem gifting so hit me up!

  23. Bacas1 says:

    Hey Doc is there a prob w/ dragonvale server, my game won’t load?

  24. Pockog says:

    What I did was sign out of Game Center, then log back into it. That worked for me.

  25. Jenny says:

    I’ve been trying for days to get this and another dragon and ended up with 2 accidental rainbow dragon instead. I guess it can’t hurt to keep trying

  26. Kaleigh says:

    MrsAngryPanda is my GC name. Add me. I got the GEM TREE GEM 4 gem

  27. stellou says:

    i would like breed the event dragon but i have not enought gem please ad me on game center my ID is stellou. thanks

  28. Chulo725 says:

    I got a 48 breed time with rain and mountain what is it?

  29. Gem4gem says:

    Add me gem 4 gem johnny_riley play everyday!

  30. Brian says:

    I have all 8 gemstones eggsss added meee if you want to seee!!!

  31. Eric Loh says:

    Tried Rain (10) and Mountain (10) and got a 11 plus hours. I guess its a mountain?

  32. Caro says:

    I have been trying to get this stupid dragon since December 21st with no luck!! Keep trying Rain and Mountain ten Mountain and Rain, I’ve used about 500 gems and still not gotten it! Still trying it but I doubt I will get one before the 2nd 🙁 gem4gem GC- chjagirl2000

  33. Rebelangel:) says:

    Ahhh can’t wait for the gemstone dragon for my birth month!! Since my birthstone is diamond, I’m especially excited to see what the diamond dragon will look like!!

  34. A1234 says:

    I got 30 hours using equinox and blue moon, what is it?

  35. Eric Loh says:

    Is the gemstone back for breeding or back for purchase by gems?

  36. Sarah says:

    Equinox and blue moon just give me them again! Grrr

  37. Cassandra says:

    Guys I need like two gems so if you could friend me ill totally send some back gem for gem at Cassandra862

  38. Dustindola says:

    Wtf?! I’ve done this combo over and over even when it the sapphire first came out I still have yet to obtain one. I just did mountain and rain and this is probably unbelieveable but I got 3 48 hour times in a row. Yeah I’m pretty irritated.

  39. CrazeeVivi says:

    I just got 30 hrs with rain and mountain. The equinox and blue moon didn’t work for me. So happy. Going for pearl next.

  40. Nic says:

    I tried mountain and rain in both breeding dens all of September and December. I’ve literally tried over 180 times. Does anyone have another proven combo?

  41. Comm4ndoC4rl says:

    rain and mountain. 30 hrs. what is it?

  42. Brian says:

    Hey I still need some help please send me gems my account is Briguy24:)

  43. Karen says:

    im trying to add people to trade gems with, however, it appears that the people have to be on facebook for me to add them….how do i find others?…..add me from facebook if u can……karen hoffman

  44. prantik says:

    I got a sun by hail and sonic

  45. Nicole says:

    Hurry up Dr. Mac we need the breeding combos on the new diamond gemstone dragon!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Every Gemstone Dragon has only one combination that will work for it. And they can only be bred in their specific month.

  47. Julie Olden says:

    I play on Android phone on facebook and have a gifting tree need some gem buddies I WILL give GEMS daily if you send them back. Julie olden.

  48. Mason says:

    Hi guys gem for gem! Add me on dragonvale: FryMan1313

  49. Justkeepswimming19 says:

    Hi, add me on Game Center to trade gem 4 gem

    My Game Center ID is: justkeepswimming19

  50. OrchidSpring says:

    Add me for daily gem trade: OrchidSpring

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