11 Responses to “DragonVale-Sapphire-Dragon”
  1. jmm22RULES says:

    I have tried at least 15 time with rain/mountain and have gotten 3 rains, 2 ice, 1 iceberg and 2 mud and other dragons. I am extremely annoyed. Also, when I try to open friends list, the game crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this? I know some of you guys have this problem too so we need help.
    Add me: jmm22RULES

  2. Kitri says:

    Me too…

  3. Zenayda says:

    I got a sapphire dragon with rain and earth at the first time

    • HungarrToph24 says:

      no way……… ive tried to get this dragon with my sister since the begining of September…. grrrrrr! and yes i share my dragonvale account with my sister-dont laugh

      add my gem 4 gem : HungarrToph24

  4. Minny says:

    So what about the paper dragon anyone know how to breed?

  5. Ling Jiating says:

    Someone PLEASE sent me gems. I really need them to speed up my breeding, can’t seem to get the right dragon. ID: Honeyfirebird. Tks!

  6. Ben Arya says:

    Hey Minny are you lauclan
    And plus I have been trying to get sapphire for ages. But yet still after so many try’s I get only mud and 8 hour snow dragon breeds this seriously sucks.

  7. Evildude509 says:

    I’ve been trying to get the emerald dragon 4 ages how do you get it????????

    Add me on dragonvale evilddude509

  8. SnowTiger7777 says:

    HOORAY!!! Finally got Sapphire! Bred a fairly new Raindragon named “HAWAIRAIN” (Level 10) and my favorite Mountain named “SNOWTIGER” (Level 15) at the Lovr Breeding Island.

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