DragonVale: How to breed a SEASONAL Dragon

DragonVale Seasonal Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2,000 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Flower and Fog / Blazing and Lichen / Firefly and Pollen

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Seasonal Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Seasonal Dragon Egg

1,190 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a SEASONAL Dragon”
  1. very good helper says:

    ya know, i used to think i had the best dragonvale ever, but i look at some of you and your awsome[ nickpapa42 ][[its my dads name and i really wish[[[no offense dad]]] that he could have picked like ”fun man” or somthing]]

  2. very good helper says:

    ya know, i used to think i had the best dragonvale ever, but i look at some of you and your awsome[ nick papa42[no spaces] ][[its my dads name and i really wish[[[no offense dad]]] that he could have picked like ”fun man” or somthing]]

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Got it by breeding blazing and cactus though both not level 10+

  4. steven says:

    add me stevey1175 working on getting a dragonsi tree

  5. Kaleigh says:

    Trying so hard to get this dragon! Please tell me what combos you guys used to get it! Add me on Game Center, i have the gem tree. I do gem 4 gem, though it might take be a minute to send u gems back, I promise you will get gems back :)


  6. Don K. says:

    I got one Seasonal Dragon using Poison and Air and one Seasonal Dragon using Plant and Firework, both on the Epic Breeding Island. With the Plant – Firework combo, both dragons were Level 15 and got Seasonal on the 5th try.

  7. Nimcakes says:

    I’ve got metal & poison on a 4& hour breed at the moment. Anyone got an idea what that could be? At the risk of sounding spoiled, if I get another rainbow I think I’ll cry! Any reliable gem-for-gemmers please add me – I have 2 gems a day to spare

  8. Don K. says:

    You will get a Gold Dragon.

  9. Nutjobrob says:

    I got chrome and scorch on a 48 hour breed. Any idea what this is? I only have level 10 dragons and never bred any of the rare dragons yet. This will be the first time :-)

  10. Don K. says:

    Could be either a Rainbow Dragon or a Gold Dragon.

  11. rebelangel:) says:

    I’ve been trying for this one for days now with the EPI and NOPE. -_- I’m trying with blazing and lichen, but I’m wondering if there’s another combo that has a bigger chance of getting the Seasonal… I want it so baddd

  12. Nick says:

    Anyone who got seasonal dragon twice??? What was the best combination?

  13. Nicholas says:

    I bred a flower and fog dragon and it is 5hrs. Any thoughts on what that could be?

  14. Raluca says:

    Has anyone tried breeding the Seasonal w/another? Wonder what we’d get.

  15. Kaleigh says:

    Finally!!!! after a month! i used lvl 10″s Blazing and flower!!!

  16. InsaneinAK says:

    I got it on the first try with Blazing (Lvl 10) and Lichen (Lvl 10), assuming so anyway. I got a 48 hour incubation.

  17. AldonaJoannakbray says:

    GEM 4 GEM!!! GC ID is Dolunia


  18. Madara Uchiha says:

    I’m looking for people who can send gems at a daily basis. I have 4 friends and I send them a gem everyday without fail and they return the favor. I’m looking for 2 more friends who are willing to do this.
    If u can please add me -MADARA UCHIHA-

  19. Evangeline73 says:

    Easiest possible way to receive Seasonal; Love dragon and a Snow dragon. Unfortunately not everyone snagged the love dragon while she was available, but if you do have her then she’s your golden ticket to a Seasonal egg. I was successful three times in a row.

    Gem for gem: Game Center – Evangeline73

  20. Paige says:

    Add me!! Level 32 with dragonsai gem tree and have extra spots for gem4gems (: username: l0veyyyy&welly(: It’s a zero not an O, four y’s in loveyyyy and includes the smiley face!! Thanks guys

  21. johncena54 says:


  22. Lil2fresh4u says:

    I got a 48 hr egg this morning in the ebi with a level 10 paper dragon on left and a level 10 panlong on the right … I have to hope its a seasonal I will let you know when they are done breeding… I hope this helps someone

  23. Chiefw01 says:

    Tried every combo for weeks, someone told me to use flower and air and I got it after two tries.

  24. Dragonman says:

    Help me get some gems please. I’ll friend ya back
    GC: illiniguru7

  25. Rebelangel:) says:

    I tried with flower and fog for weeks and I FINALLY got a breeding time of 48 hours! …and it wasn’t even a seasonal -.- how can the seasonal be more rare to me than a rainbow?? D: I want one so bad…

  26. Mim says:

    I got a 48 hour going with a blazing and pollen, is it more likely that this is a seasonal or a rainbow? D: I really don’t want another rainbow….

  27. gamecenter: yoyowiki says:

    he, do someone know what crystal – lichen could be? i breeded it at 20:38 Pm and the breeding time is 48 hrs.
    Please answer me :3

    gem for gem
    gamecenter : yoyowiki

    • Mimi says:

      Sounds like you MIGHT have gotten a rainbow dragon, and since that’s 8:38 PM, you MIGHT have gotten a moon dragon~ Remember that rainbow dragons are bred with 4 elements, but moon dragons also incorporate those two breeds, but usually are gotten after 7 PM and before 7 AM, opposite being sun dragons! If you’re shooting for seasonal, try to incorporate the elements of fire, air, and plant only! Hope that helps!–Mimi

      • Haz says:

        Interesting info about the moon dragon, didn’t know that. Do you have a tip on what time to best start breeding those 4 elements for a potential moon dragon? I’ve been trying to get a moon and a seasonal as well. I have 3 consecutive rainbow already :( and 1 sun.

        • Mimi says:

          For the moon, I used the same combo as the sun, Bluefire and Crystal in that specific order, both at a level 10! I did them at aboooout…4 AM in the morning I believe? and my sun I got on the first try at 6 AM! I seem to be getting all of my limits pretty late at night and early in the morning oddly. the only one that I got in the afternoon was my topaz….not sure if this is much help though! Hope you succeed in your moon dragon!-Mimi

  28. Owenn006 says:

    i’ve tried it for like more than 20 times but i cant get it..help me guys !! send me gems and i’ll gift u back..
    gamecenterID: raine_at_20

  29. Cat says:

    Send me gems at nemo0124 1

  30. Lord Snow 67 says:

    I bred crystal and lichen on the epic breeding sanctuary 38 hours to it finishes anyone know what is?

  31. Lord Snow 67 says:

    Gem4gem. Lord Snow 67a good kid to know

  32. Lord Snow 67 says:

    It might have been 48

  33. Sanchez says:

    Worked on my first try…fog flower

  34. Lord Snow 67 says:

    It was a moon dragon how weird ???

  35. anna.asenova says:

    add me at GC: anna.asenova

  36. Hippomon82 says:

    I got mine with blazing and lichen

  37. Woodyalison says:

    Just got 2, one after the other in the EBI (by fast tracking breeding) using Blazing on left and Flower on right. FINALLY! I have tried so many other combinations with no success.

  38. Owenn006 says:

    kyaahh..at last i got it !! i have seasonal now..i used air and flower.. and im waiting for the second one ,, well i still dont know if i will get a rainbow or seasonal..kyahhhh im so happy… now i’ll try to breed gold and silver… add me guysss… raine_at_20 …:)

  39. Thomas says:

    Gem 4 gem. Add me thomasmashton. Please add me

  40. Anthony says:

    Gems for gems!!!! Add to gamecenter : darksoul46

  41. Jake says:

    Friend me and we could send each other gems my username is blackhawk964

  42. Jack says:

    Add me Nathan Center4 gem 4 gem satisfaction 100%

  43. Beccy says:

    Just got one with blazing and pollen!!

  44. Leahw133 says:

    Just got it with rust ad lightning. Add me gem for gem, leahw133

  45. Delta says:

    I just got 48 hours using Butterfly and Poison on the EBI. Hoping its seasonal! Could it be anything else?

  46. Matt says:

    Add me, gem for gem. Hockeyman81 I won’t let you down, promise ill give you me back. Add me on Game Center. I play everyday.

  47. djd ik says:

    I just bought te Dragonsai Gifting Tree so if you want to trade gem for gem add me: djd ik.
    I wil send a gem to the people wich are sending me a gem in around 24 hours.

  48. indayshelz says:

    add me gem to gem indayshelz

  49. A Breeder says:

    I just got a 2 day breeding from Blazing and Lichen! I really hope it’s a Seasonal!

    GC: A Breeder | Add me Gem 4 Gem | I have Dragonsai Tree!

  50. Gabi says:

    I just used firefly and pollen on epic, got 48 hours. Hope it’s this one.
    Add me for gems, got a gem tree.

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