DragonVale: How to breed a SEASONAL Dragon

DragonVale Seasonal Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2,000 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Flower and Fog / Blazing and Lichen / Firefly and Pollen

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Seasonal Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Seasonal Dragon Egg

1,190 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a SEASONAL Dragon”
  1. Caden says:

    Idk how to get I have been trying everything

  2. caden says:

    try plant and blazing

  3. Cat says:

    Got it with poison and air on regular breeding cave

  4. Bippynicole says:

    Hi. I’m using your website and I tried it for the sun dragon and the solar eclipse dragon. It didn’t work for both of them. I even got the epic breeding island and it still didn’t work. I tried it in the breeding cave, too. Why won’t it work??

  5. Jenn788 says:

    So I tried breeding smoke and quake to get a gold Olympus dragon and stumbled upon a 48 hr breed time. I think it’s a rainbow,but I’m not sure. Could it be seasonal?

  6. Bippynicole says:

    Do I have to upgrade my epic breeding habitat in order for these combinations to work?

  7. life-is-a-rollercoaster says:

    Got it on the regular breeding cave with flower and fog.

  8. Bippynicole says:

    In regular breeding cave I breeded fog and flower (both level 10) and got 48 hrs. Hope it’s seasonal!!

  9. Oscar says:

    Please help me!!!!
    I need gems for EBI .
    Gem 4 Gem everyday!!!
    I need reliable people.

    GC: Doggy Doodoo

  10. Hauehauehauehuae says:

    Hey does anybody knows wich is the best combo to get the seasonal dragon?

  11. Someone says:

    Got it with flower and fog first time

  12. Kim Winkelmann says:

    I was trying for a Seasonal Dragon and got a Reindeer Dragon… Guess it’s that time of year… :-)

  13. Madi says:

    U can get anything with blazing and mud I got solar eclipse, rainbow,panalog…

  14. Keri says:

    Got it 2nd try using flower nd fog

  15. Monique says:

    I have reendier and smoke 48 hours wat can it be????

  16. Mystery man says:

    I will give any body who needs gem a gem if you add me thanks Game Center cheyonne

  17. Abbarry3 says:

    Just got something with firefly and pollen 48 hours, hopefully a seasonal. Add me abbarry3 gem for gem everyday

  18. Mystery man an says:

    Add me Game Center cheyonne

  19. Seonah Kang says:

    can you add me ? ksa0131

  20. J3ster 66 says:

    I used an old combo ,Air and flower i think. First try Bc.

  21. Matt says:

    Does anyone know when seasonal dragon/habitat changes to winter

  22. Sarah says:

    You can use any combination of plant, fire, and air elements to get this dragon. In my case, I used flower and air dragons.

  23. lolo says:

    I used lvl 10 blazing and lvl 10 reindeer :)

  24. Adriamarie says:

    I have tried for hours days weeks and I finally got it lvl 10 Epic Island Blazing + Moss. 48 hr time …hope its not Rainbow

  25. Goldenboy says:

    Hi Add mé – GC: sniel12
    I dó gem for gem

  26. Dreamer says:

    I got a 48 hour breeding blazing and lichen. Hope it’s a seasonal. :)

  27. Heff says:

    I got it with flower and fog, I just got the gift tree so if anyone wants gem for gem my game center id is heff_77

  28. Heff says:

    Sniel12 Doesn’t even have a dragonsai tree. I do so add me I will do gem for gem, GC heff_77

  29. Rysherk says:

    Flower and blazing worked for me!

  30. Scott says:

    Hi I tryed 2 combos. Blazing and plant as well as firefly and pollen. Not working for any. I’m to caught up with solsice at the min. So I’m going to go back to seasonal later. (well after solsice has expired)

  31. SaadAwesome4 says:

    Thanks Lolo, the reindeer plus blazing worked use this. It’s really effective

  32. Ben says:

    Used Flower and air and got Seasonal First try

  33. Liam says:

    Send me gems as I will return the favor I have a dragons so gifting tree. will12292

  34. CharStar-ess says:

    Can anyone help me? I put blazing and seaweed in my epic breeding island and got 48 hours. Anyone know what it is?

    Ps add me ; CharStar-ess

  35. Vivian says:

    Rain and sakura on regular breeding cave, 48 hours, could it be seasonal anyone? :)

  36. Matt d says:

    Igot one with magnetic + lichen -trying for leap year

  37. Fallen says:

    I use blazing and lava, hoping to get a soltice but turn out to be seasonal!!

  38. LeVvE* says:

    Got 48hrs with twitch and iceberg, any clues?

  39. LeVvE* says:

    Sorry, Sonic and Iceberg. 48hrs. Don’t know what happened there

  40. lorna1234 says:

    add me on Game Center: lorna1234

  41. lorna1234 says:

    add me on Game Center: lorna1234 gem4gem

  42. Zexal200 says:

    Hello fellow dragonvale players
    Now do you guy want to help in a cause to help me get gems for an ebi (epic breeding island)
    Well by sending me a friend request and me accepting it we den send each other gems in dragonvale
    And if you want me to find new ways of breeding for rares and to ask doc some questions then add me to your buddy list
    Gc username is zexal200
    Please add me gem for gem

  43. Mackie says:

    I got it twice with Blazing and Swamp!! Tried to get a Rainbow 😛

  44. Louis says:

    How so you get a silver dragon

    • lolo says:

      Silver is the only non-limited dragon I have yet to get, so I can’t really talk from experience, but here’s a recommended combo: Air + Mine or Lichen + Chrome c:

  45. Jack says:

    I used lava and air to try for smoke and got 48 hours? How? Any ideas ?

  46. Allie says:

    After like 100 tries with blazing/plant and fire/willow I finally got this with flower and fog.


  47. Camille says:

    blazing and linchen, 48 hour i the regular breeding cave… i was trying for seasonal…?

  48. Sarah says:

    Just done chrome and scorch and got 48 hours I have a feeling it’s going to be another moon :(

  49. Sarah says:

    Firefly and pollen… First I got another leap year second try a seasonal. Just missing a few now :)

  50. vosseb says:

    Seasonal dragon changes apperence but Does The breeding methods change aswell ?

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