DragonVale Seasonal Dragon

DragonVale Seasonal Dragon

17 Responses to “DragonVale Seasonal Dragon”
  1. pipe says:

    why Y NO try de colors of the flag like green + blue (plant+water=seaweed or swamp) or white+brown (cold+earth=mountain) and combinate mountain+swamp or seaweed or mud+evergreen or lichen or tree or moss+ice or iceberg

  2. VOLDEMORT$? says:

    So how do you breed it??????I’ve tried ice plant. Iceberg clover. Evergreen and air

  3. Mcdlvr43 says:

    Can some one help me out I breed storm and love dragons it is taking 48 hours what did I get ?????

  4. Tony says:

    Maybe a rainbow :) congrats. Or a seasonal

  5. Superman says:

    I would like some gem for gem buddies,Add me I’m JesusLover! (include exclamation mark) thanks!

  6. Tu says:

    Congrats mcd! It’s either a Sun dragon or a Moon dragon, or possibly a RAINBOWZ :3

  7. VOLDEMORT$? says:

    Sooooooooooooooooo…how do I get a seasonal???? I don’t have the breeding island but like everyone else I have the cave but I can’t seem to breed it. Plus if it’s limited I’ll never get it. I’m to busy breading other limited dragons. Is it LIMITED????

    Add me. VOLDEMORT$?

  8. VOLDEMORT$? says:

    :3 :3 :3

    Add me. VOLDEMORT$?

  9. Mike says:

    Add AKIRAGUY for gems

  10. mc.squares says:

    Seriously!! I haven’t had this much trouble breeding a dragon yet. Can’t get silver, seasonal, or panlong. But I REALLY want seasonal and silver. Blazing + Lichen and Flower + Fog (in those orders) won’t seem to work for me and I’ve tried a hundred times, at least. Help!!

    Add me! Gems for gems. mc.squares

  11. Chinchilla112598 says:

    I can’t breed the seasonal dragon I have both breeding habitats and they are both upgraded I have tried Lvl 15 blazing with level 10 plant on both and I keep gettin 4,5,6,7, and 8 hours and its starting to frustrate me ad me


  12. -[:MADDI:]- says:

    Seaweed And mountain got me a rainbow :)

  13. Tim says:

    How do I find/ add friends outside of my Facebook, email and phone contacts? I need help breeding.

  14. Ninjo9086 says:

    Hey Peeps,

    I don’t have a seasonal dragon but I have a Rainbow Dragon.

    The problem is I have my Rainbow on my sisters Game Center but still add me on Game Center and ill send gems everyday I’m on and I hope you will too if u add me

    Game Center Name: HONEY110698

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