DragonVale: How to breed a SILVER Dragon

DragonVale Silver- Dragon

BUY-IT Price: 2100 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Lichen and Metal / Blue Fire and Metal

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Silver Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Silver Dragon Egg

582 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a SILVER Dragon”
  1. Frencheee says:

    Got mine with copper dragon and ice dragon.

  2. DJ Cioclon says:

    I got mine with Cold and Earth in the Breeding Cave. I have no idea how that happened.

  3. Theo says:

    I used frostfire on the left and scoria right and got one first try!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    Level 10 mine and level 10 rain. Regular Breeding cave, first try! :)

  5. Jrjrv says:

    I can’t get it it taking forever why :(

    Add me on gamecenter v1lla123 gem for gem……… :(
    Why do people say gem for gem it’s not like people are gonna
    Send u one every day or week

    Oh yah check out my vale tell me what u think ,
    look cool

  6. vidzzzz :) says:

    i want this dragon so so so badly!!!!!!!!! it probably won’t work though……(I have bad luck on dragonvale despite that fact I’ve been playing for a year :( …………………………..!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ara says:

    Been trying to get this one for weeks and weeks. I must’ve bred over 100 dragons (mostly mines) in the process, but not one silver. :(

  8. Sarah says:

    I’ve also been trying for weeks an can not seem to get this silver dragon at all!! It’s driving me crazy!! Add me for gem for gem sazz30

  9. Stef says:

    Lichen and quikslilver… 1st try!

  10. Ayra says:

    Got mine with paper and metal

  11. Sarah says:

    Got quite a few friend requests so bare with me now I will give you gems just gotta share them out!! Iv just got the gem tree to help me out giving you all gems :-) still not got the silver dragon!! It’s driving me crazy if I’m honest ha x

  12. Thistle Thorn says:

    I got one completely by accident. I haven’t been playing long so I was trying to get any metal-cold hybrid for the track races. First time a paired ’em up (just the straight cold and metal) in the regular cave I got the 47 hour incubation time. I just wanted a Mine or Steel ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now I’ve got to save up 5 million for the habitat, but at least I have a few days time…

  13. LovHan9901 says:

    Got it on my 3rd try with lvl10 Steel and lvl 10 Ice. Wohoo! Add me, LovHan9901 i have a beautiful park! (:

  14. Annie says:

    Got both silver and silver Olympus using paper and metal…..only took a couple of tries for each…..hope this helps someone else.

  15. Sassy says:

    Hey, I got silver with evergreen and brass in non upgraded normal breeding cave first try!
    Scrappyak add me I do gem4 gem

  16. fin says:

    hey man add me and i will accept

    1st gamecentre: fin1197

    2nd gamecentre:f1n119

  17. Dutty says:

    Have every single new “rare” dragon except silver. Any pointers.. From anyone’…
    Anything would n appreciated thanx
    And keep it up drmac u rule! Go Dv!

    • Annie says:

      Try Steel and Snow.
      TOTALLY understand bout not being able to get a certain dragon when u want it So bad!
      Build it…. and it will come! :). LOL
      GC ID is >>moosh<<
      Don't know how to do mail on this….but I am a quick study!

      • Annie says:

        Still trying to get a repeat to help u out… Totally hitting the wall! :(
        U mentioned being “friends”… Still waiting if u interested. Two heads r always better!

        • Dutty says:

          Yes. I am adding u now on GC now

          But i tried steel/snow n got another steel i think it was gonna try again soon tho. Nvr discouraged lol
          Lmk wat u might find and if u get duplicate

  18. Robin says:

    Silver is so hard to get!!! Will try some of your suggestions! Sure could use some gem4gem buddies! Pudtat13

  19. Robin says:

    No luck with silver! Need some Gem4Gem buddies. Puddytat13. Don’t have many! Thanks!

    • Annie says:

      I am having a THROMBO trying to repeat Silver! Got it originally off mine/cold. Have tried anything under the sun since then!!! Anybody have repeat results?…..new gemstone dragon RAPIDLY approaching!
      HELP! I know its not a limited dragon….just like to have things done before I move on!
      …and may the odds be forever in your favor!

  20. Sun says:

    Can i Breed silver with Gold dragon? Or can i Breed Gold with Gold?

  21. Rodrigo says:

    Add em i have the gem tree my game center is RBFLeitao

  22. Lady says:

    I have been trying all of the combos above with no luck. Yes, I did snowmans “mine + cold” and Tasha’s “brass + blue fire” as well as maceinstein’s suggestions. I’ve been going at it for weeks and nothing! Extremely frustrating dragons: gold & silver. Got gold eventually using Maceinstein’s combo… Don’t want to try brass or blue fire + metal combos any more. The chance of getting a forge is just way too big. And waiting for forge is boring.
    Also I have 4 gem spots open. Got my self a tree and only 2 reliable givers. I play every day! And I expect to get gems in return every day. If u r not a reliable person don’t bother adding me. If it turns out later that u lied ill erase u. My Game Center nick is Lady0905 and u better mean it

    • Dutty says:

      A friend and i brainstormed for forever on this and i got mine w i believe paper( if u have) and metal or quiksilver

      • Lady says:

        hmmm… i do have a paper dragon, but it also has fire in it so there is a chance of getting another forge dragon. Again! :-S Ill try for sure, but it’s just so my luck to get a forge from all the possible combos, haha! I’ll let u know how it turned out. Thanks for the tip :-)

        • Dutty says:

          Yeah but as long as cold is present also it will negate the fire
          I don’t believe I got one Forge out of the four times it took me to get it with that combo
          And I’m pretty sure paper has cold but if not try steal and or mine with paper
          Otherwise just use the Quicksilver

  23. Lady says:

    P.s. my boyfriend got 3 (!) silver dragons with lichen + metal combo so it works. It’s just takes time…

  24. BBBRAP says:

    Anyone can add my two accounts , I do gem for gem, Lazzar777 & Railmybum ( add them both ! )

  25. Lady says:

    Still looking for reliable gem givers. Got 1 more since last time that seems to be honest. So far so good, Xavier :-)
    Need 3 more.

  26. Stefan says:

    Just bred ice with brass and got 2 day/48 hour breeding time. Hopefully it’s the silver. Still have yet to have any luck getting gold dragon..

    • Lady says:

      Thanx, I’ll try that. I got the golden dragon with Maceinstein’s combo: scorch + chrome. It took me a while though… Got 3 rainbow dragons in the affort ๐Ÿ˜€ was so sick of them in the end! Got topaz too now. I only miss the silver one… :-S

      • Stefan says:

        It ended up being gold dragon egg. But has the elements in combo for silver it looks lik. Since it need cold and metal.

    • Dutty says:

      Dont think so bcuz silver is only 47 hrs. Sorry. Try pAper and metal. Thats how i got mine. And then got second mating gold with silver GL!

      • Stefan says:

        You might be right/I might have looked at it to quickly and could have been only 47 hours or maybe it’s another rainbow(got first/other one after a couple weeks without even trying when I started like 2 months ago) unfortunately I didn’t get lucky getting at least 1 paper dragon before it expired and they don’t have a gift an egg function between friends. So in stuck trying for anything that’s available onward from now. I’ll post what it turns out to be.

  27. Bbevans says:

    Just got a silver -47hrs. In the normal breeding cave on the first try there. Have tried a few times intne upgraded cave. Didn,t work there. I used evergreen – left and brass – right. Shocked!! Hope this helps someone.

    • Lady says:

      tried it, same result as all the other times… no Silver dragon, no luck
      do still need gem givers. still got 3 spaces open and i play Dargonvale sereval times a day so ill give back every day.

  28. Lord Snow 67 says:

    Gem for gem Names Lord Snow 67. Ring-a-ding-ding

  29. Bobyjoeker says:

    Add me bobyjoeker I have dragons gifting tree add me for gem 4 gem

  30. Caden says:

    Add me mr. Awesome 787

  31. Mrs.Harry Potter ;) says:

    I just recently bred an iceberg dragon and a chrome dragon when I was experimenting and got a silver dragon on the first try in the regular breeding cave, but of course it also works on the epic breeding island :) I tried some of the combinations that were suggested but they didn’t work 4 me. If u would like, friend me on dragonvale: Kksfkayla (I do gem 4 gem)

  32. Erika says:

    Tried it the first time and I got a gold second time I got a silver third time I got a gold olympus.:)

  33. Lady says:

    I did an iceberg left and a brass right and got 39 hours :-( probably a New gold dragon. Why? WHY can’t i get a Silver dragon??!!!!

  34. daniel says:

    Add me on facebook for gems on dragonvale plz. Daniel.prisco.7

  35. Kaleigh says:

    Finally got this guy! I used Brass and Storm. Hope this helps!
    I have gem tree and do gem trading.
    Game Center ID:

  36. Peetietrip says:

    I got mine with cold and mine. Add me GC: peetietrip. I have the dragonsai tree!

  37. G8erJoe says:

    I just got a silver dragon using LICHEN and METAL! I tried breeding Cold and Mine dragons over 30 times and only ended up with a bunch of mine eggs. When I finally got the Gold Dragon using Forge and Fire I started breeding for it in my second breeding cave using Lichen and Metal. With this combination, I got the dragon on my second try!! Now if only I had a Sapphire Dragon from October then I would have every single one.

    Best of luck to everyone, and thank you all for posting successes!

  38. Lilred004 says:

    Finally believe I just got it with cold level 10 and steel level 10. I kept trying the mine and cold and got nothing but mines.. I kept using different mines and cold at different levels.. It shows 47 now not in regular breeding cave so I am pretty sure it’s silver been trying both caves for two weeks straight .. Hope this helps someone.. I do like this site thou it does give me ideas what to try.. Thanks

  39. Annie says:

    Just saw the new platinum dragon, wonder how to make it?

  40. hacunamatata says:

    Gem 4 gem

  41. Dragon gal says:

    Hey doc, what’s the BEST way to get one? I’ve seen all sorts of combos all saying they work. I just want to know the best one!!!!!

  42. Agent X says:

    Hey everybody……add me on GC: azmoses

    I play daily and I will trade gems!

  43. Lady says:

    FINALLY! I got the silver dragon! Used Lichen and Metal (in that order). I think it’s the best combo considering I’ve tried ALL of the suggested above. And my boyfriend like mentioned earlier got 3 using the same combo. With a platinum dragon in the cave now I got the whole collection! ๐Ÿ˜€ p.s. I got all the friends I need now. I can’t give more gems so I’ve stopped accepting people. Sorry but the ones I got now r very reliable and I don’t want to change any of them.

  44. Mac1486 says:

    Hey I am in level 38 and I can not sen any gems to no one

  45. K1ngpingu says:

    I breed Bluefire and Steel dragon what did i get

  46. Sophie says:


  47. Nignog7 says:

    Got it first try on ebi with mine and smoke tried mine and cold and all the other combos literally over 50 times and mine and smoke got it 1st try…

  48. illutionisttt says:

    I breed magnetic dragon level 10 with lichen dragon level 11 , got it on the first try

  49. Bman says:

    I got this dragon with quicksilver and ash weirdly…

  50. Mystery man an says:

    Copper an metal follow me cheyonne

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