DragonVale: How to breed a Blue Moon Dragon

DragonVale Blue Moon Dragon

BLUE MOON DRAGON: Seasonal – only available (September 7th-10th)!
BUY-IT Price: 2250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Blue Fire and Crystal / Sonic and Iceberg / Fire and Storm / Lightning and Cold

(This one is surprisingly easy, actually.)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Blue Moon Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Blue Moon Dragon Egg

1,009 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Blue Moon Dragon”
  1. Cooper says:

    Got Blue Moon first try. Fire and Storm.
    I’ll give gem for gem. Game center: Poopcoop

  2. Nikki says:

    FINALLY!!!!!! I have tried 16 times TOTAL with 2 different combos. First was Lightning and Storm and the second was Cold and Storm alternating between the Epic Breeding Cave and the regular Breeding Cave. I finally tried the trick everyone has been talking about which is breeding at 1:15 pm (I tried it at 1:15 pm my time, Seattle). I breed the Cold and Storm in the regular Breeding Cave and got it?

  3. Terin_lu says:

    Do you have to breed at night to get the blue moon?

  4. Alexa says:

    I got it first try with current and cold????

  5. Vrock927 says:

    Dragonvale fans are the BEST! Earlier today, I posted a “call to action” to request help for my daughter to gain 10 gems so she could update her nest, and keep trying for the “Blue Moon” Dragon that she wants so ridiculously bad! Guess what?! So many people pulled through, helped her get there, and now, we believe her Storm and Fire dragons are breeding a Blue Moon (it said 1 day, 5 hours and some change). So grateful to so many of you! You are awesome! Here is a list of amazing players who helped, we’ll be trying to gift you back as often as possible! THANK YOU!
    Finngirl 4,
    Lizzie Vaz,
    Elflady 77,
    Holy Devlyn,
    You are awesome!

    • Kate says:

      I had been trying fire and storm all weekend to no avail, just switched to lightning and storm (both lvl 10) and got it on my second try on the ebi. Those who haven’t gotten it yet, don’t give up!

      Feel free to add me in the game center. Katelyndedrick@gmail.com

  6. Teal says:

    Hey guy im new to the game, and im tring to get the blue moon befor it exp, i really need help i dont
    Have an epic breeding island so im tring hard i also dont have the gem tree so i cant speed up the prosses, if anyone could help or has good tips, add me at gamecenter kit 101. Please thankyou!

    • LoneRonin says:

      I tried following macensteins guide which didn’t work at all for me. I later saw someone claiming to have gotten 7 blue moon dragons with this combo: Lvl 10 Sonic + Lvl 10 Storm. I tried them and got it my second try! Fire and storm did not work at all for me, nor did lightning and cold, even though I tried multiple times. Good luck!

  7. Kris says:

    Got it with fire/storm. Add me my user is kaligem

  8. Kool Hippo says:

    do you need the EBI to bredd this? cause i only got it on my EBI and my brother doesnt have one and he cant get one

  9. Soretman says:

    Me and my sis are trying to get blue moon and all the combos online aren’t working. We always get storm and it would help if we had more gems but we’re running out of money that we’re alowed to spend. PLEASE HELP!

    • Equius says:

      Try lighting and snow. Lightning on left. I got mine first try, and this combo has the highest success rate according to DragonCalc…

    • Kahua21 says:

      I’ve been successful with Blue Fire and Storm. Try 3x and see if you get a dragon with a longer breeding time each breeding. That hints that you may have a chance of getting the Blue Moon. If this is not working, try Frost Fire amd Storm. Good luck!

    • Kestrel says:

      Try cold LV.9 on the right side and lightning LV.8 on the left side, I used this combo and it worked the second time! If you get the incubation time of 30 hours you have hit the jackpot.

      And also if you get any other breeding time like 5 hours use your Jews to skip it and try breeding the same combination again, good luck.

  10. juli says:

    lvl 10 frostbite and crystal on epic breeding island. got at least seven of em

  11. Idgac14 says:

    I got two blue moon dragons and I cant even get a regular moon dragon -.- I got both In the breeding CAVE using fire and storm then blue fire and crystal

  12. Anonymous says:

    I was trying to breed frost fire a d got another blue moon with cold and firefly

  13. woods says:

    i got it on my 3rd try using lightning and snow(both level 10) in the breeding cave. i thot i was about to faint when i got it

  14. Estevan55 says:

    Tried fire and snow 18 times before I got the blue moon, then for it 2 in a row

  15. BlackRose871 says:

    Breeding my 3rd with 2 bluemoons now ^^ Got 1st with storm and lighting, and 2nd from bluefire and storm and all in Breeding cave :X

    Add me in game center, gem for gem, id: BlackRose871

  16. Pat foster says:

    I tried ALL weekend without ANY success to get this specal dragon but just like all the other spacial dragons their impossible to get. I even spent money to speed up egg hatching time. I know people are getting them because my daughter has three of them. I’ve had it, I’ve give up once gain. :(

  17. Caroline says:

    I have two blue moon dragons from the last couple of days. One was from breeding Frostfire + Storm, the other from Bluefire + Storm. I had put these two combos together trying to breed a Sun dragon.

  18. Max says:

    Comeon this isnt fair i cant get one abd im not waiting for 3 years to get one

  19. jmm22RULES says:

    I got it on first try with lightning and cold!!

  20. sarah says:

    fire and storm, once on EBI once on EBC best combo

  21. BlackRose871 says:

    Breeding my 3rd with 2 bluemoons now ^^ Got 1st with storm and lighting, and 2nd from bluefire and storm and all in Breeding cave :X

    Add me in game center, gem for gem, id: BlackRose871

  22. Idgac14 says:

    Oh my gawd father! I got 3 blue ons over this weekend one on September 9th and two on the tenthi doin bluefire and crystal twice (once in the breeding cave and once in the ebi) I also got one for fire and storm hoping for a sun lol! Ones of thems breeding right now in the ebi my use is idgac14 if u wanna friend me

  23. Idgac14 says:

    And I can’t Even get a stupid moon dragon

  24. caryl says:

    I’m curious on these dragons that are only available for limited time. Does the breeding have to be DONE before the cut off or would you still have a chance if starting them right up to the deadline? I lost half the weekend getting a rainbow (now of all times)

    • Kahua21 says:

      I’ve gotten limited dragons by starting the breeding before the deadline.

      • caryl says:

        Thank you Kahua21 .. Often the wording is that you have to have it by the deadline which sounds like it has to be hatched by then. with a long breeding and incubation time, I’m curious if I’m wasting my time to continue trying after it can’t be finished by the deadline. I never did get blue moon :(

  25. Hidude2988 says:

    Hey I just got a blue moon on my third try with lightning and snow on EBI

  26. Natster? says:

    Has anyone noticed that the moon habitat is glowing today? I’m not sure if it always does this, but I just noticed.

    My blue moon dragon is currently breeding : Sonic and Iceberg (second try) in the breeding cave.

  27. Monster2015 says:

    Is it till the end of 10th or the start?

  28. Equius says:

    First try using lighting->snow. Just saying.

  29. Jessica says:

    I got 2 blue moon dragons on the first try using lighting and cold.

  30. Khoi Dang Nguyen says:

    I’ve just got her by combo Fire+Storm….I was so glad when the time show 30hrs!!
    add me pls 😀 I send 6 gems everyday

  31. Gunay says:

    Got it with storm and bluefire

  32. Mememiew says:

    2 times got them from===>. Cristal15 + Iceberg15. CONFIRM!!!!

  33. guitarotaku says:

    ive tried so many times and i havent gotten blue moon, and tomorrow’s the last day! i literally need one more gem to get the ebi! please please send me one gem to guitarotaku! thanks, i will give back!

  34. Jasdecoy says:

    Got it, first try with Sonic and Iceberg!
    I have a Gemsai Tree, gem 4 gem :
    ID: jasdecoy

  35. Chocolate says:

    It IS surprisingly easy. I bred lightning and cold, was expecting for storm but got blue moon instead. Not 5 minutes ago I bred lightning and cold again, and again I was expecting for storm, and AGAIN got blue moon.

  36. Adam says:

    Hey im still trying to get it Im sure I’ll get it soon though and could you send me jems
    User name: dolly96816

    • Valin says:

      I got two blue moon dragons one with blue fire and crystal and the other with
      Sonic and iceberg if you want to come check me out: alvin123lol in gamecenter

  37. Louis says:

    I can not reach it ! Oh man !

  38. Mewmew says:

    I’m sad n desperate, Ican’t even get a blue fire; tried so hard; and since friday night tryin over and over to get a blue moon… :(

    Can please someone help me????

  39. Allsparkcube says:

    Got it first try with lighting on left and snow on right

  40. Gust1871 says:

    My ID is gust1871 i gift gem for gem and i Will not dissapoint you

  41. Aileen says:

    Hey what is the EXACT time for blue moon? 1:05:45? Something like that.
    Please help Im not sure if I got it. Also add me on gamecenter: itsjustlenny. I give gems :)

  42. Dutty says:

    Got two blue moon back to back on ebi. Both with same lightning and storm combo. Lvl 11 light and 13 storm. Shtorm was in second slot. Good luck to those still trying

  43. Huntar68 says:

    I already got first try going for another 😀

  44. Moy says:

    Ive been tryin to breed blue moon dragon but to no avail. Been breeding using all cominations and in both breeding caves but im not succesful. This is so sad!

  45. Lad4fun says:

    Gem 4 gem. 6 to give today. Trying to breed blue moon…none yet…last day…argh…need help. TY! Lad4fun

  46. Lippiz says:

    Got Blue Moon by breeding Sonic Dragon with Iceberg Dragon at Epic Breeding Island.

    Add Lippiz @Gamecenter please

  47. Syn says:

    Thanks Kahua21 for the frostfire storm tip. I’d wasted through 90 crystals before I tried your combo. Now have 2 from it.

  48. Edward says:

    I got one with lightning and snow at the first try! =)

  49. Carlos says:

    I bred blue fire and crystal for about 5 times and got crystal all 5 times! Wasted a lot if gems already… Could you guys send me gems? I really want to get this dragon! I’ll send you gems back for sure.
    GameCenter ID: 18manalo

  50. Irra says:

    Please help me, i need 15gems, then i
    Can upgrade and get breeding island.
    If u help i will send u gems as often as i can
    My gamecenter name is irsku95
    Plz help i want to have blue moon dragon
    So badly

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