DragonVale Blue Moon Dragon

DragonVale Blue Moon Dragon

11 Responses to “DragonVale Blue Moon Dragon”
  1. Starbbhp says:

    Has anyone gotten one yet? I have tried the first two combinations. I’ve got one breeding for 20 hours and the other for 30.

  2. Mrsmith1996 says:

    30 hours means u should have it

  3. ZecromEX says:

    I’ve got one on first try with lvl 10 fire (left) and lvl 10 storm (right)! Hurry up people it’s gone this Monday!

  4. Trent says:

    Firefly and storm first time after 3 unsuccessful tries with fire and storm

  5. Chris x says:

    I have two now because i bred the same combo fire/storm unconciously thinking to get
    Some other dragon ended up with another blue moon. Fire/storm is the best way to go and the
    Biproducts dont take long hope this helps.

  6. Evilestzombie says:

    I got one by breeding lightning and the snow dragons together with the breeding cave!

  7. Whiskers2218 says:

    I got one in second try with lightning an cold in the breeding cave

  8. Al says:

    Having trouble with this one but have 2 gems to give old gemmers quit game I am Alforthor thanks

  9. You don't wanna mess with me says:

    I am using crystal/linchen don’t know wich i’m gonna get yet but waitning time is 2 days

  10. Anne says:

    Need new people to trade gems with. Mine stopped trading. On daily. Annealana

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