DragonVale: How to breed a Paper Dragon

DragonVale Paper Dragon

PAPER DRAGON: Limited: Only available until September 24th
BUY-IT Price: 1250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Mountain and Posion / Lichen and Lava / Blue Fire and Tree

(Really any combo with all 4 elements of Fire, Plant, Earth, and Cold)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Paper Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Paper Dragon Egg

471 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Paper Dragon”
  1. snoman4141 says:

    I can’t wait til Backflip does a four element dragon with Metal and Lightning and 2 other random elements say Fire and Cold. Like an opposite kinda of special dragon

  2. Frustrated says:

    I have tried every combo over and over, in cave and on island. Totally frustrated with Backflip and these limited time dragons!!! It takes all the fun out of Dragonvale! Any suggestions are appreciated!

  3. never says:

    I have literally tried about 10 times to get this dragon and still going. I keep getting tree dragons. Tree dragons everywhere. I feel like I am never going to get it! I am so frustrated!

    I keep doing mountain + poison but it’s not working! ugh!

    • Justin King says:

      Do the Lichen and Lava in that order and you will get it for sure. I spent over 500 gems using tree and poison, it just did not work. Then used Lichen and Lava and now i have bred 3 with that combo. Good Luck

    • Matt D says:

      I tried that too. Try flower (right) mountain (left) I got mine first go with this combo
      Add me gem4gem m4t1y

  4. Taffy says:

    Done 30 times every combo …. Non worked shit am done with dragonvale! Unfair! Got all gems drained ! Good luck!

  5. Terin_lu says:

    Doc! Doc! Just saw on Dv Facebook they are releasing a limited time equinox dragon! How do I breed it?! Lol Help!!!

  6. M1chael Duffy says:

    I have tried 20 times bfire ans tree no luck what can ibdo

  7. KappaThetaNu says:

    Got on the second try with lava and lichen in the regular breeding cave! Just keep trying!

  8. Tao says:

    Yeah -this is total bull. 1 week to get a rare is really cheap. They are trying to force people to buy the dragons with gem (real world money). Plus to buy enough gems to be even 1 rare is way too expensive. I don’t care what they try, I’m not spending real world cash…

  9. Mea says:

    these dragons are getting harder and harder to get. I’ve been trying for paper and sapphire since they became available and still haven’t gotten them. (Seasonal too for that matter but then again I’ve been mostly focusing on the limited time dragons so that might have something to do with it…) I’m at max level, have both breeding caves, my dragons are usually at level 15 but never less than 12 when I breed them…. it’s like they WANT to see me get frustrated. haha.

    faecreature21. I’ve got almost no friends and plenty of gems to give away.

    • Liz says:

      I am about ready to quit as just like you, max level, breeding caves, level 15 dragons, even breed new dragons. It’ like they don’t want us seasoned players to get the new dragons.

  10. Jason says:


  11. Pastequefresh says:

    Need gems? Add me pastequefresh, gem for gem!

  12. Seppeh says:

    OMG, i finally got one!!! :O i bred mountain(10) with poison(10) in regular cave
    I need more gems to buy the island, add me plz, from the moment i see u gifted me a gem ill send one back
    Id: seppeh

  13. TheGameCat says:

    I still havent gotten a Paper dragon. Does anyone want to become my friend for gem swaps, see if I can hurry this process up a bit.

    Id:the game cat

  14. Mare says:

    I used flower and mountain my first time trying to get paper and I have it. I noticed no one else has written down this variation and thought I’d let people know it worked for me. Also, not sure if it had any effect on the outcome, but my flower dragon was a level 10 that I shrank in the fountain of youth.

  15. Angiekmiller says:

    I just did lava and lichen and the incubation time is 14 hours! Know what it is???

  16. Oystersimjh says:

    Add me @ Oystersimjh for gem trading !

  17. HY says:

    I tried mountain/poison, mountain/flower, lichen/lava about 5 times each combination. FINALLY got it with Blue Fire and Moss. I’m happy about it but spent tons of gems during the process.

  18. Pink lover says:

    Mountain and poison worked for me, after trying each combination a couple of times.

  19. Kdogggg says:

    This month has just been full of limited dragons. Luckily I got paper and blue moon now trying to get equinox. But it’s like give us a break hahaha haven’t had any time to try for sapphire really and apparently it’s almost impossible. And I’m still
    Worried about when the Olympus dragons leave because I haven’t got silver yet !!!! And if they are trying to make money then it’s worked because I have brought some gems to speed up the process

  20. Jenfras says:

    I have gotten 3 rainbow dragons with the mountain,poison combo. No paper here…………..

  21. Leona says:

    I have tried countless times for the paper using lava and lichen, blue fire and tree and others since it came out. I also upgraded both my breeding habitats.. still no paper all I get is rainbows and lava dragons the wait is a killer.. any suggestions?

  22. Meep says:

    Umm I breeded mountain and flower and it says 13 hours what dragon is it????

  23. JRW93 says:

    Got it with flower and mountain 2nd try! Add me for gems! I play daily, ID Jessica Williams

    I alternate who I give gems to everyday so all my friends can get them

  24. Jenna says:

    Everybody try flower and mountain!! Tried tons of times with the other combinatiojs and nothing. Two times with flower and mountain and bam paper. YAAAAAY

  25. Kyu Kim says:

    Add me! Gem for gem!

    Gamecenter nickname: Kyu Kim

  26. David*1998 says:

    Add me for gems as long as u send them back

  27. sarah says:

    everyone says sakura and ice but this hasn’t worked for me neither has lava lichen or mountain poison!

  28. sarah says:

    everyone says sakura and ice but this hasn’t worked for me neither has lava lichen or mountain poison!

    • Emoney says:

      Mountain and Flower worked 2x’s for me… took about a dozen attempts. Got one at breeding island, and the other at breeding cave.

  29. Bennett says:

    Got it yeeeeesssssssssss. Add me on Game Center BBaker1241

  30. Zifzi says:

    I’ve tried every combination that I can think of probably a million times: Lava + Lichen, Mountain + Poison, Mountain + Flower. I got extremely lucky with Blue Moon and Equinox, first try for each, but Paper is impossible. I pretty much have no hope for Sapphire anymore, and I just got a 48 hr. Rainbow breeding in my island, so I basically have no hope for paper anymore. I don’t get it. RAINBOW IS RARER THAN PAPER! WTF!? (Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with a Rainbow, I’d just rather get the Limiteds first). Any advice?

  31. Potatoe says:

    Add me please. Worldofpotatoes

  32. Aileen says:

    Add me please, I need gems :( I only have one day left to get this dragon!!!!!! HELPPP MEEEE PLEASEEEEE! Gamecenter name: itsjustme_lenny
    thanks in advance. Gem for gem

  33. sarah says:

    finally got it! sakura and ice after like 10000000000000000000 trys:)

  34. HowrseFoo says:

    YES I FINALLY GOT IT!! Lichen and lava is the best combo!
    I’m going to create a dragonvale website! With tips and stuff!

  35. Tkemikeyd says:

    Gem for gem. Tkemikeyd is my user name. Have gen tree

  36. Sandy says:

    I finally got one incubating….. But that was after trying all week in both breeders ….and I find it odd, that it was after I bought gems to hurry up the process, then bam! I finally get one…. Hmmmmm not cool backflip.

  37. Annie says:

    Does anyone know the exact time that paper dragon is gone for good?! Is it 11:59pm on 24/9? My daughter still hasnt got one yet and I’m thinking about use the gems to hurry up the process if paper is still available. This way she still got a chance to get it.

  38. lynna97 says:

    No luck in getting the paper dragon :-(
    Add me : lynna97

  39. Char???? says:

    I have a Level 10 Mountain dragon and a Level 10 Rain dragon in my Breeding Cave and it will take 48 hours. Does anyone know what I’m getting? P.S: add Char(star Emoji) Please reply!

  40. Renee says:

    My store no longer has paper listed
    to buy does that mean it’s no longer breedable
    I thought I had all through the 24th to get it

  41. am_01 says:

    I got it, I got it, I got it!!! Yea!! I’m almost at level 22 and have not had 1 rare dragon! That is until now!!!! I now have this egg in my nursery.
    I gave in and bought enough gems to buy the EBI only to get the egg this morning in the regular breeding cave. Go figure!
    Pls add me for gems, GC ID: AM_01

  42. USC-TROJANS-2011 says:

    I got Paper Dragon using Bluefire and Moss.
    It took 12 hrs to breed.
    It only took 2 hrs for it to hatch.
    Send me a gem and I will send you one back.
    Add me. My gamecenter name is USC-TROJANS-2011

  43. Stacy says:

    OMG this was the hardest dragon to get ever! I JUST got one on the last day. I tried non stop since it came out. I’ll try to get my second with the list provided earlier. I got it with mud and poison after 1,000 tries. Good luck to those who still need it. It’s a tough one to get! Thx for all the help everyone!

  44. Shane says:

    F tnis dragon. Tried like crazy but nothing.

  45. brian says:

    i only got one i really wanted two so i could have as meany as i wanted

  46. mike says:

    tried literally 50+ times with upgraded island and upgraded cave, never got it. tried mountain/poison lvl 13’s and lichen/lava lvl 15’s. beat.

    • snoman4141 says:

      If u tried 50 plus times with the same exact combo lets say for example Bluefire and Moss and didnt change the combo as long as each one was at least lvl 10 you should have got mathematically and i am sorry u didnt. But find the combo and for Paper there were several with same odds even though there were like 20 or so i posted with same exact odds if you just picked one of them for example Bluefire/Moss and never changed it u would have gotten Paper. Im just posting this to help bc it sux that Backflip didnt keep Paper out long enough for people to get one let alone 2. But i post and posted best combos for Paper on here with all the same Odds. When there is a new Dragon well special i always post combos with the best probabilities to help. Also right and left side for breeding doesnt matter nor does level as long as they are at least level 10 (i say level 10 bc thats when they are adults they could actuall be a lower level but i know for sure i at least level 10 u r GTG). Backflip just uses different equations for lack of better word kinda like slot machines. So just dont try and get complicated. If u have say a Bluefire10 and Moss12 just keep breeding them til u get desired Dragon and do so til u get.

    • HungarrToph24 says:

      you did breed it in the times it was open, right?

  47. Gimcrackery says:

    Bah. I failed to get this dragon. Tried all combinations of dragons of different levels and I still can’t get it. And now the time limit is over. Wasted all my gems too.
    Oh wells. I’ll focus on equinox instead. U___U

    Add me: gimcrackery.
    I send gems daily :3

  48. Kat says:

    I tried and tried to get this one and never got it! Sooooooo mad!

  49. Senri says:

    I tried to get this one but I never got it
    Tried moutain amd poison, it’s 12hour! But it’s moss! So sad

  50. Eh... says:

    Never got it either

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