DragonVale: How to breed an Equinox Dragon

DragonVale Equinox Dragon

EQUINOX DRAGON: Limited: Only available until September 27th
BUY-IT Price: 2250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Blazing and Rain / Blazing and Fog / Blazing and Water

(FYI, you can breed a Blue Moon, Sun, Moon and Solstice with the Equinox and get either the Equinox or the other)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Equinox Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Equinox Dragon Egg

661 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Equinox Dragon”
  1. Jennifer says:

    After trying over and over with blazing and rain, I finally got it on my first try with blazing and water.

  2. Worldofpotatoes says:

    Add me at Game Center at, worldofpotatoes . I will send gems

  3. babsmomof4 says:

    Blazing and water, first try tyvm!!! Want to be friends? GC Account Babsmomof4

  4. Proxie says:

    Must of hade 5 failed attempts (utilizing both caves at once). I was using level 10 and 7 blazing (left) and level 10 rain/fogs. Decided to put fog left and blazing right (my level 7) and hit it in the epic breeding cave.

    • Amanda says:

      I have been trying for 3 days to get this dragon i have spent money on gems and tried to breed it about 100 times I tried it your way (fog left blazing right) and got it first try THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LadyDrakina says:

    Finally got this one with blazing and water. It took a while for me. No magical first try story. Don’t give up. This game is rewarding with patience.

    I have a tree and will trade often. Add me LadyDrakina.

  6. Tom says:

    Please add me for gem trading Abirock.
    Will send gem for gem .

  7. Duddi75 says:

    Thank you for your answer regarding Dragoncalc, Doc:-). I visit your page several times a day- I would like to support you by giving you gems. But how do I find you on Dragonvale?

    By the way I bred two equinoxes and got another equinox.

    • Bridog77 says:

      Not to be completely rude but no shit you got an equinox with breeding two equinoxes! What did you expect to get?

      • snoman4141 says:

        YOu can also breed Equinox with Blue Moon, Moon, Sun, or Solstice and get another Equinox or which ever other one u r breeding Equinox with. Really cool if u only have one Blue Moon or Solstice you can get another by breeding with Equinox!!!!!!

      • Duddi75 says:

        Dragoncalc said either equinox or sapphire. I’m sorry if my comment offended you- but no reason to be rude;-)

  8. Recio says:

    I got it second time with blazing and rain thank you so much macenstein

  9. frigga79 says:

    what is the best combination for EQUINOXE DRAGON ??
    add me please : frigga79

  10. Theghamman says:

    Ive tried about 6 or 7 times now and still trying.. Got some dragon that i didnt have tho so not all bad.. Tried blazing and water, blazing and fog, blazing and rain and brass and lava.. Nothing yet but lets see what the next one brings.

    Add me on gamecentre for Gem4Gem: Theghamman


  11. Matt D says:

    I got it with brass and lava first go. Add me gem4gem m4t1y 😀

    • Doubleaa says:

      Sure that isn’t a forge dragon? They have the same incubation time

    • Dragirl14 says:

      Brass + Lava got me a Gold dragon, first try!! Thanks :)) I’ve been doing the Chrome + Scorch combo since it came out, but to no avail.. Then I tried the Brass + Lava (even though I was trying for an Equinox) and Wha-La! Gold Dragon :):) then I did Blazing + Fog (in that order) & it gave me an Equinox Dragon– first try!! All my dragons are above level 10 & the Gold was bred in the cave & the Equinox on the island.

    • Hidude2988 says:

      Sorry but it’s forge not equinox… Nice try

    • Batman says:

      I got it too with brass and lava

  12. Katiniuke says:

    Brass and lava 1 try. Thanks Matt 😉

    • Don K. says:

      With Brass and Lava 24 hour is a Forge Dragon not an Eqinox Dragon. Brass and Lava is not a working combination for an Equinox Dragon.

  13. Gant says:

    I am going to try this
    Add me I need gems add me at bakerman271

  14. Dionel says:

    Yeauuuh! Got mine blazing and fog add me dionel_23 gem4gem

  15. Fian says:

    Add meet gem 4 gem alfian99
    Give me gems n I will return it
    I always open dv everyday

  16. Albert says:

    Yea! Jus got it with lvl 10 blazing and lvl 10 water

  17. Naya says:

    Omg I got rainbow, equinox and paper all in one dayXD!!!

  18. Kasi says:

    Yay! Finally got it. Took 15 tries unfortunately but blazing on the left and water on the right did it. I then bred blue moon to equinox for a second and finally equinox and equinox for an egg to display. Good luck

  19. Hali says:

    I Tried To Breed My Equinox With My Blue Moon, Moon And Sun Dragon And It Won’t Let Me. How Do I Do It??

  20. Aileen says:

    Add me please, I need gems to get the paper dragon! :( HELPPP MEEEE PLEASEEEEE! Gamecenter name: itsjustme_lenny
    thanks in advance. Gem for gem

  21. Tsheaff1 says:

    I need some friends who are serious friends and will trade gems DAILY. I get on dragonvale at least 5 times a day, and i always gift 6 gems a day. I need friends who will gift back so I’m not wasting my time!
    add me!

  22. Prncsmyya says:

    I have tried every combo 3-5 times and all i get is blazing or rain. HELP!?!?!

    • A. R. Powell says:

      Keep it up! I lost count of how many blazing, fog, and rain dragons I hatched, raised to Lv10, and sold. It was a nice boost to my dragon cash though :). Good luck, and don ‘t loose hope. We still have a couple days.

    • Jncnss says:

      I had to use blazing and rain nearly 30 times then I got 2 in the same day! Don’t give up! Keep trying

  23. Doubleequinoxman101 says:

    I spent 75-100 gems with this dragon but finally got one w/ blazing and water and then got a second one with blazing and ice. It seems water, fire and air are key. I tried sun and moon but learned they weren’t compatible. LOL!!!! Good luck to all of you!!! ????????(my two equinoxes(closest thing to dragons I could find)) ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? all things that are related to equinox….spent all my gems ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  24. Flyy Citti says:

    I have an enchanted breeding cave do I need the epic to get this one

  25. Johnny says:

    Add me please. juanitos23 i just got a gifting tree so i need regular gem exchange buddy.

  26. Nathan says:

    I got the Equinox the first try bye breeding two solstice dragons!!!! (:

  27. Nathan says:

    If u breed two solstice dragons u can get one..

  28. umyoshi says:

    What are the 2nd and third eggs, doc??????

    • A. R. Powell says:

      Blue Moon and Paper. I’m sure on the 3rd, and almost positive of the 2nd.

      You can get Sun, Moon, Solstace, or Blue Moon if you already have one to breed with your Equanox.

  29. Dr.Targaryen says:

    justgot one with water + blazing! after 10 tries

    add me up: Dr.Targaryen

    • snoman4141 says:

      NICE!!!!! Cutting it close LOL

      • Dr.Targaryen says:

        my EBI/BC still occupied with them blazing and water dragons LOL. trying to get an egg this time. or should i hatch it cos Equinox looks really cool when it does its somersault animation. idk lol.

        add me up, i srsly don’t have dragonvale friends yet haha.

  30. Naya says:

    Anyone please add me
    I’m always in dv and I always give gems back
    My nick is really long I wish I knew how to change it
    “Eminem when I’m gone” my stupid bro made it

    Thank u

  31. Minehava says:

    I got upgraded island and cave. So far 20 gems, 36 blazing/rain- Equinox big fat 0.
    Didn’t get Sakura either, I’m cursed or something! Took me YEAR to get rainbow.
    I have tree add me: minehava

  32. A. R. Powell says:

    Lol I startled my fiancé when I got th 19h in the cave. I’ve been breeding Blazing and water hybrids since I got my third Saphire. Should I breed my Equanox with my Sun or Blue Moon, or keep working with the earlier combos to get another?

  33. Liberty says:

    I can only seem to bread lots of blazing fog or rain dragons! I have been trying repeatedly since it was published and still cant bread one :( help

    • Flyboy1997 says:

      Just don’t give up, I tried blazing+water, blazing+rain tons of times and to no avail then I came back to the web pg and I had forgotten about blazing+fog, so I tried it in the breeding cave and I got it on first try! I’ve gotten all of my rare dragons either when I least expected it, or when it seemed almost hopeless. I got my peridot dragon
      last min on aug 30. Don’t give up, good luck, and happy breeding! :)
      P.S. at least u get 2 chances a year to get it! :) and stay positive!

  34. netguard says:

    add me please, i will sent you gems. netguard86

  35. WhitePotato says:

    Another hard to get dragon!
    Have been trying the combo blazing+rain/water/fog but to no avail..

  36. Bennett says:

    Can’t get it but have three blue moons. Add me BBaker1241

  37. Betty Jo says:

    I have tried blazing/ water, blazing/ rain, andblazing/fog probably three times a day in both caves at once. Still nothing!!!!!
    I started on the first day the equinox came out and usef many jems to start all over again. Very frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Me says:

    add me, gem for gem

  39. AIDARJ says:

    if you send me the gem i will gem u back i
    gem the first 6 people to gem me each day
    gamecenter id: AIDARJ

    Good luck getting the equinox
    still no luck :(

  40. Mike says:

    Bred brass n lava on upgraded breeding cave and got 20hrs, can you definitely get equinox through this. Add AKIRAGUY

  41. ChelseaK says:

    Is the EPI required to get this dragon? I’m a level 23 and I don’t have an EPI… Anyone wanna help ;D

  42. NateB0320 says:

    Thanks! Got rainbow and panlong with your combos, working on equinox!!! Want to be friends? NateB0320 is my GC id

  43. Blessedbabs says:

    You rock! Thanks for the combos! GC id blessedbabs will trade for gems!

  44. Alexbennetttwin2 says:

    Looking for GC friends Alexbennetttwin2

  45. jmm22RULES says:

    If it is an upgraded cave it could be a rainbow.

  46. -oliv3- says:

    Okay I’ve tried all these combos since the dragon came out in the cave and island and nothing is working! Please help!!!!!

    Ps. Doc I tried to add you but you haven’t accepted me :(

  47. jmm22RULES says:

    Hey I got equinox on about my 5th or 6th try. Just bred it with my blue moon and got 30 hours which is another blue moon. I try to get 2 of every dragon, 1 hatched and 1 displayed.

    Please add me: jmm22RULES

    Also, if you have been sending me gems the reason I haven’t been gifting back for awhile is because the game won’t let me open my friends list. If I try to, the game crashes. I know lots of other people have been having this problem too, and Backflip really needs to fix that. Thank you for sending me gems and I am mad about not being able to send gems back but thanks and I almost have enough gems for epic breeding island.

    Again please add me: jmm22RULES

  48. Bria tharen says:

    I finally got it with blazing and quicksilver after about a dozen failed attempts with the combos listed at the top if the page. Both were level 15

  49. Leah says:

    Add me and the first 3 people to send me gems will get gems back until somone gets gems back. I post combinations on game center. Add me: leahteich

    • AIDARJ says:

      if you send me the gem i will gem u back i

      i will gem the first 6 people to gem me each day

      gamecenter id: AIDARJ

      Good luck getting the equinox

    • Trish flewelling says:

      Just sent you a request, my Id is obon.

    • BluefireZ says:

      Hey guys and girls I’ve been trying with level 10 water and blazing and haven’t got anything so far but will be sending 3 gems a day to help each others failing try if your interested ad me BluefireZ

    • Reeeee says:

      Add me for mad gems er day. noobkiller731

    • Reeeee says:

      Didn’t get it used over 300 gems that took me over 3 months to save up I’m very upset and thinking of quiting dragonvale. Used to love the game but I wanted to get every single Dragon and equinox was limited time dragon. Didnt get paper either tried from the very day they both came out and used up all my gems. Who ever makes drginvale should make it a little easier to breed…especially limited time dragons

  50. JuNvenile says:

    Got it twice with Blazing and Fog level 10 on EBI!! Patience is key so just keep trying :)

    Just gotten a gem tree and looking for sincere folks to trade gems daily.. Pls add JuNvenile, thanks!!

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