DragonVale: How to breed an Equinox Dragon

DragonVale Equinox Dragon

EQUINOX DRAGON: Limited: Only available until September 27th
BUY-IT Price: 2250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Blazing and Rain / Blazing and Fog / Blazing and Water

(FYI, you can breed a Blue Moon, Sun, Moon and Solstice with the Equinox and get either the Equinox or the other)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Equinox Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Equinox Dragon Egg

661 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Equinox Dragon”
  1. Maggie says:

    Yes! Finally got the Equinox with lvl 12 Fog on the left and lvl 12 Blazing on the right in the BC! First try with that combo and it worked!

  2. Sara.hemel78 says:

    UGH. So I’ve done the blazing + water/rain/fog/ice DOZENS of times with no equinox. So I do the blazing+quicksilver and practically come unglued when I get a 24 hour! It was a forge. I’m gonna cry.

    • I got it wit lava + blazing easy 1st try

    • Umpa Lumpa says:

      Same her, must have tried 50 times with blaze and rain/ water/ Fog and still no results. Any sugestions?

    • Reeeee says:

      Didn’t get it used over 300 gems that took me over 3 months to save up I’m very upset and thinking of quiting dragonvale. Used to love the game but I wanted to get every single Dragon and equinox was limited time dragon. Didnt get paper either tried from the very day they both came out and used up all my gems. Who ever makes drginvale should make it a little easier to breed…especially limited time dragons :(

  3. ChloeKing says:

    I was trying to get Panlong with Blazing and Mud… in epic Breeding cave..and i end up getting Equinox…

    • MarsBar says:

      Im so going to try that!

      I’ve been trying to get not only an equinox but a sapphire since they both came out and still no luck and i’ve tried the same combos multiple times -__-

  4. umleo23 says:

    Hi I got my equinox! WIIIIIIIIIIIII this guide is so fab!

    add me I’ll share my gems with you! :)

    Add: umleo23

  5. 68cars says:

    I finally got it with blazing/water. Took me over 20 times in breeding cave and epic breeding island. Got it on the island.

    Looking for 3 reliable gem for gem daily traders. Add me on Game Center ID: 68cars

  6. KingOfDarkness17 says:

    Un…..Believable! i hacked my iphone like…3-4 years ago and it worked .but i couldnt send any gifts in any game.but now if i gift someone,it says>hack< 125 gems .my friend got 250 gems in 2 days!add me,KingOfDarkness17 to get 125 gems every day for a week.But u have to send me gems for 2 weeks to get 125 gems…sorry…but still well worth it!

  7. Desmondlim70 says:

    Add me for gem trading ! 24/7 online

  8. Rentrixz says:

    Gem4gem add me at gamecentre rentrixz

  9. Dara says:

    Thanks Mac. I have a 24hr incubation time now! Hope it’s the equinox dragon. Bred blazing and rain. Game center ID: dstock73.

  10. alxndrjason says:

    add me gem for gem Alexander JasOn

  11. ZecromEX says:

    I got equinox blazing + water

  12. Dan says:

    Dr Mac, can you tell us what combinations will work quicker if we already have an equinox? So if I breed my equinox with a sun or moon will I most likely get an equinox, or will I get a sun or moon? There’s only a couple days left and I don’t have the gems to bail my self out if I get a sun or moon breeding time.

  13. Sho says:

    Hi every one I fainally got my gem tree so I hope you add me and trade gem together
    My ID shoshohit

  14. jake says:

    I got equinox on 4th try!!
    Add me on game center- “kenith123”
    I will gift gems every day to ppl who do the same 4 me!

  15. MeahMeahMeah says:

    I’ve been trying non-stop in both cave and island to get this since it was released, rotating blazing/water and blazing/rain.

    Haven’t gotten a single one. No other dragon has been this hard for me to get, not even the gemstones or paper. sigh.

    • CaptSPKLpixy says:

      I’m right there w u. I’ve tried and tried and still can’t get it.

      I have every other single dragon but I can’t get this one :(

    • Pmjl007 says:

      Me, too. I am a level 35 and wonder if that is the reason. I just got the seasonal last week after non-stop trying since it came out. Same with the sapphire. Good luck.

  16. camilovesyou:) says:

    add me at my account
    i’m everyday gifting gems.,
    ^__^ have a nice day!!

    Ps: still dont have luck for this equinox, :(
    but lucky to get a sapphire dragon., o’v’o

  17. AvaruleDiamondclanproductions says:

    Just got it on my 4th try with blazing and rain in that order. He’s amazing. 😀

  18. NT says:

    Been trying for this so many times using above combination. Son got it first time with blazing and mud and I just tried blazing and iceberg and got it.

    I have had a few people ask for gem for gems and NEVER return my gems :( I have one daily friend space to give gems to and play more than once a day. If anyone GENUINE needs and extra friend to switch daily gems with my game centre I’d is


    On game centre it seems to be in all capitals..

    • NT says:

      Thanks for all the friend requests…sadly I only have one place as can only give one gem daily, I already have two friends … So thank you but spot filled :)

  19. emolgagirl says:

    Hey befriend me i play daily and i will send gems i am WLH on game center

  20. LoneHowler says:

    Blazing and mud in a few tries, after several days of tring blazing with Water/rain/fog, and other suggested combos that didn’t pan out. I did manage a Rainbow finnaly with one of the oddball combos

  21. CaptSPKLpixy says:

    Add me. I will gem for gem 6 everyday!

  22. Josh121 says:

    Scam! Sent you 3 gems already! Never got one!! Don’t add!!!!!

  23. Lily says:

    I’m still trying to get this one too – this month’s dragons have not been easy at all! It’s taken round the clock breedings for 25 days just to get a single sapphire dragon.

    To the people looking for reliable gem traders: I just removed all my current Game Center ‘friends’ after weeks of sending gems to them with nothing in return. If you can honestly trade gem for gem, add poshlil (but if I find I’m sending you stuff and getting nothing back, you *will* be removed). I don’t have the dragonsai tree yet, but I am on daily and if I see a gem from you when I log on, I will return it.

  24. Geoff says:

    Trying equinox with blazing/rain blazing/water… No luck yet…
    Add me gem for gem daily
    Game Centre id: cingeem

    Thanks guys

  25. Ninja Orange says:

    I hav tried over 100 times with Blazing and Rain/Fog/Water combo’s, and I havnt gottn it once! I keep getting 8 Hour dragons and it’s annoying!
    Can someone please suggest a first time try? I keep trying new things I have even bought over $30 worth of gems, and I got nothing! Can someone please help, I’m so desperate now and all I want is the equinox dragon! Lol

  26. dragon says:

    i tried everything and all i got was two blazing,one mud,one rain,and no equinox. )=

  27. dfghjkl says:

    i got an equinox by breeding blazing and fire. Good luck!

  28. Sarah says:

    Rainbow was easier than this. Still no luck after trying nonstop and now I’ve run out of gems.

  29. IrmaLight says:

    tried many times with blazing and rain, gave up and switched to blazing and fog, got an equinox on approx. 15th and 20th tries with that combo.

  30. AllyuRT says:

    got the equinox before it expires thanks a lot!!! blazing and water..

    the ones that i still don’t have yet is rainbow, silver and gold olympus. and i have to wait for June nextyear for the emerald!! crap!!!

    how come the gold dragon is easier to get than silver??? i keep trying and it always gold instead of silver… i have 3 gold now.

    Oh and i love the seasonal dragon.. changing colors when the season change… even the habitat changed!!! it turned brown now due to autumn…. awesome!!!

    Add me: AllyuRT. I gift gem everyday even if you don’t return the favor… lolz. although i have lots on my friends list so i pick at random everyday… Lucky 6!!!!

  31. Chase561 says:

    I’ve bred blazing and water, rain and fog over 30 times now. I spent a hundred of my hard earned gems for this piece of shit, and if I don’t get it, I’m quitting.

    • crowshade says:

      Don’t quit over one dragon (: It’s categorized as super rare. It’s to be expected. Trust me I’m frustrated too but just don’t worry about this one if it’s that agitating. There are plenty more fish, I mean dragons, in the sea. I mean sky. It may be time to move on to other items in the collection.

  32. GoSalukis5 says:

    Please Backflip, allow lvl35 to get more habitats!!!

    Please add me for Gems, I promise I play everyday and will give gem for gem! My game center is GoSalukis5

  33. Eric Loh says:

    This game is getting boring….

  34. crowshade says:

    SO FRUSTRATING. 23 attempts later, STILL haven’t gotten this one. Most attempts have been with blazing+rain and blazing+water, though I got desperate and tried some other combos reported to work. So far nothing has. Talk about super rare. Sheesh. They need to make this a bit more attainable, I mean after all, it’s only available during a limited time.

    • WhitePotato says:

      Try blazing + fog. I got mine using those combo after tired trying using blazing + rain/water..
      Got mine on reg.breeding cave..

  35. Dencelol says:

    i cant get this dragon for the life of me and ive been using blazing/water in the EB and rain in the regular any suggestions? and my gt is Dencelol but i dont have gifting tree sorry guys if u wanna add

  36. Barbara says:

    I just bred Equinox with blue moon trying for another Equinox and got a 30 hour breeding time. Hmmm?

  37. Timothy says:

    Add me for gem-for-gem can send gems to 6 ppl each day. My gamecenter ID is timahn89
    For equinox try water+blazing

  38. Christian says:

    I have tried to breed this dragon at least 20 times. I’ve tried every combo at least 5 times. Blazing/Water mostly though. Nothing. I’m starting to get upset because time’s running out and I already built the darn dragon a habitat!

  39. Jewish says:

    I need it! Can’t get it tho and I ran out of habitats

  40. PonyUp1980 says:

    Finally got it with Fog on the left and Blazing on the right. Took a bunch of tries!

  41. Dianeaw says:

    After hundred of tries with blazing, water, rain, fog every combo left and right, i got it first try with blazing fog….I have two breeding places and spent lots a gems…. Argh

  42. Dianeaw says:

    Wait, I meant blazing and mud

  43. Jesus says:

    Add me! : jesus67s
    I gift back everyday!!!

  44. WhitePotato says:

    At lasttt!
    After lots and lots of failure attempts, now I’m waiting for my second Equinox!
    Got my first equinox by breeding blazing+fog..
    And now my second equinox by breeding equinox+blue moon, second try!

    Thanks Doc.

  45. Osculum says:

    Looking for 6 solid daily gem for gem traders, I’ve got a gem tree and need reliable traders!

  46. emolgagirl says:

    I finally got it with water and blazing
    patience is key

  47. JOROYJO says:

    At last! After 67 attempts! Finally got one! Still have problem with my friendslist. Anyone who can help?

  48. Babyblue4866 says:

    Finally, finally got one after trying for too long!! :) I need honest friends to send gem4gems! I have not had much luck, I play everyday & will gift back everyday! Please add me gem 4 gem, I will delete you if I do not receive gems back.
    GC: Babyblue4866

  49. Dragon69 says:

    I got three with blazing and mud!!! One after another:) blazing and mud is the way to go

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