DragonVale: How to breed an Equinox Dragon

DragonVale Equinox Dragon

EQUINOX DRAGON: Limited: Only available until September 27th
BUY-IT Price: 2250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Blazing and Rain / Blazing and Fog / Blazing and Water

(FYI, you can breed a Blue Moon, Sun, Moon and Solstice with the Equinox and get either the Equinox or the other)

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Equinox Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Equinox Dragon Egg

656 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Equinox Dragon”
  1. Sarah Scott says:

    I think I got it first try just then! XD Thanks Doc!

  2. aboynamedaboy says:

    do we need to have blazing and rain have the same levels? i have blazing 14 and rain 10.

  3. Lushy9169 says:

    Haha just got it first try with blazing and water both lv10 lol

  4. SammieKat says:

    I tried Equinox and Blue moon and got Blue Moon. I tried it with Solstice and Equinox and got Equinox :-)

  5. Jeremy says:

    Please add me my game center is :JeremyS:
    Gem for gem

  6. G-Meyer says:

    I was very, very fortunate and got it on the first try with a level 15 rain and a level 15 blazing in the cave.

    I am level 36 and looking for 2 players to trade gems with daily. Thanks! My gamecenter ID is G-Meyer

  7. Jeremy says:

    Are there any other combos other than with a air or air hybrid becaus e I don’t have a air dragon yet

  8. Anuar says:

    please add me gem for gem, my gamecenter id is pakkon

  9. >>anna bear says:

    Add me for gem training?

    Game Center id:
    >>anna bear<<

    Thanks =)

  10. >>anna bear says:

    Oops. Gem trading. My bad.

    >>anna bear<<

  11. Lushy9169 says:

    Haha just got one of these by breeding a blazing dragon and a water both lv 10 lol first try

  12. Horse lady???? says:

    Is it possible to breed an equinox dragon without dragons 15+ ? (in EBI)

  13. Caleb says:

    Blazing and Fog first try !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. valleyme says:

    Yesss !!! it is an equinox after 3th try in my new ebi with blazing and water both lvl 10…. *dance*

  15. 5murf.65 says:

    I am looking for people to trade gems with i can trade 6 a day my name is “5murf.65” add me

  16. 5murf.65 says:

    add me 5smurf.65 trade gems

  17. Mojoblue says:

    I’ve tried every suggested combo, including current & blazing , & plasma w/blazing. Nothing is working & now I only have 1 more day! Any suggestions!

  18. Mouse1234 says:

    I it’s the last day and I only get one chance… Hope I get it! :/ also, why is the equinox dragon include sun and moon, but you don’t use either of those dragons to breed it?

  19. Frida says:

    Just got it with blazing and swamp first try!!! My first “non-regular” dragon yaaaay!

  20. poopysonic says:

    trade gem for gem im on daily game center id- poopysonic 😀

  21. Tara says:

    Equinox and equinox equals equinox I get boted

  22. Horse lady says:

    What is the last egg on Macs photo,it has a equinox,blue moon and something I don’t know

  23. Horse lady says:

    What’s the last egg that looks like a backflip mark, please tell me what it is, I have no idea and never seen it

  24. Nancie says:

    Enter friend code in “redeem code” in social menu for 25 free gems! Code is 70138853

  25. Ploy says:

    Thank the bring back dragon event because I been dying for Equinox dragon!! I got this dragon with blazing + water both level 10 on the island. Blazing + swamp didn’t work for me at all. I tried so many time so I switched it up with blazing + water & got it first try. Good luck everyone (:

  26. TheSlyPIE says:

    Omg! i just got it! Right after I got my Leap Year on my second try!

    Blazing and Water!
    Epic Breeding Island (Usually doesnt matter, it just increases your chances for epic/rare dragons)

  27. Freddie says:

    Blazing at mud works as well lvl 14 blazing and 11 mud

  28. Stef says:

    I thought I might get this with Blazing and Mud while trying for a couple other dragons; however, this was not the case. Luckily, once I switched over to Blazing and Rain, I got my Equinox on the 2nd try. I was very glad to get this dragon since it is probably my favorite personality-wise. I love how he’s always doing tricks like 360s and figure 8s. Don’t know of any other dragons offhand that do that. :)

  29. Sameer2496 says:

    Hey this dragon is back! Add me for gem for gem friend! Add Sameer2496

  30. Molly says:

    I have one more diamond to give. If you would like to trade a diamond with me, please add me! My Game Center name is MTernyey.

  31. Margaret says:

    Just breed this dragon with blazing lvl 15 and water lvl 12. It took three goes. Good luck! I wish I had the same luck with the shakura drago .

  32. Da monkey King says:

    Mr right your wrong dragonvale lets out the equinox dragon when day and night both last 12 hours.

  33. Lisa says:

    First try in EBC !!!
    Blazing and coral(13&13)

  34. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    I think I have it. 24hrs check, blazing lvl 11 and fog luck 10 check, regular breeding cave check. I’ll let ppl know tomorrow what I have got. If it is a equinox dragon, thanks doc! First time. I think……..

  35. z0mb1ll says:

    I tried blazing and rain a few times then rain and blazing a few times in breeding island didn’t work then tried blazing and then tried blazing and water didn’t work but water lvl 11 and blazing lvl 11 worked first time in breeding island

  36. Kyle ner says:

    Add me gamecenter id : Lalalanz

  37. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    Bam! Got it first try with blazing and fog, regular breeding cave. Thanks doc!

  38. MommaMcD says:

    I just got this in the nick of time. I got this dragon with Blazing and Rain both level 11 in the EBI.

  39. Frak says:

    I got the Equinox Dragon with Blazing (13) and Mud (14) in EBS. I’m level 29.

  40. Frak says:

    I got the Equinox Dragon with Blazing (13) and Mud (14) in EBS after 4 tries, trying for the Panlong. I’m level 29.

  41. Johnythunder says:

    Just got it with Level 18 Blazing and Level 18 Water on the Epic Breeding Island, it took several tries.

  42. suzy says:

    I still can’t get an equinox :(

  43. Tranquilla Nox says:

    OK, I’ve tried over 25 times, Epic Breeding Island, Blazing & Rain both level 17 – have 3+ of every possible outcome except Equinox. Twenty two hours to go, any ideas?? Am I doing something wrong?

  44. Tranquilla Nox says:

    OK, I’ve tried over 25 times, Epic Breeding Island, Blazing & Rain both level 17 – have 3+ of every possible outcome except Equinox. I’m level 33. Twenty two hours to go, any ideas – am I doing something wrong?

  45. Ja says:

    Tried all of the combos all lvl

  46. Ja says:

    I have tried all of the combos with all Lvl11 dragons at least 15 times each and not working

  47. Catluver22 says:

    Hey everyone! I bred my blue moon dragon with an equinox dragon on the cooperative breeding island, and I got a breeding time of 48 hours. Any idea what it might be? Thanks for helping out.

  48. Catluver22 says:

    Hey everyone! If I breed a blue moon and equinox dragon on the cooperative breeding island and get a breeding time of forty eight hours, what dragon am I going to end up with?

  49. Catluver22 says:

    I bred a blue moon dragon and equinox dragon on the cooperative breeding island and got a 48 hour breeding time. What is it?

  50. Dragonvale player says:

    What is the 3 erd egg?

  51. A small cow says:

    Dr Mac blazing and water got one first try follow my Game Center at a small cow

  52. AIDARJ says:

    i think this is the coolest dragon yet

    add me and i will gem u back as soon as its your turn
    sol please gem me every day for me to see you

    Gameecenter id: AIDARJ

  53. Amoney says:

    Hey doc,
    does moon and sun work?

  54. LadyDrakina says:

    I’ve tried this combo nearly 20 times and have burned thru all of my gems lol Thankfully I have another week to keep at it.

    I have a gem tree and play daily. Add LadyDrakina for a gem trading friend. :)

  55. Just saying really cool to get 10 free gems easy and safe first you sign out of Game Center next you go to dragonvale and it will take you to the tutorial when you get to the tutorial just back out sign back in go to dragonvale again and it will ask you local or Game Center choose Game Center then it will ask you level 1 or whatever you are choose your level and in the beginning when you get on dragonvale if it asks you to use existing account or create new just press cancel

  56. Kenny says:

    It will work but only during an eclipse

  57. Sebastian says:

    Hey I found that out first!

  58. kaycee899 says:

    How many times can u do it??

  59. Clare lou86 says:

    I have tried this loads of times and not once has it worked for me!!

  60. JustynGarrett says:

    They patched that up.

  61. Sebastian says:

    Plus I can get 12 gems

  62. A. R. Powell says:

    That’s what happens when it’s rare. I’m rarely one of the “lucky ones” who gets it first try. I’m usually working down to the wire for the limited time dragons. Sometimes I get one… And I feel lucky when I get a second egg to display. The key is patience as Doc’s screen shot says.

    Please try not to get discouraged.

    P.S. I still don’t have one myself.

  63. Sebastian says:

    As many times as u want

  64. Aaron Lewis says:

    I can’t get one I tried every combo 15 times and all I keep getting is 8 hours I just doesn’t work

  65. Mr. Right vs. Mr. Wrong says:

    Actually, Kenny, DragonVale releases the Equinox Dragon anytime they want to, meaning in order to enable the Equinox Dragon it does not have to be an eclipse, the Equinox dragon doesn’t even REPRESENT an eclipse, the Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse Dragons do that. Mr Right: 1 Mr Wrong: 0

  66. Lady Kat says:

    You shouldn’t put your second egg on a stool you should keep it then you can breed those two over and over.

  67. Mr. Right vs. Mr. Wrong says:

    Me too! RANDOM STATEMENT: I have a Blue Moon, Rainbow, Sakura, Clover, Reindeer, Topaz, and an Equinox Dragon. [All of my limited/epic dragons] I got most of them on my 9th try. It’s not my fault that I’ve been Level 19 forever!! :(

  68. John18 says:

    I am level 20, add me “minonahelp”

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