DragonVale: How to breed an Opal Dragon

OPAL DRAGON: Limited: Only available in October
BUY-IT Price: 1,475 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Lava and Mud

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Opal Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Opal Dragon Egg

1,335 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Opal Dragon”
  1. Horse lady says:

    Iv got my 1st gemstone, OPAL, 5 hours til it hatches, I’m exited :) :) :)

  2. Horse lady says:

    Good luck everyone, hope you get 1 😉 😀 : D 😀 😀 😀

  3. Mouse1234 says:

    OMG, I can not believe it! Last month I spent all month trying to get a sapphire and I got it 4 hours before it expired. And I had level 10 dragons. I had level 5 mud and level 5 lava and I got an opal FIRST TRY!!!! :O I don’t think that’s very fair, do you?

  4. FlyGirl says:

    I’m not seeing the Opal dragon available on my game…is something wrong with it?

  5. giggybiggy says:

    What’s funny is that I was breeding two level fifteen lava and mud dragons in the win and two level ten lava and mud dragons in the breeding cave, and I got the opal from the level ten dragons in the breeding cave. Weird luck.

  6. giggybiggy says:

    Ugh! “Autocorrect”, not “skyrocketed”

  7. Caver64 says:

    I have room for one reliable dragon friend. Will trade gem for gem daily. CAVER64 on GameCenter.

  8. AA says:

    I’ve added you CAVER64. I’ve 6 empty slots and play daily.

  9. poopysonic says:

    looking for serious gem traders im tired of sendnig gems and not receiving any back if you wanna trade gems my gamecenter id is poopysonic im on daily :3

  10. Lauren says:

    I need 3 more friends. Guaranteed gems every day! Game Center ID: TheeLBC29

  11. Joy says:

    Add me to dragon vale so I can send you gems.

    My game centre nam is LUKEANDJOY.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I have been trying all month for Opal on both caves all with level 15 and keep getting salamander, bone, mud etc. HELP! Why isn’t this working for me?

  13. Flo says:

    Hi everyone!! So, my Wife plays on android and she desperately needs Facebook dragon buddies to trade gems with everyday. She’s very loyal! Add her for gems and party hats please! Her Facebook is dvliska@gmail.com. Thank you fellow dragoneers!!!

  14. K4mi 35 says:

    I’m looking for serious gem traders I keep giving gems out but no one willing to give any back–k4mi 35

  15. Pimpofthenight says:

    Just finally bred this dragon with the combo above, took me about 7 tries, just remember patience is key in order to get these gemstone dragons, add me on gamecenter = Pimpofthenight, send gems every day

  16. Splyffen says:

    I feel like this is taken forever, i bread a couple of dragons each day but didn’t get the opal yet, but i got a rainbow trying to breed the amber dragon.
    anyone in for trading gems? I have 5 left per day, add me on GC as splyffen

  17. Bafael23 says:

    Been trying to breed this for 2 months none stop, got 7 different resaults but still no opal dragons. My lava and mud dragons were both level 10. Anyone knows an other way to help me?

  18. Chris says:

    I got the opal on my 8th try and got river,salamander,bone,and another common one and then when I used my level 11 lava and mud dragons on my epic breeding island today,I got it.

  19. Cat lover says:

    Me my mum have opals but my sister who has the best luck on epic dragons, can’t get 1, weird!

  20. Princess daisy 84 says:

    I am having the worst luck with this! I need 3 more reliable friends to trade gems. I drop ppl who don’t send them back to me for a week! Gc name is princess daisy 84. Thank you

  21. Adddddd me plz says:

    I need 2 ppl to trade gems daily plz… I play every day so am reliable… ID is: sniembra

  22. LadyGu3 says:

    Not one!! I must’ve bred 40 times at least. I’ve even leveled them up to lev 18 and their on the ebi, too! This seems to happen to be about every other gemstone and epic. I still haven’t gotten the bronze either. BTW– go light!!!

  23. Ace says:

    Ok… I really want opal terribly but I keep getting the same okd lava, bone, and no opal… any suggestions?

    • Stef says:

      First, try leveling up your dragons. I leveled my Lava and Mud up from Level 10 to Level 12 and that helped me. Second, definitely use the breeding island if you have it. Third, be patient and just keep using the Retry button until you succeed. This works better for me than just sporadic attempts.

  24. Stef says:

    Kairos brought me good luck on this one! My Lava and Mud were breeding a Coral on my breeding island, and I used Kairos to finish it up so I could get one more try in before going to sleep. As soon as I activated him, I went over and hit that Retry button and bam – 1 day, 7 hours. Woohoo! :)

  25. Oren Jinx says:

    Hey, Could some of you possibly add me on Game Center? I’m not very good at the game >.<
    Thanks :)

  26. Kailey says:

    Need 3 people to exchange gems with, on daily!
    ID: ninthmuse

  27. Jon says:

    It’s so unfair. I have level 15 mud and lava dragons and I have bred them all this mint without a opal dragon.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  28. Ali says:

    I have level 15 mud and lava dragons and I have bred them on the island for all this month but no opal dragon :(

  29. PJF says:

    Not sure WHY it’s always sooooooo hard to get these gem dragons. I’ve been trying all month without any luck and only three more days after days. In July I never did get the Ruby Dragon. I’ve even been trying more than half the month on both habitates. Grrrrrrr. About ready to give up on this game.

  30. Derek says:

    Lookin’ for some people to trade gems with. I play daily and I will send you a gem if given one. Simple trade, right?

  31. Cobin says:

    Spent $8 on gems and still never got this dragon after 20+! Attempts with the Lava + mud. They armed both level 10 and it still didn’t work.. What a waste of money.

  32. Tori McKenna says:

    How do you get friends on here? I didnt have a facebook when I started but made one while I had it and now when I get on dragonvale.. it asks if I want my local or Facebook profile…ugh I thought making a facebook would link it so I can get friends and send gems… not make them seperate -_-

  33. Grozny says:

    I tried all month, I play at least once a day, and no opal! This is my birthday month and all I wanted was this opal!!! :(

    • Princess says:

      I gt opal by both my dragons being on level 12. On the island, I find th if you swap their positions it helps, good luck!

  34. KAt says:

    I am mad. I tried all month in BOTH breeding caves to get this stupid dragon and I never got it. I spent countless amounts of gems speeding up the breeding caves and still never got it! i must have tried the combination over a hundred times! And then I see people say oh I got it first try! Its soooooo annoying!!!! I hope they do the bring em back thing in December again. It isn’t fair. I am about ready to quit!

  35. Nancie says:

    Enter friend code in “redeem code” in social menu for 25 free gems! Code is 30018987

  36. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    Here’s some advice, even though I haven’t got one. Personally, I would feed my dragons up to level 11 or higher, and breed them on the ebi. This means u need A LOT of food. Grow dragon fruit everyday, then u can feed ur dragons up without running out of food. Also, take the chance to get one in this bring them back season while u still can. Keep on trying, we will get one some day!

  37. StarstoneFireyKestrel says:

    Also, be patient. Don’t waste gems, just wait for it to stop breeding, that’s what I do, and I still have enough gems.

  38. Margaret says:

    My son got this with his second try with lava and mud both laevl 15. I’m loving this gemstone weekend.

  39. Desperate says:

    I keep getting a coral dragon, help?

    • Marley says:

      Me to but with river I’m trying to get mud to breed with my lava dragon but now I have like 5 river dragons I need help

  40. Dedawen says:

    Using Lava and Mud. Both level 16. Trying all month. Nothing.

  41. yourface says:

    I’ve been using level 13 for both lava and mud and still can’t get it :(

  42. Downtown34 says:

    How many ours does it take for a mud plus lava to breed a opal

  43. Zebsok says:

    I have tried it 8 times but cant get that stupid dragon.
    What can i do. My lava and mud are both lvl 11 this is the last Day and i realy need that dragon.

  44. eugene says:

    bred mud and lava (both level10) opal?

  45. eugene says:

    my time said 18 hours, this is my 3rd try and opal runs out in 22 hours. any ideas?

  46. What level do the dragons have to be to get them

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