Somehow I would have expected a “We’ll Be Back Soon” Post-it…

This is allegedly a shot taken inside a Cupertino Apple campus restroom of an out-of-order toilet. You’ve got to love the snarky, design-centric taped-on overlay, presumably left by a designer who was less than impressed in the choice of the 1980’s Stencil Font, even on a temporary maintenance sign. I’m filing this under “definitely true” because it would be awesome if it were true, which is I assume how most journalism works.

Apple bathroom sign

[Via Reddit]

One Response to “Somehow I would have expected a “We’ll Be Back Soon” Post-it…”
  1. ArtOfWarfare says:

    You can see the person who took the picture in the reflection from the handle. If I had to guess, I’d say the person taking the picture is the same one who taped on the “Choice of font.” label.

  2. facto says:

    COMIC SANS !!!!!

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