DragonVale Ghost Dragon Egg

DragonVale Ghost Dragon Egg

5 Responses to “DragonVale Ghost Dragon Egg”
  1. Em says:

    What is the second egg? Looks cool.

  2. Carobz says:

    Egg second from your left is an opal dragon egg.

  3. raevven says:

    What’s the third &fourth eggs? How did you get them?i love this website!:)

    • Ilovesparky13 says:

      Reindeer dragon and leap year dragon. You currently can’t get either of them unless you already have 2 which you can breed together to get another of that dragon. But because they brought back the bone dragon from last year, they might bring back those two as well.

  4. Nataly says:

    I tried glacier and mountain and it worked the first time

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