DragonVale: How to breed a Kairos Dragon

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HOW TO BREED: Does not appear to be breedable, it must be EARNED by winning DragonVale Races CHECK OUT OUR RACING GUIDE!


**NOTE: Update your DragonVale app 1st**

From BackFlip ā€“ “Ancient and wise, Kairos has a unique magic that can speed up time. To get Kairos, you’ll first want to add his perch to your park from the Habitat section of the Market. Then collect Kairos’ 21 fragments over 3 stages to summon him to your park. The fragments are prizes you win in DragonVale Races. Fragments can also be purchased in the DragonVale Market.”

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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485 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Kairos Dragon”
  1. Kool Hippo says:

    i hate how if you get one that you already have you cant spin for another just stupid prizes. they should change that.
    hey Doc, do you have any tips on winning pieces?

    • pcoopz87 says:

      This is a preset game. It plays the numbers game. Gives u a peice when u have done so many races, so on and so on. The spinning of the wheel is a pre determined prize, no matter what way u spin or how hard. I no this cause I can tell what I’m going to get even b4 spinning. And never get it wrong. So here’s the tip, get racing and clock up the numbers. Tht simple

      • Dee says:

        Really, just how do you know what you will get before you spin??

        I now have 2 pieces on the third stage of Kairos…. Just keep racing and spinning, there is no magic way to get more pieces, you can be 1,2 or 3 and get anywhere from zero to 8 pieces on the wheel regardless of how you raced… Ie good, great, okay, perfect do not give you more or less pieces on the wheel.

        I have competed in over 100 races to gain the 14 pieces so far and gained 3 levels in exp gains :)

        Good, just keep racing.

        • Pcoopz87 says:

          When the board loads,what ever peice it starts on, count six peices up and u will be winning the 6th peice.

          • MikB1 says:

            You are absolutely correct. If you count six up or down, that is what you will win. So, once the wheel loads, your prize has been determined. But, is there anything that can be done to influence what that prize will be, before the wheel loads?

          • Dragonvale nut says:

            You are correct about the track stopping at a set number of spaces but it’s not the same amount of spaces for all games. I have two Dragonvale games going on two different devices and one of them stopped 5 spaces after the starting space and the other was 4. The next day it changed to 4 and 6. I guess people can try a practice spin and count. I do know you can hand walk it back the set amount of spaces for the bonus spin if you land on a piece you already had and you have a high chance of getting the prize you “start” with verses the set amount of spaces it normally passes through.

    • Annie says:

      To all the friends of >>Moosh<<

      My game is not letting me use all my gems everyday! :(

      I bought the gifting tree for a reason!!!!

      Please don't leave me… I have a great group of 6, but the game is not being fair!!

  2. Ryuzaki says:

    Just got it today I got tired of racing for an hour to get the dragon statue piece,
    I was so frustrated when I handed my brother the phone he the piece on the first try!

  3. Aspen says:

    I have been trying for the pieces forever! On the last puzzle and need two more pieces. Is there any difference starting into a race from entering in to kairos and picking a piece to race for then just racing?

    • Dragonvale nut says:

      I had better luck getting the pieces faster by going through the Kairos perch and selecting a needed piece to race instead of going directly through the dragon track. Saw a difference trying for two different Kairos dragons via two different games .

  4. BigJ0710 says:

    I completed Kairos a few hours ago and didn’t buy a gem either. Spent a lot of time racing. I went up about 4 levels. It was a little irritating when some of the Gold wheels didn’t have any pieces or gems. Once I got the last piece in level 2 which was yesterday evening, I flew through the rest. I got 3 pieces in the early morning. Two back to back around noon. And the last 2 fairly close together.

    • Dragonvale nut says:

      Hi BigJo, I got the last part much faster after the the first two sets of pieces too! Be patient everyone because you will get it if you keep racing. :)

  5. kaycee899 says:

    Does anyone notice that in some races the piece you need isn’t even an option on the wheel? Wtf is that about?? Helppppp

  6. Leon says:

    Just got kairos few minutes ago, it’s amazing it’s so freaking big!!! Addm me on gamecenter: masterieon

  7. Griffin012 says:

    Finally I got kairos I reached max level trying to get this thing

  8. alg2019 says:

    Just got the Kairos dragon after three or four days of spending a lot of my free time racing. Managed to get all 7 pieces of the final stage in just a couple hours tonight. The dragon looks awesome and all the other prizes I got from the wheel added up to about 500,000 food, 50-60 gems and 4 levels. Plus I pretty much broke even on dragon cash. Definitely worth doing it the hard way. Good luck all!

  9. Dragon says:

    Finally got him today!!! Can only be gotten thru racing. Good luck all. Friend me [E]Dragon

  10. Duddi75 says:

    Weee- Finally I got Kairos!! The 3rd stage was by far the easiest- for me anyway. Completed the 2nd stage yesterday and got the first 4 pieces (3rd stage) in a row. This morning I got two more on first and second try. The only part missing was the head. My 9 year old son wanted to try and got it on his first try. But the first 2 stages were killer- especially the first one!
    Has anyone else experienced the same?

  11. EpicOinkers says:

    From what I’ve noticed, the more ‘PERFECT’ you get in the race, you get a higher chance at the peices..
    1st stage took me a total of 3 hours.
    2nd stage suprisingly took me 30minutes.. o_o
    3rd stage took me 2 hours

    This was over the course of 2 days hahaa
    Anyways i LOVE KAIROS! And i LOVE his ability!

    Add me on Dragonvale! Gem for Gem! My name is EpicOinkers!

  12. Nic says:

    I just got my Kairos dragon today, I finished the 2nd and 3rd stage in 1 morning, I spent about 4 hours non-stop playing
    so happy :) you can use the power to speed up about 6 hours of everything in your park, and you can use it every 4 days.

  13. Olsen says:

    I a got Kairos dragon. Took so long to get the twenty first piece. Add me I’m on every day. ID:rocketshideout

  14. Monique says:

    I have THE dragon in Two and half day
    Dont play it THE whole time THE trick is not play to Much leave soms time in between then you get THE other Stones faster. Always looking for friends you can add me mjsih id. Look AT my Islands i am stil saving for upgrading my bereiding cave and island and tree.

  15. Stefan says:

    Getting the pieces takes some luck, persistence and patience. I got my final piece 300 gem cost piece of 2nd stage, head(300 gem cost), neck, back leg/hip, and foot of final stage all within a 20 min period of about 30 races. Now just waiting for wing, shoulder, and hand/orb piece to finish the whoe set and get kairos. The trick/preview method of its the prize 6 section/segments ahead of where the wheel begins pointing at is true I do it at every wheel after races.

  16. Kj says:

    Add me I just got one its long but worth it at the end his so cool and wicked add me to see and please lend me gems :) checkout my park at k.jamz

  17. Aspen says:

    Finally got him without spending any gems!!

  18. Drangon3 says:

    One more! I’ve been trying for 2 days to get the head fragment of the Statue of Karios. So hard!

  19. pcoopz87 says:

    As far as I no the board cannot be influenced, don’t matter how many perfects of 1st places u get. I Can got from a all perfect round which will not have a single price up. From coming 3rd and the wheel being packed with peices. That’s why I think it’s purely numbers, hit a certain number of races and it gives a peice up.

  20. Kaleigh says:

    Finally got him! Once I buckled down and raced non stop I completed puzzle 2&3 within a couple hours. A trick I learned is you can move the prize wheel before you spin in. If you move it down about 5spaces from what you want and slowly spin it, it lands on what you want. Also if you don’t know, if you use an epic dragon like a gem dragon, the dragons you race against are also epic. All dragons are slow on the track and its easier to hit the marks with a perfect. I hope my lil tricks help someone!
    I have Gem Tree. Add me on Game Center, MrsAngryPanda. I’m slow at returning gems because I get bunches, but I try my best to return them as soon as I can :)

  21. Jason says:

    got him, come check him out! “anndim” he’s cool, dont know what he does yet tho… lots of spins no cheats

  22. Kool Hippo says:

    I found a loop in the system. Spin te wheel slowly and it won’t spin. So if you see what is where you can determine how hard or soft to spin it to get the price. Got 12 prices this way in only 20 minutes. Hope it helps.

    • Enchanted Dragon says:

      Already knew that but thanks for the top anyway. :)

      • pcoopz87 says:

        Lol well done on getting the peices. Although there is no loop. The prize is set b4 u spin as I previously explained. No matter how hard or soft u spin!! U would of ended up get the exact same prize

  23. Kool Hippo says:

    St its supposed to say prize ad pieces not price and prices

  24. Kool Hippo says:

    And it’s supposed to say sorry not st. Silly autocorrect

  25. Enchanted Dragon says:

    I am on stage 3 and just from getting the last two on stage 2 by getting lucky on the spins! šŸ˜€ I also have 3 pieces of stage 3 already! ;D

  26. Ale says:

    Finaly!! Took a while but got it…
    Now im not gonna do races for a while xD
    add me on GS 08Ale I like to see other people parks. Will also gem who ever gem me

  27. Kool Hippo says:

    I hate the stupid track cleaning thing. I used to be able to rice for hours without track cleaning coming up and now it come up after every race! Scince when did the tracks cleanliness become important?! And yes there is a loop. It took 4 days to get my first 2 pieces and by checking and spinning slowly I got 12 in the past 30 minutes. Please do explain that

    • Dragonvale nut says:

      Hey kool hippo,
      When I get a repeated track cleaning notice I just click on a few habitats to collect money,then go back to the track and it’s ready to race again. It’s a good way to collect extra money from habitats that won’t hold much and it will get rid of the track cleaning message.

  28. Kkokkokk says:

    Woa it seems most of you guys get kairos. I’m still missing the last piece of the first stage now. Shame on me! I race about ten times everyday. For a person that rarely used the race track before, 10 times a day is A LOT. And most of the prizes I got was food. So I got frustrated and wondered if I could ever get him. But then I read your comments and realized how little my effort was. U got 4 level up by racing? Seriously? I guess I have to put more time in racing then. Cross my fingers and good luck to me :)

    • wicked28i says:

      it took me at least 2 weeks to get Kairos.
      i play the dragon race every night since i have to work during the day.
      when the games says that they have to clean the track, go to the perch, from there pick a piece and race from there.
      i race until i slept playing. :)

  29. wicked28i says:

    Finally got Kairos!
    Yey! This one is so cool!

  30. Kool Hippo says:

    I’m do frustrated! Im stuck on the last piece of the second stage! I raced at least 50 races today and the piece wasn’t even on thr wheel! Atleat put it in the wheel! And then the track cleaning thing comes up very other race! I’m emailing backflip studios this is ridiculous!

  31. Ally says:

    The last piece on each stage takes forever. I have kairos now but took a long time, just be persistent. Add me on Classicad.

  32. Kool Hippo says:

    Finally got the last piece to the time claw! I’m happy now

  33. Armeggadon says:

    Took me a long time to get the Kairos dragon without any use of gems…
    Add me :) I’ve got the gifting tree and will pay you back gem for gem :)

  34. meermoggy says:

    Love Kairos and his ability. It took me about 100 races to get the last piece, so don’t give up and don’t waste your gems. Perseverance and time is the name of the game with this one, but in the long run he does save you some time. Awesome dragon. Thanks Backflip!

  35. Mike Zulueta says:

    It’s really not that hard I completed the kairos in 3 days playing dragonvale 1hr each of those days.
    The whole 6th item on the wheel of prize works 6up or 6down. You need patience on this one.part of the game :)

    If you would like to visit my park please do so. I do gem 4 gems daily but, with the amount of gems were allowed to give out it takes time for me to give out gems to everyone. however, I do give gems to the first new 6 gamers who adds me.
    Have fun!

    Game Center: Michael.Zulu.Eta

  36. jakesag says:

    Have the first seven w/ 100+ races

    Add me jakesag

  37. Jetx9000 says:

    I…I just got it…. It’s really big…

  38. Smax says:

    It took like a week of racing to kairos and at first I was frustrated with how long it was long it was taking but then I went up four levels and got food, dragon cash, and a few gems so all in all, even though it takes a while to get the prize you’re actually working for, you shouldn’t get frustrated because you’re getting a lot of stuff in return.

  39. Drangon3 says:

    I finally got it!!!! It’s NOT impossible, although it may seem, beLIEVE me, it’s not. You’ve just gotta try real hard to get the fragments. See mine at my park! I’m on constantly. It’s kind of an addiction, but hey. It’s better than drugs, smoking, or alcohol, right? Anyways, my Game Center name is Drangon3. See you there!

  40. Rikaswin says:

    Who can explain this loop thing better? I can’t get it to spin slow… And how farip or down from your target piece do you need to be to spin slow? A few notches inside your target piece or 1 piece above or below etc?

    Finally, when I visit my two friends who have it, it looks like one of the ugliest dragons of all!! Lol!!! So great it’s 60 times bigger!! Hehe

    • Slothxdragon says:

      Count 6 spaces up from where the wheel starts before you spin. And that is your prize, no matter which direction or speed you spin.

  41. Kool Hippo says:

    Finally got him! Woo

  42. Sooner22 says:

    Need 3 friends gem for gem every day. Tulsacane22

  43. Xbgnity says:

    Just get him now realy hard just continue try to get him never give up! Add me xbgnity gem4gem get tree gem

  44. bbijin says:

    Add me :) beastlybijin on game center

  45. Slothxdragon says:

    I finally got the kairos dragon!!! Took me forever! ā€¢__ā€¢ I also noticed that I could still win fragments even if I didn’t place first or second in the races. I won a fragment on both silver and bronze. So I just used kairos time magic, does anyone know exactly how far ahead he speeds up time? I assume by a few hours, because most (not all) of my habitats were ready to collect money, along with one of my breeding caves and one gem. If anyone knows how much time ahead that would e great ^_^ thanks!

  46. Star0309 says:

    If you’re looking for someone to trade gems with please add me! Star0309 thanks!

  47. Justin King says:

    This is really not to hard to get. I have 3 accounts and got 2 already with minimal effort. It seems there is a way to get the spinner to stop at the right spot but it is not full proof. Also how it gives you 5 pieces when you win gold or sometimes 1 or none. Or you get silver and get 6 pieces, whoever came up with the plan has a strange way of doing things. All I can say is just keep racing and it is possible with enough patience.

  48. Ryan says:

    Hey doc always appreciated you work and would love to see your park and help with gems, username Rufio 94. Also to all other users going insane for this dragon, anyone that wants to add me gem for gem to end the races this a mass request.

  49. Sandy says:

    Hi everyone…. Just an FYI…. When you get this dragon, it is very cool but only can be used once every four days. Still, I love it… But you can and are earning very good ex points, money, food and gems….. More so than you will earn at races once you get it…. I was obsessed and got it fairly early by racing a gazillion races…. But now, I can’t earn as much on my races anymore… And still need cash and food since I’m only up to level 33. So now I wish for the good paying races trying to get the dragon…. AND I still can’t get the panlong!!!!! Just a thought

  50. Ariesterday says:

    I have it add me “Ariesterday”

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