DragonVale: How to breed a Kairos Dragon

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HOW TO BREED: Does not appear to be breedable, it must be EARNED by winning DragonVale Races CHECK OUT OUR RACING GUIDE!


**NOTE: Update your DragonVale app 1st**

From BackFlip ā€“ “Ancient and wise, Kairos has a unique magic that can speed up time. To get Kairos, you’ll first want to add his perch to your park from the Habitat section of the Market. Then collect Kairos’ 21 fragments over 3 stages to summon him to your park. The fragments are prizes you win in DragonVale Races. Fragments can also be purchased in the DragonVale Market.”

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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485 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Kairos Dragon”
  1. Zoothless says:

    Have just gotten sign bar saying i have every dragon. Am so proud of our 7 islands
    Friend me and visit. I cant give gems as i already have a friends for that.
    Just check out our maze plus sun/moon egg isl. our fire isl. our water/ice isl
    Our earth/metal isl. our seasonal/olymp isl plus shrine isl to kairos
    We have been playing since april. Great fun. Am trying to collect adult/baby plus egg
    For each dragon. Nearly there. Send a gem if u like out isl. or dont if u dont have spares

  2. emolgagirl says:

    oh my gosh i have one piece left and has taken me a full two weeks to try to get it still dont have it
    friend me i play everyday. <>

  3. emolgagirl says:

    iam WLH on gamecenter friend me

  4. Punky says:

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site, I could’nt have gotten so far without you. I just got the Kairos dragon and am unclear of his abilities. Is it just to speed up time every four days? does the “call” do anything besides bringing him back to perch?
    Also, looking to trade gems, I’m punky1225.

  5. rebelangel:) says:

    Yesss!! FINALLY got the last piece and summoned Kairos. It looks so cooool!

  6. Sonata says:

    Appreciate your site and check it frequently. Just got the last summoning piece and earned my Kairos! Looks sweet, with two buttons, to summon Kairos and to accelerate time. I’m almost afraid to see what happens. I’d hate to waste a limited speed increase on all the poison dragons my topaz attempts are yielding.

  7. Anonymus says:

    I have Kairos, but he sit on the Stone and more Not … What he can do ?
    Help !

  8. Drumindan says:

    Been tryin 2 weeks or so for last peice of stage 2 and still not got it! :@

    • Person says:

      The exact same has been happening to me! I swear it is so rigged, i think that kairos is a cool dragon but trying to get him is such a grind. I have been trying to get the last piece of the second stage for at least two weeks but no luck. It is really frustrating and disappointing.

  9. Eric Loh says:

    Finally! Did countless races and its always hard to get the last piece but its still achievable.

  10. Gabi says:

    Got mine too. Woohoo.
    For gems add GabiGlendale šŸ˜‰

  11. Medrano 62 says:

    Gem for gem
    Medrano 62

  12. Gordon says:

    Game Center: gorhong. add me for gem 4 gem

  13. djd ik says:

    Hi everybody who stucks at getting the last peaces.

    I got it within a week, when you press the button of call it is just going to sit on the perch but the other button is to speed up things, i am still trying to get the seasonal dragon that is realy hard can anyone spend some handy combinations? Nu name is as said above “djd ik”

    Hope for you al to get the kairos

  14. SunnyFlowers08 says:

    Ive been trying for 2 weeks for the last piece of the final stage -__- it never appears on the wheel or skips it entirely each time. Please add me for gems and I would be more than happy to send some back

  15. SpookNuts says:

    Add SpookNuts

    Gem For Gem

  16. meperson says:

    Got blazing + lava

  17. meperson says:

    Whoops wrong page

  18. Kaleigh says:

    I have Gem Tree!
    Gem 4 Gem

    :- -AngryPanda- -: (2 dashes but no spaces)

  19. PurpleAsh says:

    What does the call button do?

  20. Matt says:

    Add me, gem for gem. Hockeyman81 I won’t let you down, promise ill give you me back. Add me on Game Center. I play everyday.

  21. Grievous Maca says:

    I honestly think this thing is rigged 0.0 or I just have really bad luck with this. I still have one bit to go on the Chronolith and it’s the part that costs 300 gems! Want Kairos SO BAD! Some of my friends have him and he is the most epic dragon of all. Are there any ways/tricks to make getting pieces easier? Thanks if you reply!

    • Froststar says:

      Sorry, no tricks that I know of. Keep trying.

      • LunarDragonisCute says:

        The best trick is the look at the color symbol on the quest.
        If its a cold symbol and ground, send a dragon with those traits: Mountain for example!
        Another trick is to just set your iPhone alarm!
        I set mine to go off for both caves and Kairos quests!

  22. Kirsti says:

    I have had Kairos for a week now – he is truly beautiful… by Oh MY DAYS! the aggravation getting him! Now that I have him, other than being pretty, he’s not all that.

    I have figured out that Kairos will speed time up by 6/7 hours … He has done this twice for me. Has anyone else taken note of how much time fast-forwards? Is it a random amount or is it always 6/7 hours.

    Oh, and having to wait 6 hours between winning pieces on the wheel? Rubbish – I got my last 2 pieces back to back. Might make a difference if you mix up your racing dragons though….

  23. Gottapkrfc says:

    It. Seems like they have changed it to where you can send dragons on quests to earn fragments…mt Moore send obsidian…which if I didn’t have kairos yet would have been nice. Anyone else seeing this? Doc?

    • Quests do not show up for me. probably because I already have Kairos.
      – the Doc

    • Jacque says:

      Quests take from 2 hours to 24 hours and will get you fragments, money, food or experience. You can still race while you have a dragon questing. The quest costs 50,000, just like the races. After a few weeks of regular questing, I finally got my last piece and was able to summon Kairos. Now I can’t quest. But you can still race for other prizes if you enter through the track. I have only had Kairos long enough to speed up time once. I think it sped EVERYTHING up 6 hours- incubation, breeding, events, and I think it even gave me the appropriate monies for my habitats. I have 5 hours to go before I can try it again. I will pay a little more attention this time… But I love being able to speed up my breeding and incubation without having to use gems!

  24. Gottapkrfc says:

    Also they added a witch on the prize wheel! Just an image tho.

  25. Masterieon says:

    Just got Kairos i think it was going to be impossible! Add me masterieon :)

  26. VIv says:

    Add me gem4gem, looking for 2 players who will gift daily. ID: ferengi47

  27. Grievous Maca says:

    My dragons keep bringing back fragments for Kairos but I already have them! Gaahh! So frustrating! Can dragons actually bring back stuff that I don’t have?

  28. 5moo5 says:

    Hey Mac,
    Not sure is there’s anything you can do about this but I thought I’d get on here for the forum like environment. Every time I try to put a dragon in a quest in the perch of kairos my game shuts down from an internal error. Not sure what’s going on… Can anyone help me?

    • SouthernStarr says:

      Can’t help you, but mine crashes too. I’m just trying to get it by racing.. patience is not one of my virtues but I will continue to try. :o)

  29. Tao says:

    Mine crashes too, but I don’t know how to fix. I definitely don’t want to chance losing my progress….

    I finally got Kairos, and he IS awesome looking; he dwarfs all the other dragons size-wise. So far he seems to advance time 6 hours every 4 days ( for me at least )

    Worth having, but took a LOT of races (500 or more I’d guess)

    Keep trying -I needed no quests, just races btw

  30. Noelani says:

    OMG JUST GOT MY KAIROS DRAGON…..HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY…. And I got within this month 7 Topaz dragons plz add me noelania

  31. crowshade says:

    I’m hoping you will have a list of the best dragons to use for each of the quests.

  32. Carro says:

    When I updated the app and my Internet where so bad and I updated it and it updated and nothing happened and now I can’t update it what should I do!? Pliiiiiiz answer!!

  33. Chuy2013 says:

    Add me

  34. Tripskippy says:

    I have been searching ans searching for the answer but I have no luck so hopefully this will help!!! I hit lvl 16 and got excited when the pop up said I can now get his perch… I looked through habitats and nothing… Looked through all the market pages and nothing… I now hit lvl 18 and still nothing… I play on a Samsung galaxy 3 does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I also emailed backflip and got their auto response and nothing else… Thank you

    • Tyler says:

      If you are logged in with Facebook, then delete the app and re-download it. Log back in with Facebook, and everything should be fine. If not, you’re screwed man. Sorry.

  35. Noelani says:

    What in the world does Kairos do? Can someone let me know this! He is gorgeous and all but what does he do? I have no clue…..but love to look at him still

  36. Supercat9000 says:

    Add me plz! Supercat9000. Gem 4 gem!

  37. Muma Beast says:

    Kairos speeds up; earning money, breeding caves and hatching by six hours… I think that’s what he’s doing. I think summoning him just brings him back to his rock! Getting more ‘perfects’ when racing seemed to make more pieces available on the wheel. My game centre has eventually stopped chucking me out… Was so frustrating for a while!
    Persevere fellow Dragon Vale addicts!

  38. Little me says:

    Only two pieces left on the Statue of Kairos!

  39. Little me says:

    OMG! Just got it! It’s huge!

  40. Rob says:

    Hello people,

    Please add me as a friend and let’s trade gems!

    IKEEEELLYOU is my name, no i am not crazy


  41. Tati C. says:

    Yesssssss!!! I finally summon it!!!if you’ll like to see it add me Tati C. on gamecenter WITH THE CAPS AND THE POINT

  42. Tati C. says:

    Yesssssss!!! I finally summon it!!!if you’ll like to see it add me Tati C. on gamecenter

  43. Rickybobby87 says:

    How do you guys have so many gems?

    How do you get 1000 gems for a gem island dragon!?

  44. Brian says:

    My friends got stuck in between two islands has that happened to anyone else??

  45. Lentschey says:

    Gonna be disappointed when I get kairos-the xp I got off the quests was HUGE. I still have 5 levels to go…only at 35

  46. daver says:

    guys please send me gems my game center is daver(“)>

  47. Tski says:

    Add me need gem for gem t.$k!

  48. Felix says:

    After the first stage of the chronolith, I finished the next two stages in one day through a hell lot of racing and managed to get this almighty dragon of epicness.

  49. Jesse says:

    gem for gem
    Jesse K1ller

  50. MissMaddie says:

    I have been trying for a few weeks and eventually got the last piece (its head) today via a quest. All other pieces were gained through dragon track racing. I went up 3 levels during that time as received lots of exp (and coins and some gems) when racing. All I can say is to keep trying, do other things from time to time so that you don’t get too frustrated waiting for a piece, then come back to a race now and then. Once you have the last piece fill up all your food, breeding cave and island and hatching spots and also clear all your habitats of money. Then summon and activate Kairos as everything will speed up by 6 hours. You can then do this every 4 days. Thanks so much Macenstein, I have learned so much from your sites, you are the best. Maddie

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