DragonVale: How to breed an Ash Dragon

DragonVale Ash Dragon

BUY-IT Price:500 GEMS

HOW TO BREED:Plant and Lightning / Tree and Lightning

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Ash Dragon Egg

The 3rd egg is the DragonVale Ash Dragon Egg

216 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed an Ash Dragon”
  1. MeahMeahMeah says:

    Oh! I will never catch up breeding all these dragons! Need 2 more people to gift gems daily! Just got the tree.

  2. Dutty says:

    So they wont bring back the bone dragon? Missed my chance. Didnt start playin DV til december of last year :(

    • MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

      The description of the ash said something about dragons rising from the graves…maybe bone is back secretly?!

      • MST Sr says:

        You’ve got to check out the campy horror classic “Evil Dead,” but don’t watch it with your girls! First hint in the description is the protagonist’s name is Ash! Another hint: He wields a “boomstick.”

      • Rachel says:

        Have they ever brought back a dragon secretly? I’m only on level 21 add debcwb@aol.com on game center. P.S. if you breed blazing with mud = rainbow P.P.S. if you breed ash with magnetic = opal

  3. Dad_E_O says:

    Tried scorch and paper. No luck. Thinking like a Phoenix. Going to try blazing and lava.

  4. Alex o says:

    Just hit 29 gem unlock on epic floating breed station using lava and rain will see

  5. Alex o says:

    Noticed after tryscwasntbin market Doh lol

  6. Alex o says:

    Btw Mac Ty for all the work you do here this site is always on my daily check list for the fast good information

  7. Nicola D says:

    I was thinking fire and tree? Or is that too obvious? And yes ty Mac this site is great, I love it.

  8. Haaitsnick says:

    Gem for gem “haaitsnick”

  9. Don K. says:

    Have you got a Dragonsai Gifting Tree yet?

  10. Maxine says:

    Lightening and plant 6 hours …got one first time :0)

  11. TinaTinyTears says:

    I think this ash dragon has something to do with the paper dragon… Just trying different breeding patterns with the paper dragon and various other fire types.

  12. MichelleB says:

    My son put this game on my iPhone & I have found that I now play it more than he does! For some reason, I find it fun & relaxing. We don’t know how to add “friends” other than our 3 relatives (from FaceBook) that also play this game (we talked them into getting it). I see that you can add by e-mail or FB or text but how do you get that information to “invite people?” I have a Dragonsai & never can give away all my gems – plus, I’d like to receive more! We’re at level 31 now. Thanks & thanks for all of your info!!!

    • Nicola D says:

      You can add people through games centre on your iPhone. You just need to know their games centre name – for instance mine is nic’n’jake I think if you click on dragonvale when in games centre there’s an option to add friends.

    • Jenny says:

      What’s your game ID Michelle? I’ve had the same experience. Daughter put game on phone and now I play it (and update her iPad game) mines :*:J3N:*:. I have a tree to swap gems

  13. PJMJ11 says:

    Got it! First try! Plant and Lightning!

  14. Maxhess says:

    Plant + Lightning. Right now I have 2

  15. Nicola D says:

    One of my friends just got it with lightening and plant, 1st try – 6 hours. I’ve tried twice so far and have had 30 minutes both times.

    • xYike says:

      I’ve tried plant and lightning 16 times, 10 or so in breeding island and the remaining and the cave – all cactus dragons so far. *sigh*

  16. Stevie says:

    So is the Ash dragon limited edition?

  17. Mas says:

    Ay guys add me mason:)51 if u send me a gem for
    10 days I will send all of the people who gift me
    About 100 gems

  18. HRTMENDER2 says:

    Firefly and Cactus will get you an Ash Dragon. I have one incubating from this combo. Add HRTMENDER2

  19. Shay says:

    Hey this dragon looks awesome!!!
    Add me ShayShay8282

  20. HRTMENDER2 says:

    I’m thinking they’re laying ground work for the Diamond Gem Dragon

  21. Olsen says:

    It’s plant and electric

  22. Terin_lu says:

    I just got a fb message that says that Ash is a permanent dragon so I’m thinking it’s NOT the halloween dragon. Plus it seems a little early for halloween dragon. I hope they bring back Bone and do a new one!

  23. Laura H says:

    First try lightning and plant, 6 hours… Thank goodness for that, at least any fails are only 30 mins. Love the look of this dragon!

  24. Jojo3281 says:

    I got one second try with Plant and Sonic….. :-). Good luck all!!!

  25. Jessie says:

    It is permanent! Which is great as I’m breeding an opal dragon at the moment and Im not sure what else….for some reason I can’t get into the friend screen it keeps crashing

  26. Greg says:

    I need help, please add me and give me gems.I’ll try to give as much gems back. I’m saving for the breeding island :)

  27. Vanessa says:

    Got it on the first try with Tree and Sonic both level 15.

  28. Bonnie says:

    my son started this game for me and gave me my
    ipod touch. i am beyond behind on breeding dragons
    i still need several to be current. i missed the equinox
    and i bred their little tails off. i wonder if the level of your
    dragons has anything to do with it? i’m now working
    on the opal but i have my doubts. any suggestions?

    • Lil2fresh4u says:

      Got two opals last night at 11 pm eastern time one on my phone and one for my son I did lava on right mud on left both level 10 dragons…. Hope this works for you

    • This Guy says:

      I got the opal with a lava and mud both level 10 in the regular breeding cave. It took 18 goes but so its best to be patient considering you have the whole month to try and get it

  29. Jose528 says:

    Already got 3 of these because i loved it
    Thanks for all your help Doc

  30. Denise says:

    Got it first try. WooHoo. Plant and Lightening.

  31. lolman says:

    you should change this from “Plant and lightning” to “Lightning and Plant”
    the first one gives cactus

  32. Kool Hippo says:

    Don’t try random things like paper and tree…. Just do plant and lighting….. Got t first try.

  33. This Guy says:

    Got it first go with plant, lightning!!! And thanks Doc for the opal combo finally got it after 15 tries. Add me for gems 4 gems Giratina9872

  34. Jetx9000 says:

    Epic, got it on like, third/fourth try with PLANT and LIGHTNING.
    Good thing the only other dragon you get from that combo is Cactus, and that has only 30 mins to hatch. Thanks Mac :)

  35. Jonathan says:

    I got it with cactus x plasma

    6 hrs breeding time :)

    Add me: j.sabiro (gamecenter)

  36. Carma says:

    Never sent me any gems. What’s up with that?!

  37. SirJo3 says:

    Holy moly what an amazing dragon <3

  38. JOHeP says:

    Just got rid of 4 people who weren’t ending gems back to me. My Game Center ID is my name above. If you are serious about trading gems daily, add me and send me a gem. I will send gems back to the first 4 people who do so. If you aren’t committed to trading gems daily, please don’t bother adding me. I’m sick and tired of people who don’t gem back

    • Crewylou says:

      There are loads of people on here who promise gem for gem and who don’t return any after you have sent. I am monitoring the one’s on my friends list and if they don’t return me gems by I will have 5 places to fill!

  39. Char???? says:

    Yay! Got Ash Deagon first time on my normal Breeding Cave! (Level 7 Lightning (Right) Level 7 Plant Dragon (Left))
    P.S: Please add Char(Emoji star). :-)

  40. Eric Loh says:

    Doc, I see you hatching equinox eggs. Can they still be breed?

  41. Jared says:

    Wow, first try and used the regular breeding cave and used plant and Lightening and I have my Ash Dragon. Thanks for the help.

  42. Ally says:

    Add me on Classicad. I have a gifting tree and gem back every time I can.

  43. Ina says:

    Huh…. I cant seem to breed an ash dragon… But yey :) im breeding my second opal dragon and still on the normal breeding cave :)

  44. Endelva says:

    Got first try plant and lightning ebc 😉

  45. Jaz says:

    Thanks for all the tips, Doc. Ash is fairly easy to breed. :)

  46. Bonnie says:

    my son says the dragons have to be in alphabetical
    order from left to right. such as l then p, comments?

    • Endelva says:

      I did plant left lightning right, when going for opal it has worked both ways so I would say its about as random as your chance of breeding the dragon

  47. Dr.Mi-gyun says:

    got it plant lightning 8th try!

    thanks doc mac

  48. Bonnie says:

    does anyone else use the dragon calculator?

  49. Bonnie says:

    just got my ash!! yoohoo !! now i’m only three
    behind!! thought: to turn the shrines silver you
    need fifty for each OR 50 panlong 50 evergreen
    or lichen and 50 copper or magnetic. put in cave
    and keep others on display.

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