Enter to win: We’re giving away THREE Ballistic Tough Jacket’s for iPad


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With news that the new iPad mini (and possibly even a brand new BIG iPad) may be announced next Tuesday, we know a good percentage of you will be throwing your old iPad off rooftops or “accidentally” running them over in an attempt to justify buying the new Apple gear. But for the rest of you who need to protect your investments, we’ve got some great news. We’ve teamed up with our good friends over at Ballistic to give away not one but THREE of their awesome $70 Ballistic Tough Jacket case for iPad 2 and New iPad. Sorry, all you iPad 1 owners – you might as well throw your iPad off the roof, as that thing is ancient and this case wouldn’t help you anyway.

You may remember we reviewed the Ballistic Tough Jacket for iPad 2 and New iPad a few months back, and gave it a whopping 9.5 rating. Well, I’m tempted to bump that up to 10 as a friend of mine did an impromptu accidental “drop test” of her iPad while wearing a Tough Jacket, and I’m happy to report it bounced off her driveway, face down, and the iPad is still good as new. The Tough Jacket’s three layers of protection are no joke, people!

How to Enter:
Entering this contest is easy! Simply leave us a comment telling us : What is the wost thing you ever accidentally broke? We’re not looking for intangible things like “my boyfriend’s heart” or “my leg while skiing”. We’re talking physical possessions – the most important things in life. Contest open to US/Canadian residents only. Three winners will be picked randomly. Contest ends Tuesday, October 30th at 11:59 PM EST. Good Luck!

110 Responses to “Enter to win: We’re giving away THREE Ballistic Tough Jacket’s for iPad”
  1. JT says:

    I blew up a ride lawn mower when I was a kid.

  2. Josh B says:

    When I was about 7, I accidentially broke a hot carafe of coffee spilling the scalding liquid somehow not on myself, but on my mother’s foot, the resulting burns requiring a skin graft.

  3. Stan says:

    I broke the lens on a digital camera when I foolishly let a Hooter’s waitress take a picture of me!

  4. Calum says:

    I have broken many MANY windows with all sorts of items like baseball bats and heavy hard balls.

  5. myztero says:

    I broke my Mr. Potato Head when I dropped him on the floor. I cried and cried. Oh God, why have you brought back that memory?!

  6. Frank says:

    An entire shelf worth of crystal wine glasses.

  7. Paul says:

    the day I got my driver’s license, I totalled my dad’s Chevy Impala while I was cruising around in glorious celebration. I should’ve practiced a rear-wheel drive car more…

  8. Mike says:

    G3 iBook. I went to walk down to the basement, I placed the gal’s white G3 iBook up on a shelving unit behind me. This shelf had a sweater on it (not grippy enough to hold the laptop up there). I could hear the ibook sliding as I was proceeding to walk down the stairs. My hearing and reaction and leaping up the stairs was incredible! But only incredible in that I was able to use my fingers to change the falling trajectory of the iBook. So it landed flat on the floor but not on a corner. So the hinge broke, but the rest of the unit stayed intact.

  9. Allan says:

    i threw a baseball bat through my neighbors window…

  10. Josh q says:

    Dropped my IPad 1, so I bought the iPad 2 and now I really need the Ballistic Tough Jacket so it doesn’t happen again.

  11. Bennett says:

    I bought my iPhone five the day after it came out. I was so excited to get it and was giving it to my friend to look at it and when I handed it to him he dropped it. I was so angry because the screen shattered completely and it was $100 to replace it. I had to pay $100 extra the day after I got it.

  12. Mike says:

    Fell on my 12″ Powerbook and shattered the screen, loved that computer…

  13. Dave says:

    There are many breakages throughout my illustrious breaking career, cracked the whole screen of my iPad2 by missing the nightstand trying to set it down, went swimming with my new 4g phone for like an hour before I remembered I was still wearing it, smashed my tv when I lost a Nintendo game once as a kid, oh the list goes on and on

  14. Jason says:

    I broke a billion dollar statue in a museum, and ran like heck afterwards.

  15. darrell says:

    A few months after getting my drivers license, I drove over my friends brick mailbox. It cost over $100 to fix it, which was a lot back then for a teenager, but the worst of it was that it left a giant dent on my mom’s car. It took a very long time to gain their trust after that.

  16. Brian Beam says:

    I broke a brand new sofa while bringing it into the house after having just brought it home from the furniture store.

  17. Andrew says:

    I’ve broken many things in my time, but nothing comes to mind except the time I broke a Huge FART in the Costco mens room. Not that is unusual giving that it was in the bathroom, but I was taking a prescription medication which in combination with the mass quantities of Diet Coke I drink created HUGE gas. Innocent as I was, I was just taking a friendly poop but when I gave a little push out came the mother of all flatulence! It was loud and it went on for all full five minutes! Costco’s bathrooms don’t have doors, you just walk in. As big and cavernous Costco is, it’s a warehouse after all, that fart was heard from from every nook and cranny, top to bottom. My wife was waiting for me by the checkout area, and when I tried to slip out of the mens room unnoticed she tells me that everyone in the building had been roaring with laughter during my Opus in E flat. Strange that I didn’t feel ashamed as I knew it was the drugs that were to blame. It is a little odd that everyone knows my name there too.

    • Andrew says:

      I suppose I should stick to the rules and keep to the physical things I broke. The worst thing I accidently broke was my wrist while horse ridding. As for what physical possessions – the most important things in life, I broke my Dad’s Saab’s final drive trying to pop a wheelie in reverse. The Saab being front wheel drive could never get the front wheels off the ground, but I thought I might get the rear tires off the ground if I popped the clutch in reverse. Just to make it easier I positioned the car facing downhill to get the weight to transfer off the rear wheels. I revved it’s little engine, a V4, shifted into reverse and dumped the clutch. BANG! Not only did the Saab not move well after that, it jumped and banged. Oh the shame when I told my Dad I broke his car. Of course I left out of my story the bit about how I was trying to pop wheelies. Later when the car was in the shop the mechanic showed the little pieces of metal resting on the bottom of the differential case. It seems the sudden jolt sheared a bunch of gear teeth off the differential ring gear. It just goes to prove that back in the mid 1970’s the only cars that could really a beating were American cars. Imports were delicate and not to be used for testing the laws of Newtonian physics.

  18. ericdano says:

    I once blew up a water pump in my 1978 Toyota Corella hatch back (parent’s hand me down) by revving it up to high. Basically, red lined it to do a burn out. That was expensive.

    Also, used to do a lot of E brake turn outs in that car. We’d go down this road, about 40 mph, then make a right and flip up the E brake…..and sqeeeeal…..Lots of tires were hurt…

  19. Alex says:

    one of the windows of the house while playing soccer indoors (at least I scored the goal, haha)

  20. Scott says:

    400ibs of 1 inch thick tempered glass doors from Td Bank at work. What a mess!

  21. Jim says:

    The top of an antique butter dish, thus destroying all value.

  22. Michael G says:

    Watching a movie on a flight back from Vegas, the plane dropped 600 ft in a free fall and in slow motion watched my Jack and Coke form a blob right above my Macbook Pro. Of course, straight into the keyboard.

  23. daleb says:

    In Grade 8 broke my Dad’s Sony Sports Walkman…

  24. Scarlco says:

    I broke my left thumb. Does that count?

  25. Frank says:

    I searched for a windshield for my 69 camaro, and found one that was a 4 hour drive from my house. I drove to pick up the windshield with 6 blankets in the back of my truck. I got the winshield loaded in the truck wrapped in blankets so I’m driving home real slow as to not break the windshield. I get to my house safely with no problems and unload the windshield from the truck and set it on the floor of my garage. Later the same day I forgot the windshield was on the garage floor and stepped on it and cracked it!!! Was a bad day!!!

  26. BigBubba says:

    This little onyx statue my mom had… “Damn it, I can’t have anything nice” Ahh, the glory days of my youth.

  27. Rob says:

    I smashed both of my parents cars when I was a teenager. Well, not so much smashed them…more like the engine blowing up in my Mom’s car and catching on fire. My Dad’s car, yeah, I smashed that one pretty good. Nothing like waking your parents up at 3AM and coming home with your buddy holding on to the passenger door cause it will no longer close.

  28. Mike Zulueta says:

    Last year A friend of mine borrowed my gateway FX gaming laptop at a Starbucks smart me decided not to move my coffee away from it so my friend accidentally tripped the cup and spilled it on the keyboard QQ

  29. JW says:

    The side of my parents garage while backing out my dad’s car on the first weekend they left me home alone.

  30. Darren says:

    Shortly after buying my new Audi S4, possibly the nicest car I have ever owned or will own I ripped the side of it while backing my classic corvette out of my too tight garage…I damaged two cars at once that day..ouch….talk about a bummer….still not sure how that happened but I am going with the corvette just didn’t like sharing the garage it had had to itself for years.

  31. Veronica says:

    Way back in the days of computers with floppy disk drives where you had to format the disk before you could save anything onto it, I was intending to format a disk to save a very large document I had just completed, but I forgot to type the prompt needed to change drives first so I wound up formatting the c drive and erasing EVERYTHING on my computer – it was not a good day at work!

  32. PJ says:

    thought it would be cool to try and dunk on a 7ft basketball goal. (white kid hops of course) and promptly smashed the glass and broke the goal. no big deal. hahaha

  33. Cloudmover says:

    So, over the course of six to eight months my father built a scale model sailboat. It was one of those models where they give you a box full of wood, some plans and string and send you on your way. He had to soak the individual pieces of wood so he could bend them around a form to make the hull. He had to use tweezers and a magnifying glass to put the planks on the deck. I watched him add the rigging to the mast. The model was a beautiful thing to behold when it was completed. It was displayed in the foyer, on top of the bookcase.


    My best friend and I were play fighting. We crashed into the bookcase HARD and knocked the boat over. I caught the boat!
    …but, I caught it upside down. The mast, riggings and sails broke off in my arms.

    Dad came running into the foyer. He just looked at me. I burst into tears. He hugged me and told me it was alright. It took us a month to put the boat back together.

    This story still makes me sad.
    I’ll never forget his look.

  34. Renee says:

    I had just bought my brand spankin’ new I-Pad 4 a couple of months ago. I was so happy to finally have one. The entire thing was too awesome, even had my name engraved on the back. Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! Oh, the downloads and the games and the resolution and the movies…. I was beside myself.

    The only thing I didn’t get was the insurance :(

    So, there I was, at my cousin’s house, connected to the router enjoying my new expensive tablet. What’s this? Battery low, OK, I can do this. It needed charging so I connected the charger and placed it on an end table. The pretty blue cover softly glowing in the ambient light….

    I got up to go do other things, made the wrong turn, and down came my glorious I-Pad, crashing to the ceramic tile floor!!!! Arghhhhh!!!! What have I done?!?!? Destroyed it is what I had done! It landed on a corner, the cover popped off and there it lay, face down. (This is where I was freaking out on the outside and crying on the inside). I turned it over and my heart sank. Crushed, cracked and totally useless. I cried.

    Moral of the story: Always buy the insurance, and I need the Ballistic Tough Jacket more than anyone else I know!

  35. Rumplesnort says:

    My grampa’s favourite vintage model truck… the shame

  36. Adam says:

    I used to work at a Sawmill running a computerized band saw. I left to further my education, anyways they asked me come back for a couple days to fill in for someone that was off for a week and I had some time off schooling. My first day back at the old job (not even through first coffee break) and I managed to open up the programming screen on the saw’s touch screen controls and was cycling through each of the programming menus (each one had a exit button so I assumed that this was fairly safe to do)… until I came to the memory menu… no exit button. CRAP only “initialize memory… yes or no” even tried rebooting to get out of the menu… no luck same screen pops up. hmm memory is a good thing right … yes… screen displays “initializing memory…” At this point I get this sinking feeling that its erasing said memory… yup… no program left at all after that… none… saw won’t move turn on or anything. long story short, My first day back on the job as a favor I shut the machine down for 2 weeks lost production. I suddenly wasn’t very popular to management. oh well live and learn … at least they couldn’t fire me 😉

  37. Angel Velazquez says:

    Would it count if someone crashed into me and fled the scene :/

  38. Patrick says:

    An iPhone 4’s back. It was horrible. I died a little on the inside.

  39. Heather Zeh says:

    What haven’t I broke should be the question! I go through phones like crazy and am always dropping/banging into things!

  40. Josh says:

    In high school i worked at a 1/4 scale train park. I was doing maintenance on the track and really wanted to leave as it was Friday night. It started to rain so i started up the maintenance train and started to head back. I pushed it full throttle hit a turn too fast. The train actually derailed and drove about 20′ on the railroad ties before jumping the track. I got banged up falling out, and spent the next 2 hours dragging the train back onto the track with another train.

    The next day i thought i was going to be ok until i saw how much damage was actually done to the railroad ties. We had to shut the park down and it took 4 guys 10 hours to change out the ties. The owner lost thousands in ticket sales that day plus overtime. Oops sorry boss.

  41. Monica Young says:

    I broke the fridge, well freezer :( but my intentions were good. I was “trying” to help my Dad out by defrosting the freezer that had ice caked up in it and thought a screwdriver would be the best tool to use. Boy was I WRONG, I ended up puncturing the freezer and I guess coolant went everywhere??? My dad had to by a new fridge and was super mad at me for weeks. I was only 15, I honesty thought i was helping.

  42. some random says:

    About a year ago i went to throw my iphone 4s which i had only had for a week onto my bed from the hallway, of course it would usually land on the bed right? But somehow physics decided to screw me over and the phone bounced off my bed and straight into my wall leaving a major hole in my wall and a broken iphone4s. I sat there on the floor “god smacked”, not because of the iphone or the hole in the wall…. but how the hell I was able to miscalculate my strength in the throw so much to the point where I broke 2 things with one throw… way to go and hit two birds with one stone !

  43. Jamie Martin says:

    The air conditioner in one of my first apartments when it was 108 degrees plus humidity!

  44. Heather says:

    I broke my Toshiba Satellite Laptop when I dropped it on my big toe, which I also broke. :-( I’ve got pictures. Lol

  45. Skip says:

    I broke the drain pipe of the tub.

  46. Bob says:

    Broke the window in my room. On the night of a huge snowstorm.

  47. Jesse young says:

    My good friend let me ride his brand new ninja motorcycle, he hadn’t even gotten home from picking it up yet ( we lived close to each other) I had it in 2 nd gear before I had even passed my apartment ( short driveway too). Well as I turned the corner a car was coming, and I wasn’t exactly in the correct lane. To avoid collision/ imminent death, I swerved and hit grass… Instantly laying down the bike and sending it further to the parking lot that lay beyond it, to be mangled and banged up while I slid on my knee and foot with barely a scratch to the knee. To this day I feel terrible and have not had the money to replace his investment. And we’re still friends! I cannot make this sh*t up and the world deserves to know how great a friend this guy is! If only there were a ballistic case for mother cycles… :-(

  48. Susan says:

    Broke the patio glass window by kicking up a rock with the weed eater :(

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