DragonVale: How to breed a Lunar Eclipse Dragon

DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon

LUNAR ECLIPSE DRAGON: (Only breedable in the days surrounding a Lunar Eclipse)
BUY-IT Price: 2,250 GEMS

HOW TO BREED:Dodo and Iceberg / Mud and Snow / Ice and Sandstorm / Rain and Mountain / Earth and Snow

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon Egg

597 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Lunar Eclipse Dragon”
  1. Sfchefdrew says:

    I have two friend slots open for anyone who is willing to trade gem for gem and who plays often. I’m good for 1gem daily and expect the same. No flakes please. Add sfchefdrew as your friend and I’ll take good care of you.

  2. Tomasik14 says:

    Tried snow and earth a bunch of times, tried ghost and cold/snow, tried dodo and iceberg, nothing. Tried sandstorm and cold ebs first try

    • Tomasik14 says:

      G4G gcid : tomasik14

    • Christaberk says:

      I did mountain and snow. It worked in both my local and gamecenter worlds. I used upgraded breeding habitats and islands though. Level 10 dragons both.

    • HokeScope says:

      Lunar eclipse is a hybrid of earth, cold, and air. I bred one first attempt with a mountain and air dragon. Using the minimal elements required also ups percentage when breeding. Ignore water types mentioned by macenstein. By the way I was just using a standard breeding cave.

    • Mr Ragequit says:

      It worked after 5 tries with mountain and rain and first try with earth and snow

    • Boxer_Mom says:

      Also sandstorm and iceberg first try… For friends add Boxer_Mom…

  3. Grace says:

    Got 48hr breeding time with rain and mountain!!

  4. Lyk12 says:

    Tried all the combos that doc posted and got it with dodo and iceberg on the first try with this park in my breeding cave… Thanks heaps doc

  5. Lyk12 says:

    Pair *…. Not park ????

  6. Shut up ride my pony says:

    Got this dragon the first try with air and mountain. 😀

  7. Mike says:

    Snow and mountain first try guys :)

  8. Myrack says:

    Is the incubation time right? It says 48 hours here but when I bred Mud and Snow I got 39 hours in the breeding cave and I thought I didn’t get it but it turns out I did.

  9. Jack says:

    I failed two times with mud and snow!!! Please what is the most popular success? Anyone…

    Also failed with earth and snow!

  10. Chloe says:

    I got it on my first try with earth and snow in the epic island!!!!

  11. rebelangel:) says:

    Got a time of 39h around the third or fourth time with Snow and Earth in the EPS (upgraded EPI), so I really hope its the Lunar :)

  12. BWare 321 says:

    Got it first try whoop.

  13. BWare 321 says:

    Got it on the first try whoop.

  14. Jahxn hogs says:

    I got it on my 3rd try (which is my magic number) earth and snow

  15. Hunniebee says:

    First try I bred mud + snow, got 39h in EBC so happy then it turned out to be rainbow :( I’m gonna keep trying till I get it, but not sure which combo works best. Btw, I need 7 frnds I can give gems to. I have the dragonsai tree & I always end up wasting those gems coz I don’t have that many frnds on my list. Id: hunniebee222 :) Happy breeding everyone!

  16. Stiles says:

    I seriously just did Earth and Snow, and 5 seconds later it told me 48hour breeding time. First try and it worked, couldn’t be happier :)

  17. Dee says:

    I got 48 hours also with earth and snow…. I also got a 48 hour with paper and rain, not sure what egg but, with 6 elements it could be any of the more difficult ones…. Lucky couple days too I got a smoke dragon second try, a reindeer dragon first try, a rainbow 2 days ago in incubation and now 2 x 48 hours at the same time…. Just a little happy about this because it has been ages since I had any luck at all…

    Now, if I could only get my second panlong before the end of December…. I am at about attempt 75 or so on that….

  18. KMRodriguez13 says:

    I got two right off with Ice and Sandstorm and Rain and Mountain…Earth and Snow wasn’t successful for me after 5X,

  19. Carro says:

    I know this dont have anything to do with this dragon but I was just wondering if it is possible to get your epic dragons to level 15 and higher??

  20. Sarah says:

    I tried literally all the other combinations first, but the earth and snow one… First try. Definitely works the best.

  21. Natethegreat says:

    It looks fat but its still rare so if you want to see it I will have It by tommorow add me as a friend: bluecharmander

  22. Natethegreat says:

    Gem 4 gem bluecharmander

  23. Joel says:

    I got it with air lvl 10 and mountain lvl 15 … Well I got something that takes 48 hrs with that combination I haven’t seen the egg yet they are still breeding add me gem for gem I’m JoelCromo

  24. Jeni says:

    I got mine with ice and sandstorm…first try. :)

  25. Jeni says:

    It’s pretty fat. Add me if you want to see it.


  26. lek says:

    i got mine by accident. I selected sandstorm instead of earth. sandstorm + snow.

  27. nost says:

    got it the first and 2nd try at the same time, earth and snow, rain and mountain!!!

  28. Jobi-J.A.M. says:

    I got 2 in a row, then another 3 with the Earth & Snow combo.
    Good luck & happy breeding!! :)
    My ID in Dragonvale is the same used on this site if anyone wants to add me. I share my gems

  29. Pimp613 says:

    Gems for gems please add pimp613

  30. Hippomon82 says:

    I thought I was getting a lunar eclipse dragon but I’m getting my first rainbow dragon.I am really exited.

  31. Joseph says:

    Add me my name is Jos3ph D ill give gems :)

  32. Fyergirl says:

    I have been wondering, with dragons with so many breeding combos, is it better to pick one and consistently use that one or switch it up? I usually stick with one and I missed out on blue moon and this time I have been trying different combos. What do you guys do? Still trying for this one however

    • Katanias says:

      I try to stick to one and it actually works for me. I just see which successful combo will result in the shortest breeding time fails and go with that until I get it.

    • Jobi-J.A.M. says:

      I stay with the 1 combo on one Island and another on the other. If I have a good success with 1 combo I sometimes then use the same combo with both Islands. Personally I have a much better success rate doing that than chopping and changing combo’s.
      I have the upgraded Islands which have always gotten me whatever dragon I’m trying for even if I sometimes have to breed them 20 or whatever times.
      I don’t know what others think but that works for me.
      If you want to add me my ID name is the same one as on this site. You can have a look at what I mean & I also share gem for gem
      Good luck :)

  33. Katanias says:

    Got it with Earth (lv10) and Snow lv10) on the EBI around 11:57!

    Looking for Game Center friends gem for gem add: Katanias

    Only a few gems away from getting my gem tree!

  34. Bippynicole says:

    Didn’t get it with any of them. Tried them in BOTH breeding places and it didn’t work. Something’s wrong with this website. Why isn’t it working?!?!?!

    • Jobi-J.A.M. says:

      Do you have the upgraded Islands? That makes a difference. Also breeding the same combo over and over works better for me than chopping and changing. I also read the comments to see who is having the best luck with whatever combo.
      This time I tried Earth:Snow as that seemed to be what most people were having success with & I have ended up with 5 Lunar Eclipses. I used the same combo on both Islands. Hope that helps you. Good Luck!!

      • Fyergirl says:

        I have upgraded islands. I have gotten most of the dragons, didn’t get blue moon and leap year. It took me about 9 months to get a rainbow. Love the game! Still trying, happy breeding! Fyergirl’s my name on GC, I’m gonna send u a friend invite! I gift daily but always have left over gems.

  35. MarsBar says:

    mountain and rain…i really hate that combo, i lost count when i had to use it to get the sapphire dragon (which failed for me) >.< hoping it works for this dragon.

  36. Sam says:

    I got it on my first try with ghost (left) and snow (right)

  37. Pyxigirl says:

    Got it with rain and mountain on the 5th try in the breeding cave. Love our new chubby dragon, so cute:)

  38. Shayla says:

    gem4gem Shay473 add me C;

  39. LaVae says:

    Rain and Mountain, first time. 48 hrs, will have to see :)

  40. Hitokimi says:

    I just got two 48 hour timers with Mountain and Air. Both should be the Lunar eclipse dragon, as that is the only 48 hour timer that pair produces.

  41. Matt says:

    Mountain/Snow first try

  42. _!Psycho17!_ says:

    WhAt combination is useful to breed lunar eclipse?

  43. _!Psycho17!_ says:

    Add me ill give you gem for gem, _!Psycho17!_ GC

  44. Jc says:

    I breed sun eclipse dragon with blue moon and got 48hr breeding time, just wondered what is this could be, a Lunar Eclipse dragon?

  45. Theo says:

    I got it with solar eclipse and moon!!!! No joke

  46. spiffyk4t says:

    I got one with Mud and Snow both level 10 in the normal breeding cave :) Very excited.

  47. HungarrToph24 says:

    I think i’ll name this one after my fat cat Fiona…looking for 5 more spots if anyones interested. add me on gamecenter:
    HungarrToph24- i trade daily

  48. merifieldo says:

    First try with ice and sandstorm.

  49. meperson says:

    Earth and snow first try

  50. Sam says:

    Made one using dodo and ice????

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