DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon

DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon

5 Responses to “DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon”
  1. Hauehauehaue says:

    Lol FAT dagon! Anyway, it’s cute, really cute! I would like to get one to mach with my solar eclipse dagon. Does anybody knows wich is the best como to get this dragon? Thanks

  2. Sami says:

    Air and mountain is best on either breeding cave or island

  3. Cynthia Buckwalter says:

    Has anyone downloaded a new update in the last week?? Saying. New rocks I did and no new rocks and my iPod is acting up track. Now crashes and key broad is messed up

  4. JT57 says:

    Yes I downloaded an update recently and since then my game constantly crashes!! Shame as I enjoy playing but getting fed up with crashes!

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